Fox News’ Chris Wallace accuses Psaki of hiding migrant facility conditions from press, public

Former President Donald Trump often had an adversarial relationship with Fox News correspondent Chris Wallace. That hasn’t stopped Wallace from asking tough questions of Trump’s successor, however.

During an interview with White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Fox News Sunday, Wallace suggested that the Biden administration has something to hide. 

According to Breitbart, Wallace noted that journalists have been barred from going into the detention centers where migrants are being held.

“The only way we know how bad conditions are for some 5,000 minors in his Border Patrol facilities is because of these pictures that members of Congress have released on their own,” Wallace said.

Biden administration blames COVID

“Jen, these kids are living in these conditions now. They’re not living in these conditions some indeterminate time from now when the president says everything will be fixed, so why not allow reporters and camera crews in on a pool basis based domain safely to show the American people what’s happening in those border patrol facilities right now?” Wallace asked.

“Chris, we are absolutely committed to that,” Psaki replied. “The president is committed to that, I’m committed to that, [Homeland Security] Secretary Mayorkas is committed to that.”

When asked when the camera crews would be allowed in, however, Psaki was unable to provide an exact time, blaming the coronavirus.

“We want to provide access into the border patrol facility. We are mindful of the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic,” she replied.

“We want to keep these kids safe, keep the staff safe, but we are absolutely committed to transparency and providing access to media to the border patrol facilities, and we are working to get that done as soon as we can,” she added.

“Less transparent”

Wallace noted that although some media have been allowed into centers run by Health and Human Services, none have been admitted to those operated by the Border Patrol. He went on to remark that “you are being less transparent than the Trump administration.”

Psaki’s implication that visiting reporters might pose a potential COVID risk to children and facility staff is odd given the images that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) tweeted out after visiting a center in Donna, Texas late last week.

The photos show migrants being kept in overcrowded conditions that do not allow for anything close to social distancing. “These are the pictures the Biden administration doesn’t want the American people to see,” Cruz said.

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30 Responses

  1. She is the worst ever press secretary . She continues to LIE and said they are being truthful and transparent which is the furthest from the truth. Don’t trust a single word out of her mouth. Just like the rest!!!! Lie and cover up the truth.

      1. Agreed , it would never happen but it sounds really like they should. The Dems. Have teflon, never get in trouble, must be nice for everyone to be biased with you.

    1. CORRECT DORIS!!!! VERY CORRECT! She is the escape goat for Biden as is Harris . Harris is now head of the immigration issues??? Good luck with that Lier!

  2. Makes no sense the government wants to keep Americans safe because of the virus so they wont let reporters in to see what is going on with the illegals yet they are releasing them in the country without testing and tell us to keep wearing the mask for what to protect them or us! Its not to protect Americans thats for sure

    1. You got that correct JB!!!!!! They have a lot to hide. We live down here at the boarder. IT IS BAD!!!!!! Sen Cruz and his group really brought the problem forth and saw for himself the problem Biden did by opening the boarder. Under a bridge that crosses into Mexico that I take every week , we had over 600 illegals that the Boarder petrol stopped in a group but had to turn them all loose into our streets to steal food and spread Covid. —-39% of those they actually tested has Covid!! They don’t even have test kits enough to test each Illegal. IT IS BAD!!

    2. They are releasing the illegals into the public, on the chance that they will infect and kill the majority of our citizens, as part of the depopulation agenda.

    3. YUP!!
      and, we, citizens if the U.S., can just lay down, get run over by the Marxists (who run the “party of the ‘rats,’ also known as the democRATS).
      Keep at it, with the lies, etc., etc., & the Citizenry if the USA will take care of you!!

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  4. If Nancy Pelosi is allowed to lie, cover up wrong the Democrats & her colleagues have done in the past & present , the dishonest American 2020 election, do you expect , the rest to tell the truth ! have any of these elected officials parents taught them how to be honest, dignified, respectful, or respectable, & the media how about them ? or respectable ? do any of these people have a conscience? scandelous.

