Racial paranoid conspiracy theorist Tiffany Cross fired from MSNBC

MSNBC has fired host Tiffany Cross, who had become well-known for promoting race paranoia and conspiracy theories, from the network after a two-year stint.

Her exit stunned the media world, as it was abrupt and definitely not anticipated.

Cross hosted a Saturday show, Cross Connection.

What did she say?

After the Democrat losses in Virginia in 2021:

“This isn’t about enthusiasm. This isn’t about Democrats not doing enough to exercise their base, and this definitely is not about messaging or even about Beloved. This is about the fact that a good chunk of voters out there are OK with white supremacy. Let’s call a thing a thing. Actually, scratch that. They are more than OK.”

In April last year, about Black and Hispanic Republican candidates:

“I think that the practice of white supremacy is still deeply woven in this country when you have the oppressed adopting the talking points of the oppressors.”

And at various other points in her show, according to a montage by Tucker Carlson:

“Many of us have seen the dangers. When powerful white people decide they want something, they annex it, and they’ve never had a problem replacing the people who stand in their way.”

“White replacement can strangle culture. So yes, we should all be concerned about white replacement. It is after all, a very threat to our survival here.”

“What do you say about this wing of white women who have been radicalized and are enablers to this very dangerous domestic terrorism movement that we’ve seen increase quite rapidly?”

“But perhaps when you build a nation on stolen land, with stolen labor, it was never going to be a Republic we could keep.”

Pitting races against each other

Cross hasn’t done much but pit people of different races against each other, and she’s gotten away with it for far too long.

The fact is, this country has come a long way toward equal opportunity for all.

Of course, there is always something to complain about, but that will not move things forward effectively.

But make no mistake, the negativity and constant criticism aired on MSNBC and CNN is not intended to move things forward, it can only tear things down.

Are these networks finally beginning to see the impact of their former ways, or are they seeing their impending destruction as people abandon that kind of rhetoric?

Only time will tell.