Rasmussen poll: Biden’s initial approval rating dips below 50 percent

President Joe Biden campaigned on a message of unifying a deeply fractured nation, reiterating the theme frequently during his inauguration speech earlier this month.

According to a recent poll, however, the new administration has thus far attracted the approval of less than half of the country.

Equal numbers approve, disapprove

In fact, Rasmussen found that outgoing President Donald Trump had a higher approval rate before leaving office than Biden did a week into his term.

Despite puff pieces and general approval from the mainstream media in regard to his nascent presidency, following years of widespread vilification of the Trump administration, the Democratic Party’s promise of unity has not come to fruition.

The polling firm’s daily presidential tracking poll found Biden’s approval and disapproval ratings were tied at 48% each.

Breaking the results down further, 34% said they “strongly approved” of Biden’s performance, compared to 41% who “strongly disapproved.

The supposedly divisive Trump administration ended on decidedly better terms, according to the poll. Upon leaving office, Trump had an approval rating of 51% — three points higher than his disapproval rating.

“People don’t break out of their voting patterns”

Of course, Rasmussen polling results are frequently outliers compared to other major firms, and the early Biden approval numbers are no exception.

The RealClearPolitics average of polls, which includes Rasmussen, finds that Biden has the approval of nearly 55% of the nation and just 37% disapprove. Reiterating the disparity between polls, the same average as reported at the end of Trump’s term found his rating was underwater by 15 points with just 41% overall approval.

In a separate survey question, Rasmussen reported that of 1,000 likely voters polled between Jan. 25-26, only 16% believed the country was more unified than before the election. About one in four felt the level of division between Americans was roughly the same.

Perhaps most telling, a whopping 56% believe the nation’s sharp divisions have only grown deeper since Biden’s inauguration. Nevertheless, some experts believe Biden’s inaugural “honeymoon” period is likely to be short-lived.

As Fordham University political scientist Jeffrey Cohen explained: “One of the things that’s happened is that old-fashioned ‘let’s give the guy a chance’ has kind of evaporated. Instead, people don’t break out of their voting patterns. The divisiveness that you see in election campaigns stays.”

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34 Responses

  1. Biden has no idea what the numbers mean. He’s been up since 7am and is ready for his nap at 11am. Where do I sign, what pen do I use, and where do I stick the pen? Up where? He’s out in la la land. Numbers shmumbers what difference do they make? Come on man. Did I say that right? Is my pablum ready?

    1. I left a ‘response’ but I guess they didn’t ‘like’ it. And to think this site was a bit ‘different’! HA! I don’t use ‘foul’ language but they didn’t like my opinion.

      1. They do not use mine either. They say it needs some kind of re-working. They should re-work the President and Spike Lee too.

      Hey come on man – u can’t cut thousands of jobs – raise taxes -send 4 Billion to Central America – open borders – release thousands of criminals into society????
      Come on man – I’m only doing what I’m told to do by far left! Don’t blame this OLE PUPPET!!!!

      RINO Republican Party done!!!

    2. Biden couldn’t win a bingo game we r not stupid this is the biggest scam ever to be pulled on America…and you can be certain Biden did not arrange it…he was chose because he does not know that’s going on 75% of his daily routine…trust me he’s got a boss or maybe 2 or 3…It feels like a small time of Obama history…he tried all this green crap and lost millions he was never a leader he caused racism in this country n I do not think he is in love with America or the spoiled country as he called us…He was the absolute worst leader we have ever had…we hope we do not find out he is behind any of Biden’s decisions…he did total illegal actions to Trump for 4 years and has never paid for that…so let’s make sure he is investigated…they know he did it so let go do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. I cannot believe how ignorant the people of America has approved of these communist Dems? They do not realize this is the beginning of the destruction of America. All of the people that supported Biden and this Fraudulent election need to read the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederico Ingels. This is exactly what will happen to America.

    1. These polls have been proven ‘wrong’ time and again. I don’t know why anyone even bothers to read them. They had Pres Trump ‘losing’ all through the election. 80,000,000 voters were ‘wrong’, I guess. There was only ‘one reason’ Biden is in the White House and we all know what that is!!

