Pundits question whether Harris’ close bond with Biden will last as VP moves in ‘steps away’ from White House

President Joe Biden promised on the campaign trail that he’d work closely with his vice president, Kamala Harris, on everything from public health to prison reform. Now, it appears the two are even living in close proximity.

The Washington Examiner reported earlier this month that Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, had moved into the Blair House, a residence meant to be a guesthouse for the president that is said to be located “steps away from the White House.”

The second couple will reportedly be staying there while renovations are done on the U.S. Naval Observatory, where they will officially reside.

An oddly close relationship

The arrangement marked just one of many signs that the Biden–Harris ticket would be running the country “as if physically joined by a hyphen,” in the words of the Examiner‘s Rob Crilly.

“It is clear President Biden views Vice President Harris as a close partner in governing,” Northeastern University political science professor Costas Panagopoulos told Crilly.

“It appears he is modeling his partnership after his own role in the Obama administration, but he also brings to the relationship his own perspective having served as vice president for eight years,” Panagopoulos added of Biden.

Crilly also cited remarks Harris made to CNN late last year in which she characterized Biden and herself as “full partners.”

“The president-elect has been, since the first day he asked me to join him on the ticket, very clear with me that he wants me to be the first and the last in the room,” she reportedly remarked.

A short-lived bond?

Biden himself also raised eyebrows when he told CNN’s Jake Tapper in December that if he and Harris disagreed “on moral principle,” he’d be forced to step down.

“Like I told [then-President] Barack [Obama], if I reach something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign,” Biden said of Harris, according to the Daily Caller.

But it might not be all sunshine and rainbows for the pair forever: in his Sunday report, Crilly also pointed to the assessment of presidential historian Craig Shirley, who argued that the apparently tight relationship between Biden and Harris “won’t last.”

“It never does. The vice president always has their own political ax to grind,” Shirley explained. “They all want the top job… They watch stories about the president’s health and go to funerals. That’s what they do.”

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26 Responses

  1. There was never a solid relationship between Obama and Traitor Joe. For the most part Joe was only givenceremonial duty abd we now know that he took advantage of what real responsibilities he had for personal gain. Also, even the Fake News treated Traitor Joe as a bumbling bafoon.

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    1. You got that right! I don’t know which is worse Biden or Kamala they certainly make quite a pair. I can’t stand either of them Biden for his lies and dirty schemes or Kamala who slept her way to where she is in government.

  3. These are two of the most unaccomplished, incapable, despicable individuals ever to be afforded ( not to be confused with “elected” ) The Oval Office. I wish them a very short stay …

  4. Harris is just “ Biden” her time ( pun intended) until she can walk in and take over! Obama will tell her when, HE is running the show! Biden and Harris ar his “ stooges”, when the time comes, Susan Rice and Obama will take over. The perfect plan for a hostile takeover!

  5. We are living in an incredible time for our country and we have two very shallow people running the show. Prayers are needed for our country!!!!

    1. Yes, prayers that we still have a country 4 years from now. These are gong to be the most difficult 4 years ever concerning the white house occupants. I will not listen to news on TV except for weather and local.

  6. This is just too creepy. Why don’t they just go ahead and make the move, impeach Biden. There is more than enough evidence in his dealings and the entire family. Then Kamala will screw up royally and she can be impeached, but then we would probably end up will Pelosi. I just think we need to completely clear out the bunch of them if we want our country to survive.

  7. Quote Joe Biden ” We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American Politics ” seems like he was right!?

  8. Both she and Biden said she would replace him. No surprise. Biden is just the front man to get her into power. She is worse than Hillary, hard to imagine. Fear not, God is moving and it will not play out like the globalists wanted. Reminds me of Satan and company in hell gloating and partying because they crucified Jesus and took Him to hell– until the resurrection. Ha!

  9. I believe the Lord is going to intervene properly let them go so far until put stop to it not going to allow evil to take over God is in control put your faith in the Lord he got this.

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