Raphael Warnock using campaign money to pay child support: Report

Georgia’s Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock recently came under fire for his Scrooge-like treatment of poor renters, and now he’s facing questions over his use of campaign money for personal expenses.

Warnock, whose re-election is critical to maintaining Joe Biden’s narrow Senate majority, has paid over $60,000 in childcare using campaign money, according to a report.

Campaign-funded child support?

The bulk of the payments are from 2020 and 2021, with less than $2,000 paid out so far this year, according to the senator’s Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.

Most of the payments went to Bright Start Nanny Services. The largest payment, totaling over $11,000 and labeled “childcare reimbursement,” went to Warnock himself. Just one of the childcare payments is listed as “campaign-related.”

Despite using campaign money to cover his childcare obligations, Warnock has been accused by his ex-wife of failing to uphold their custody agreement and leaving her with unreimbursed childcare expenses. She sued Warnock in April to adjust the agreement, citing his raise in income since becoming a senator.

Warnock’s relationship with his ex-wife garnered attention in 2020 during his initial Senate run, as police bodycam footage emerged of an altercation during their divorce in which she accused him of running over her foot with his car.

A real Scrooge….

Warnock, whose church is called Ebenezer Baptist Church, has also been criticized for his Scrooge-like treatment of the poor.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that an apartment tower owned by Warnock’s church has sought to evict poor tenants owing as little as $28 in rent. Warnock receives a monthly housing allowance of over $7,000 for being a pastor.

Still, Warnock has presented himself to voters as a champion of the poor, and even advocated a moratorium on evictions during the COVID pandemic.

A radical, too

In addition to being a hypocrite, Warnock appears to be — of course — a race-baiting radical. He is on record saying America must “repent” for its “whiteness,” and the self-described pro-choice pastor has said God “gave us a choice” to abort babies.

Warnock’s Republican opponent Herschel Walker has also been accused of hypocrisy for allegedly paying for girlfriends’ abortions despite his pro-life stance.

Nevertheless, Walker has been steadily closing the polling gap with his opponent and is now favored to win.