‘Absolutely we will do that’: Psaki vows to release comprehensive report after Biden’s next health checkup 

The Biden administration has frequently promised to be transparent with the media on a range of topics — and White House press secretary Jen Psaki reiterated that vow this week with respect to the president’s health.

When asked whether a comprehensive health report on President Joe Biden would be released, Psaki was clear, asserting: “Absolutely we will do that. I will check and see when he is due to go back to the doctor.”

A history of troubling behavior

Given the prior responses of some Democratic Party leaders to questions on the subject, however, many Americans are clearly skeptical.

Some of the questions surrounding Biden’s health stem from his age. At 78 years old, Biden is the oldest first-term president in the nation’s history.

His frequent gaffes and bizarre behavior have also fueled concerns about possible cognitive decline since at least the Democratic presidential primary race.

At one point on the campaign trail, he apparently forgot the state he was visiting, telling reporters in New Hampshire that he was glad to be in Vermont.

Months later, Biden held an event in South Carolina during which he told attendees that he was seeking a seat in the U.S. Senate. He later confused his wife with his sister after a strong performance in Super Tuesday races.

“We’re going to get a lot done”

Things have not improved much since he was inaugurated earlier this year. At times, the president has appeared to struggle when forming complete sentences, prompting one report that characterized his performance as “excruciating” following his first solo press conference earlier this month.

“I’m going to say something outrageous,” Biden told reporters. “I have never been particularly poor at calculating how to get things done in the United States Senate. So the best way to get something done if you, if it holds near and dear to you that you, uh, like to be able to … anyway.”

As his garbled response trailed off, he added: “I’m — we’re going to get a lot done.”

Despite evidence many critics see as concerning, many of his allies continue to downplay his mental lapses or explain away troublesome behavior.

As Fox News reported, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) said that the president’s struggles were primarily the result of a lifelong speech impediment.

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19 Responses


    1. I think not either. They haven’t been truthful on anything yet. Why should they change in the future? Just more empty words.

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  3. Biden is too old and senile to be the POTUS – He is semi brain dead, and just a puppet in the Democrat Power Grab. The Democratic has made a fool out of him.

  4. The Democrats are fully aware of his health issues, that’s why he was chosen. They will fully disclose them and move Kamala into power as planned from day one of Biden’s campaign. He’s been a puppet, a way to the Oval Office.

  5. We will wait and wait and wait and wait and wait for any kind of a report on his health. He will visit the border and inspect the wall before this happens.

  6. The democrats knew exactly what they were doing by coaxing him to run for the presidency! They never intended for him to remain the president, and that’s why her highness Nancy Pelosi decided to try for the 25th amended against President Truman! It allows congress to rid itself of a president who is unable to perform his duties! This was just a threat thy had no intention of winning, but it allowed the American people to remember it’s potential to use against Biden when the American citizenry discovered Biden’s inability to perform his duties as our president!
    Pretty sick of this bunch of pathetic congressmen!!

  7. Anyone who has ever worked with the geriatric stroke patient or head injury victim can readily identify the presence of apraxia and dysphasia according to the ICD-9 definitions But even prior to cerebral vascular infarcts, Joe has a documented history of fibbing and criminal involvement Allowing and forcing him in this position to further damage himself AND our country including the immigrants at risk, should be considered criminal in and of itself AJ, Adulterous Jill (a title actually earned and deserves) has received her monies and moments of recognition The Oscuma puppeteers are also pathologically corrupt Shame on all A disgrace to humanity

  8. I myself don’t understand why his family is allowing this to happen he should have never ran for presidency cuz he is not fit I feel sorry for the man they’re dragging through the mud he has no business being where he is today and Karma Harris it’s not fit to be the president of United States she has no goals set in stone to even think about then the president of United States she is a disgrace in herself

  9. This is all a show and tell pretty soon it will all unravel and we will find out the truth of the matter I am just one American watching the show right before my eyes and I cannot wait till the end of the show. Then people will understand what’s been going on

  10. Other countries are laughing at this empty suit sitting in the oval office. Lying biden is a security risk threatens to kill putin, a scary strong leader and ignores crazy north korean kim. Dumb cackling kumula is a joke. How much pot is she smoking now? Always cackling when asked questions is not normal behavior.

  11. Putin doesn’t need a medical examination to what the problem is with communist Joe dictator Biden and that’s the problem also China Iran Italy the EU everyone but the American sheeple

  12. Biden has Dementia and its going to get worse and worse and he can’t remember anything. Kamala wants to be President even if she isn’t any good.
    Pelosi is next in line and she definitely wants to be President so there you go.

  13. Truth is on top of his age the brain surgery for a anyerism didn’t help and he always was a lying skunk democrat like coumo getting rich on the working man.

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