Rep. Raskin claims Capitol rioters were ‘hunting for Nancy Pelosi’

The Democrat who Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has chosen to lead the House’s impeachment managers in the second Senate trial of President Donald Trump seems to have little interest in calming national tensions.

Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) made the wild, baseless allegation that a mob of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol formed an “assassination party” targeting the House speaker, the Washington Examiner reported.

Pelosi tapped Raskin to head the team set to prosecute Trump for “incitement of insurrection” after some of his supporters rioted at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“Hunting for Nancy Pelosi”

Appearing on CNN, Raskin called on Americans to consider the “solemnity” of what took place, as the Daily Mail reported, but the version the congressman served up was more Hollywood.

The protesters were “hunting” for Pelosi and “came within a hair’s breadth” of hanging Mike Pence, Raskin claimed.

“There was an assassination party hunting for Nancy Pelosi,” he told Jake Tapper, according to the Washington Examiner. “So, this cannot be at the level of normal partisan push and pull and just kind of throwing rhetorical bricks back and forth. This was an attack on our country.”

Raskin seemed to echo a retracted claim from federal prosecutors that the protesters planned to “capture and assassinate” lawmakers. They clarified Friday that there is no “direct evidence” for the charge, after initially saying there was “strong evidence,” the Examiner noted.

Trial coming “soon”

Meanwhile, Democrats have taken heat for stoking national divisions by launching a second impeachment process that will not conclude before Trump leaves office on Wednesday.

In a Sunday interview with Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called on incoming President Joe Biden, who has endorsed the effort, to reject the “insane” and “blatantly unconstitutional” move.

But Raskin, for his part, seems to have little desire to pump the brakes, telling CNN on Sunday that the House will deliver the impeachment articles “soon” to the Senate and that there’s no need for a thorough investigation.

“I guess what I’m saying is, if you invade a police headquarters, and you ransack and rampage the place, and you kill officers and people working in the police headquarters, you don’t need a six-month investigation to determine what happened,” he said, according to the New York Post.

Political violence is always wrong. But inflammatory claims like these need to be backed by solid evidence, not exaggerated for political reasons.

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29 Responses

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  2. Those protesters were ANTIFA and BLM! Not Trump people, except for some Special Ops who grabbed Nancy’s laptop. Don’t hear much about it now, do we?

  3. To bad they didn t get her or find her.. They would have done America and its people blessing. Get rid of her. American people don t want or need her Old witch

  4. Judging by the lack of resistance if they were after
    Pelosi, she would not be here today.
    Her fate, however, will come legally, not like we might think it should be.

  5. Cant we get a national call to have that witch removed? She is only dividing the country more, she needs to be removed now. What she does is far worse than anything Trump is accused of

  6. Maybe the DEMOTRASH will be more careful what they put in office!!! TERM LIMITS may help out! Impeachment for dereliction of duty would get rid of the ditz!! Praying would help us!!

  7. “Rep. Raskin claims Capitol rioters were ‘hunting for Nancy Pelosi’ ”

    Just another air-headed ploy to fan the flames of perverse deceit, full of blather and no factual annotation to support his farfetched pronouncement.

  8. Will the trash about Trump being responsible for Jan 6th ever be set straight OR do too many people like the versions the demorats have fed the public???? NASTY NANCY will push to the last breath to hate & condemn Trump but I would think there were even a few who used their own brain to THINK !!! And the turn coat Republicans …I have a list I intend to keep and remind voters they can not be trusted !!!!

    1. I thought in the USA people were innocent until proven guilty. Apparently this don’t apply to the Dumbocrats.

  9. Pelosi better have her witch gear on at all times.
    Someone out there will get her. Liar, thief, cheater, all are sinful acts. Pelosi..God is watching.

  10. first of all all those people had already plan to come and do what they did. makes me think it was a set up. as for Pelosi, the people she picked to impeach Trump will say anything to make him look bad to the public because they hate him so much. they want to make him look so bad that no one will vote for him if he decides to run in 2015. lie to the people and make them believe all you say a lot easier to take over. everything they do is for themselves never for the people. just wait and see what hell they will put us though. Raskin sounds like he fits right in. we all know how Pelosi has been and the rest of the Democrats. rinos in Republicans. never trust out government they could care less about the American people. they are the dividers.

    1. Your an Idiot, get back to being a Human and studying the people around you, dont follow be a leader… God Bless you

  11. I feel sorry for all the people put out of work with Biden’s Executive Order to stop the pipe line. I only hope those put out of work voted for Biden and they realize what a mistake they made.

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