      1. Biden is the worst besides Obama. Look what is happening around you are you stupid. Trump didn’t have o at inflated gas prices. He wanted the pipeline. It put 56000 people to work BIDEN JAS screwed the American people as always for China. Impeach this SOB

    2. I guess the only ‘cure’ for ‘st*pid’ is to ‘live the reality’!! Biggest problem, ‘everyone’ is involved not just the ‘st*pid’ ones!!

  4. I forgot to mention that the people also need to read up on the Russian Revolution in 1917 to get an idea on what will transpire in America.

  5. I am sure if most of us got to vote his numbers would be much lower. He is destroying America and its people with it. Hey this is what you democrats voted in. A lame jerk. This is only the beginning I hope your all very proud of your self s. You can t complain (SMILE) promises ,promises(that he cant keep or won t or never intented to keep.

    1. Look who Georgia residents sent to the Senate…. a b*l*a*c*k wife beater and a s*n*o*w f*l*a*k*e…. STUPID cannot be fixed…especially the welfare collectors and the ballot forgers…

  6. biden is iligitamate!!!
    As well as he’s lost in his own mind!
    Getting rid of him would leave us with kameltoe,who might have a minute amount more brain,but she’s a horrible, horrible,person. I’m not only speaking of her personality,but her california thinking as well. No good comes from democrat policies!!!!!

  7. People with no knowledge of his prior actions really voted for the wrong person,know they will pay and lose what they had with president #45

  8. Low poll numbers do not worry Traitor Joe, the dictator and chief. He is alreadyestanlished his totalitarian belief and is on his way to making the USA a third world nation as far as liberty and freedom are concerned.

  9. Clickbait headline says “He’s Panicking” – he’s too brain dead to panic and his handlers won’t tell him any bad news.

  10. Not popular? 13,000,000 unemployed in this country, and he eliminates 11,000 UNION jobs on Keystone pipeline on Day 1! Then he stops drilling on federal lands, probably putting 60,000 workers in New Mexico alone out of work – and he won New Mexico by 14 points! Talk about payback!
    The only thing Keystone cancellation did was raise the environmental risk of some of that oil continuing to come to the US via rail, and ensure that Canada will be sending some of the oil sands product to China. China burns the oil without the environmental regulations we have in the US, and China gains a source of oil from a western country.
    And, if we loose energy independence because of this type of actions, we will find ourselves spending lives and treasure in the Middle East to keep the oil we need flowing.

  11. I have live in May 90 years. Until my 30s I voted Democrat then became a Republican. This New Democrats administration is trying to change America. A place that people all over want to come to. I am sad that I may not be here to see this administration exposed as to their agenda as a who they are and defeated. The generations to come will never be able to enjoy and feel safe in a country that we built. Please younger generation that is influenced by the new woke administration and inform yourselves and remember your children will never know what we have enjoyed and produce. I came from a poor family and worked as an adult to help build a better country. Please don’t destroy I.

  12. Lobbyists, rich people, other countries and on top of it, cheating by bringing in votes after the election, changing names or putting Democrat on ballots, not allowing observing vote counts. Still people support Biden and claim President Trump is evil. Will someone take the pen out of his hand. Take him to the doctor or mental health. The other democrats are not helping such as Ocasio Cortez, Kamala Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Newsome, Cuomo, Walters. These people are evil. Their policies are worse. On top of it you got the virus and people trying to work. Where is the Unity? Do not tell me. It’s President Trump’s fault still.

  13. My reply wasn’t published. I thank Ken Starr & Sidney Powell for defending innocent Americans, I’m sure they will be very busy in the near future with Dems. putting innocent Republicans in prison.

  14. Every place I go people say bidens doesn’t have a clue and someone is pulling his strings .Now does anyone believe the democrats want a green agenda and to undo Trumps policies. Thay have a alternative motivate and its about money and power and obidens supporters follow blindly.

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