WH press secretary Psaki replaces Biden as face of administration toward media

President Joe Biden appears to have hired a replacement.

According to MediaBuzz’s Howard Kurtz, White House press secretary Jen Psaki appears to be the “deputy president” of the Biden administration, Fox News reported.

Kurtz made the remarks during a recent appearance on Fox News Channel’s America Reports.


“It seems to me also that Jen Psaki has kind of become the deputy president,” Kurtz said.

Kurtz was specifically referring to the approach taken by the Biden administration toward press briefings. Typically, Biden comes out and makes some remarks, but rarely takes any questions from reporters. Psaki then comes out and takes care of that aspect of the job.

“She is the face of the administration, her remarks coming less than an hour after President Biden gave a speech on the economy, again not taking questions from reporters as he does not most days,” Kurtz continued.

Kurtz noted that Psaki “is very good at not making news when she doesn’t want to,” referring to the way that she tends to give vague non-answers to direct questions.

School reopening

Psaki and Biden have both become the center of much criticism for this approach. Some of the widest criticism came after an incident this week regarding the reopening of America’s schools.

Doctor Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in a public statement on Wednesday that science indicates that it is OK to reopen schools without teachers first being vaccinated. “There is increasing data to suggest that schools can safely reopen and that safe reopening does not suggest that teachers need to be vaccinated,” Walensky said. “Vaccinations of teachers is not a prerequisite for safely reopening schools.”

This, of course, put a lot of pressure on the Biden administration, which is not in favor of reopening schools, instead choosing to side with the teacher unions that want schools to stay closed. Psaki handled the situation by suggesting that Walensky did not make these remarks in her official capacity as head of the CDC.

“I saw the comments of Dr. Walensky, but I will say that even she would say, if she were standing here — she’s welcome to come anytime, but she’s in Atlanta — that they have not released their official guidance yet from the CDC on the vaccination of teachers and what would be needed to ensure the safe reopening of schools,” Psaki said. “And so, we’d certainly defer to that, which we hope to see soon.”

America is certainly growing frustrated with this approach to press briefings. It’s time for reporters to step up and start holding the Biden administration accountable.

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24 Responses

  1. How Biden got to be president is mind boggling! Most of the citizens realized that mentally he is not capable of answering questions, nor mentally capable of running this country. DEMOCRATS have proven over and over, that their party is so corrupt and their only focus is on having POWER and no regard for the country (that they are bankrupting) and it LEGAL citizens. The Democrats have sold out this ONCE wonderful RICH country to China, Ukraine, and other foreign countries. USA has always helped out other nations, WHAT nation will help the USA, now that we need help?

  2. If we don’t stop this Commie administration our country will be finished before the illegitimate guy took over our country was doing fine, now we have a dictator. GOD help us, WAKE up AMERICA.

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  4. I agree! What I don’t understand is why these criminals are NOT in prison! Biden (all of them) Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer, Schiff, Comey, Omar, Waters, I don’t get it at all, these people are hardened criminals. Biden is the biggest traitor this country has seen since Benedict Arnold. He needs to face execution.

  5. Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Comey, , Schumer, Waters and the rest of the swamp are in a club that is called the UNTOUCHABLES but someday it will catch up to all of them. I hope its sooner than later.

  6. The demo-rats have nothing to say to the reporters however when it come to President Trump they have much to say.

  7. This country is in bad shape now that the fake media got what it wanted, a Biden corrupt administration. They should all be held accountable by the American people. Wake up people.


  9. Come on news people, give hard questions to Biden like you did to Trump. Demand answers. Thus administration is out to destroy America, repkacing it with illegals do the dems can have voters ad nauseam. Stop giving in. Demand answers. America demands it. .

    1. If we were dealing with Journalists we might expect to see questions that are germane to the great problems all Americans are facing. Unfortunately the esatz troops who call themselves reporters are in the tank for a party comprized of Marxists. They have become the water carriers of the American Communist Party, formerly called the Democrats.

  10. Not likely!! Mainstream media is every bit as leftist as AOC, conservatives seem to be few and far between right now. We had better look at what’s happening or this Republic will be gone!

  11. Why should we the AMERICAN PEOPLE even watch or listen to biden when he comes out to get on camera??? It’s all about his world, let him sit in the basement and mumble. He can’t and don’t say anything of any interest, he can’t even answer simple questions. He just wastes our time trying to be a ????? Even the people he has try to answer questions can’t even give a answer.

  12. Well….the corrupt, fraudulent, pathetic bastard is too senile to speak for himself.
    How long are we going to dance to this stolen tune??

  13. I feel that now is going to be very bad for anyone in small business and going to close and finish up what I started. Maybe relocate to texas. Democrats and hiding biden in office are departmental to capitalism

  14. It’s only a matter of time till those hard questions cannot be circled back on both live and behind closed doors.
    It’s obvious her answers are “make em’ up as you go” as not unlike her Boss and the rest of the Liberals, they are not accountable for anything they say or do.

  15. Liars and crooks will lie about each other and stab each other to gain power. In communist country’s that’s how it works. It sure did not take long for the democratic system of power to crumble thanks to Hillary i blame her for all the uproar

  16. LMAO…..they have all the bases covered so the pr–k bidenn doesn’t have to take any questions which IT couldn’t answer, THEY know and WE know it, and they think we don’t know this.

  17. Contact your Senators and Congress, demand that your voices be heard. Posting comment on these websites will not help. Get up and fight for your Rights! Use every opportunity, tell your family, friends and neighbors. There is no time to waste!

  18. Comparisons can be misleading. However, remember when we had a President who WOULD interface with reporters and answer their questions ON A REGULAR BASIS — and a press secretary who actually knew what was going on (instead of going in circles) ??

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