Queen Elizabeth wrote to the same USA pen pal for 70 years

 A North Dakota woman said she will miss her pen pal, revealing she had shared letters with the Queen for 70 years.

Adel Hankey was born on the same day as Queen Elizabeth II, sharing decades of letters with her beginning in 1953.

The story

“Every time she got a letter, she wrote to me – she never missed a letter. Neither did I. She was a real pen-pal,” Hankey said.

“I’m the one that’s…made sure that got it in the mailbox…in these later years,” her niece Phyllis Hankey said. “It’s very important to her to get it in the mail, and then she’s very anxious to wait back for it.”

The loss

Queen Elizabeth II died on Sept. 8 at the age of 96 following 70 years on the throne.

Her death moved King Charles III into the place of king, with British mourners outside of the Queen’s home singing “God  Save the King” following her passing.

Her Majesty’s coffin is lying in state at Westminister Hall ahead of her Monday funeral.

She passed after 70 years as the longest-reigning monarch in British history. The Queen has been mourned by millions of people, including numerous heads of state who are traveling to the U.K. for her funeral.