‘Easily rebuttable’: Pundit refutes ex-Florida official’s claims that DeSantis falsified COVID-19 data

Although Florida has experienced a significantly lower COVID-19 death rate than many states with even more restrictive mitigation policies, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has faced allegations that he falsified data related to the spread of infection in nursing homes.

For his part, DeSantis has touted his decision not to send infected patients back into such facilities — and the National Review’s Charles Cooke recent reports are aimed at debunking the claims against him.

“Easily rebuttable looking at public information”

Allegations of falsified data by the DeSantis administration stemmed from the claims of former state health official Rebekah Jones and have been widely embraced by left-leaning pundits throughout the mainstream media.

During a recent MSNBC appearance, Cooke slammed her unsubstantiated rhetoric as well as those who dutifully parroted the claims.

“It’s been shared by Nikki Fried, who’s running for governor,” he said. “By Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow, by Chris Cuomo on CNN.”

Jones has also used the issue as a successful fundraising ploy, Cooke said, adding: “And it’s astonishing to me that nobody has really looked into this, because while this has poisoned millions of minds, it’s easily rebuttable looking at public information.”

Cooke laid out his position in an article published last week, explaining that there is scant reason to believe Jones’ assertions.

“There is simply no story here”

In that piece, he noted that the Florida official “claims that she was fired because she had refused to take part in a massive cover-up,” but a look at her personnel file indicates otherwise.

Records reveal details of a troubling criminal history, including evidence that Jones “had completed a pre-trial intervention program in Louisiana in 2018, thereby securing a ‘no conviction’ record for ‘battery of a police officer.'”

Furthermore, Jones reportedly “entered into a deferred-prosecution agreement with the State of Florida in 2017 after being charged with ‘criminal mischief,'” Cooke added.

The writer characterized her as “a replacement-level government employee who repeated breaks the rules, who is repeatedly mollycoddled while doing so, and who is fired only when she eventually renders herself unworthy of the department’s considerable grace.”

Finally, Cooke asserted that it was Jones herself who was caught manipulating COVID-19 data in an effort to inflate the death numbers, concluding: “There is an extremely good reason that nobody in the Florida Department of Health has sided with Jones. It’s the same reason that there has been no devastating New York Times expose about Florida’s ‘real’ numbers. The reason? There is simply no story here.”

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  4. Yea they go after DeSantis and Trump and let those low life Cuomo and Hunter and Watters get away with all their crap, just makes me infuriated.

    1. That’s the radical left’s SOP regarding FAKE scandals! Can’t imagine ANYONE with common sense believing that crap about DeSantis!!

    2. The reason they go after De Santos? Because they heard he could be running with Trump in 2024! Anyone who would listen to the LIKES! OF JOY REID ! A KNOW NOTHING! CRAP! STIRRING IDIOT! ALONG WITH THE REST OF HER SCUMBAG! GROUP! THAT AUDIENCE ARE OF A VERY! LOW! I Q!

  5. Line them crooked democrats up and March them all into jail. They have committed more crimes than a professional.

  6. This is what the Democrats do ,
    Can’t win throw mud and lie,lie,lie,
    Meanwhile gov Cuomo gets away with murdering thousands of people by
    Dumping sick people into old age facilities,not to mention what Mad Max Waters, Gov Newsome,VP Harris’s crimes are mentioned,all to cover up the crisis at our border and lose of millions of jobs by canceling pipeline!!!
    And throwing stimulus Money at illegals!!

  7. Good ole Soros at it again…how to fight the truth with barreling down on the lies and stories that are NOT true….twisted, garbage bin mind…..its how they sanctify the democratic monsters like Cuomo and Biden….if nothing else the GREAT PEOPLE of AMERICA will fight to the end so bring it on SOROS you half Witted Moron….only folks w/less brains would follow your lead!!!

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