Queen Elizabeth II was ‘the life and soul of things’ in weeks leading up to her passing

Queen Elizabeth II’s death shook the world, but stories have emerged of her last days, and it sounds like her spirits were high in her final days at Balmoral Castle.

According to Fox News, the queen had several visitors in the weeks leading up to her passing, and the Right Rev. Dr. Iain Greenshields was one of them.

He told the New York Times that his visit with the queen was nothing less than wonderful.

He added that even with her age and health issues, the announcement of her passing left him somewhat shocked, as he said just a week prior to her death, she was full of energy.

The “life and soul”

The reverend described his visit with the queen in the weeks leading up to her passing.

“Her memory was absolutely amazing, and she was really full of fun. It came as a great shock to me when I heard she was gravely ill because she was in amazingly good form over the weekend.”

“She was the life and soul of things,” Greenshields added. “She was speaking very personally to me about her time there way back when she was a child. She was talking about her horses from the past, naming them from 40 years ago, people’s names and places. ”

“She was quite remarkable. For someone of her age, to have the memory she had and genuinely laughing and very much enjoying having her family and the whole occasion. She was great company.”

Fox added that the reverend “had been invited to perform a sermon at Braemar and Crathie Parish Church, where the queen would worship while spending time in Scotland.”

The latest

Plans have been in place for the passing of the queen since the 1960s, and it involves a complex number of steps and processes that will unfold over the coming week.