Pundit suggests the China-controlled platform TikTok played a big role in the midterm elections

Scott Adams is arguing that TikTok, the controversial video-sharing platform that is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, played a substantial role in helping the Democrats to do better than expected in the midterm elections. 

For those unfamiliar with Adams, he is primarily a cartoonist, whose work could be found on Dilbert.com. He, though, has also turned to political punditry.

“Connect the dots”

On Thursday, Adams posted a tweet attempting to link the Democrats’ success in the midterm elections to China.

“Time to connect the dots,” he wrote. “China –>TikTok –>abortion–>Midterms See it yet?”

In other words, Adams is saying that China controls TikTok, which, leading up to the midterms, furthered the left’s pro-abortion narrative, a narrative that appears to be vital to the Democrats’ success in the midterms.

Adams added one more piece to the puzzle with a graph that he attached to his tweet. The graph shows that, as of January 2022, the majority of TikTok users – 57% – are women.

“Do you see any problem there?”

Adams explained his point in more detail in a video published on YouTube. He asked, “Who made the difference in the election?” “What demographic group dominated the result?” to which he answered, “young unmarried women.”

Adams then went on to point out that these “young unmarried women” are “getting their news from . . . TikTok” and that TikTok is directly connected to the communist government of China, which is believed to use the platform to push propaganda. Then, Adams pointed to the pervasive pro-abortion videos that were found on TikTok leading up to the midterm elections.

“The group of Americans that controlled the election outcome is the group of Americans that China controls through TikTok,” Adams said.

“Allowing TikTok, a Chinese company, controlled by China, to be the primary channel for the most important group of voters in the United States – do you see any problem there?” he asked.

Adams certainly has a point here. But, as has already been demonstrated, as long as the Democrats are in substantial control of the government, nothing is going to be done about it. It’s to their benefit.