  5. She’s NOT a press secretary. She’s a ventriloquists’ DUMMY, just like “HIDIN’ JOE BIDEN” is a PUPPET !!!

  6. No word from Fuggi on the matter, shouldn’t he be on cnn, or is it just citizens who are a covid problem and not illegals crossing the border and in cages?

  7. I don’t know who’s worse , the Dems lying, or the media. The headline to get me to this story was Psaki charged, well she wasn’t charged with anything. More BS to get me to read a days old story that they just change the headline to it everyday. There’s no news.

  8. The only thing that is transparent about the Biden administration is incompetence and bungling stupidity.

  9. How long are the Democrats willing to sell our country out to please Biden,Pelosi a d schumer? They have already got America so deep in the hole none of us will live long enough to see our country free again. This has to be the worse Government that we have ever had.

  10. It’s hard to be a press secretary when you have to lie and cover for communist dictator like Joe Biden who stole the election from the real president Donald J Trump treason is illegal they need to be in jail

  11. We were lied to about the election, we were lied to about the pandemic, we were lied about Biden’s mental state and now we are lied to about the border. There is nothing different about the fact that all the Democraps are capable of is lying through their teeth no matter what the subject pertains to. I don’t understand why people think anything will change with them. The best thing that could happen to this country would be democraps being banned from holding any office {throw the RINOS in there also] in this country all the way from the top to the bottom including being a dog catcher. The democraps have no respect for our country, our Constitution, or the people that gave up their lives to keep us free.

  12. this ought to be a lesson to Chris Wallace, although I’m sure he’s to naive to learn it. It’s not Jen Psaki who lays down the law, stopping journalists from going in. She’s just a mouthpiece -and a very poor one at that. It’s Wallace’s pet, Joe Biden, or rather, the contingent who pull his strings, because, let’s face it, Biden’s just another inept mouthpiece for them, which should have been obvious to Wallace from the outset. But it’s Biden’s handlers, the anonymous, non-democratically-elected officials who are actually running the country behind Biden’s facade, who are attempting to keep things hidden – just as they keep themselves hidden. Some apology for a democracy we have today!

  13. I admit to being a little confused but please explain, why are the illegal children being taken in without a parent? I realise the ploy because apparently then the parents can come in (legally?) to join their children and get more of the free stuff? That must change surely, which country would accept little children to come in without any paperwork or parent- it is scandalously inept to take these bewildered children in who dont speak the language and have no real idea
    of the parents just disappearing, the parents should be blocked to ever come in unless just at the wall to pick up their children.

  14. Agree with all posts! Psaki is the worst “ press secretary “ever! Can’t hold a candle to kaleigh or Sarah! She circumvents answering any questions”circles back”, and lies like a cheap rug! What is Biden hiding? Why isn’t the press allowed to see and report in what is happening in these “ holding facilities” to these kids! Blatant child abuse, crimes against humanity! They should NOT be accepted without a verified parent accompanying them! This is ludicrous! Creating more orphans that will never see their parents again, and for what? Please explain this stupidity! Impeach the whole demonrat “ administration” for blatant crimes against humanity! This has to stop!!!

  15. Well, let’s see, Biden was a “Puppet” for Obama, and now he’s got Jen Psaki as his own Puppet, she mimics Biden perfectly. As far as Chris Wallace goes, I wouldn’t trust him to give the right time of day. He’s a Liberal in disguise!

  16. Piggy lousy is in a total trouble as she thinks that the Guards will actually protect them after how she treated them by giving them raw meet and metal shavings in their food?

  17. She said they want to keep the kids safe. Is she saying they want to keep the kids safe from reporters with COVID? That’s why they wont allow reporters in? Are the news people spreading the virus? Shame on them.

  18. She shouldn’t use words she doesn’t understand; like the word “Transparency”. She’s absolutely clueless to it’s meaning. Otherwise she’d be saying things like “We want to clean up the mess we’ve made before we show anybody how bad things really are.” Or “We’d really rather not show how we’ve screwed up the border crisis.” Maybe something like “We’ve got lots to hide”.

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