Putin critic turns up dead outside of hospital

Fox News reported that Russian oil executive and critic of President Vladimir Putin passed away this week. While the cause of his death is said to be suicide, some say that Putin is responsible. 

Dead man publicly criticized Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Fox News cited Russian media sources as saying that Ravil Maganov’s body was discovered Thursday on the grounds of Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital.

Maganov had been staying on the hospital’s sixth floor following a heart attack and had apparently fallen out of a window.

Although state news agency Tass has reported that local law enforcement consider Maganov’s death to be a suicide, others say that the circumstances are suspicious.

Maganov served as chairman of the Russian oil giant Lukoil and had publicly criticized Putin’s decision to invade neighboring Ukraine.

Former Defense Intelligence Agency officer Rebekah Koffler told Fox News digital that this decision may have cost the business executive his life.

“The ‘wet affairs’ are targeted assassinations,” said Koffler, who authored the 2021 book “Putin’s Playbook.” She added, “Russia and previously the former Soviet Union are known for orchestrating mysterious deaths of the Kremlin’s opponents.

It’s done in various ways — shots in the back of the head, poisonings, forced suicides and other intricate forms of violent death,” Koffler continued, noting, “I have a whole section in my book describing this doctrine and with examples of high-profile cases.”

Other Putin critics have died mysteriously

Koffler went on to point out how Russian news networks have offered conflicting explanations regarding exactly how Maganov died.

“Interfax said he died, having fallen out of a window and Tass wrote that it was suicide. Yet another paper speculated that he was trying to go out of a balcony to get a smoke,” she remarked.

“The truth is these tactics are designed deliberately to be stealthy, so no investigator could identify foul play. They are usually deemed ‘tragic accidents.’ Also part of the doctrine.”

Maganov is far from being the first Putin critic to meet an untimely end. Politico reported that last month, Soviet-born American investor and anti-Putin activist Dan Rapoport fell from his Washington, D.C. apartment.