New analysis reveals massive post-Trump ratings decline for prime-time cable news programs

Former President Donald Trump would often quip that, despite the incessant animosity and attacks, the mainstream media secretly loved him and the stellar ratings that their wall-to-wall coverage of his every action earned.

As it turns out, Trump apparently wasn’t joking, as a recent analysis indicated that viewership ratings have plummeted — across the board — for prime-time cable news programs, The Daily Caller reported.

The shocking numbers revealed that CNN was the hardest hit, but indicated that MSNBC suffered a sharp decline, too. Right-leaning Fox News was also not immune from the ratings drop-off.

Huge ratings decline

That analysis came by way of Variety’s VIP, which compared the Nielsen TV ratings for the top three prime-time programs across the three major cable news networks between the first week of December 2019 through the first week of March 2021.

It is worth noting that quite a bit happened in that time frame, most notably the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and the second failed impeachment trial of the former president, among other newsworthy events.

One aspect of the analysis that became crystal clear is that — regardless of how much they may have complained about him on a daily basis — the mainstream media certainly enjoyed much higher viewership ratings while Trump was still in the White House.

Prime-time hosts take a beating

According to the numbers, shared with the public by NBC News’ Noah Rothman, CNN’s Don Lemon suffered the biggest drop-off, losing 32.5% of his viewers, followed by a 32.2% decline for Anderson Cooper and the loss of 28.5% of Chris Cuomo’s audience.

At MSNBC, host Chris Hayes saw 16.7% of his viewers disappear, Lawrence O’Donnell experienced a 17.6% decline in his audience, and even top-ranked Rachel Maddow lost 9.1% of her viewers.

The Fox News hosts suffered from the declining ratings as well, with Laura Ingraham down 9.2%, Sean Hannity by 11.9%, and a loss of 4.8% for prime-time host Tucker Carlson.

Rothman also noted that — in terms of advertising dollars and the targeted demographic of adults age 25-54 — the plummeting ratings were even more severe for nearly all of those prime-time cable hosts, with significant double-digit declines for all with the exception of Carlson’s show.

Once again, Trump has been proven right in that, for all of the constant bluster and outrage, the media absolutely loved Trump as president due to the substantial and lucrative ratings with which his presidency consistently blessed them.

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14 Responses

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  2. Everone should take note of this//Fox lost 40% of its viewers when it led the networks for 19years as number one//This can happen to any one in business of entertainment, news or providing any product for sale//when you have two political parties not working together and looking out for the people who either purchase their product, watch that actor, or any political party//when you don’t work for the people the people only avenue is to walk away and not support you//This is very costly to all the above and maybe we all should practice to engage our brain before opening our mouth.

  3. Fox News is now the same as CNN. I bet they are regretting hiring some of their lefties. I don’t watch them anymore and I once watch them everyday.
    All of our TV’s stay black except for late evening when we watch now DIY channels.

  4. There is only 2 news casters who are fair and these 2 are News Max and Fox News Tucker Carslon and Sien Hanity other the those folks the rest are junk, they are so bais and in the hands of the Democratic party.

    1. Yep…. I only dvr Hannity, Mark Levine And Gregg Gutfeld on Fox. But tape most of the evening shows on Newsmax.
      No hate mongering there… just the truth.
      If you don’t like the hosts’ opinion on an opinion show… turn it off. Period

  5. I stopped at Fox, when they called AZ and the polls just closed. We have fraud buddy boy. For my own sanity, my DD filters what i need to know.

  6. For those of you out there who have, HAD! IT! with the, SWAMP! NEWS? I would suggest the following: ROKU! One can buy their unit that plugs into your flatscreen t.v. I bought the Roku Ultra, and I LOVE IT! I CUT! THE CABLE! and now stream thru the internet! I get all kinds of news/programs. I LOVE! the Pluto channel. On the news: OAN-NEWSMAX-REAL AMERICAS VOICE-THE FIRST-THE BLAZE with Mark LEVIN, a Constitutional EXPERT! Roku runs sales on their products quit often.

  7. First,please stop referring to CNN as a news organization. They are political activists biased to the democrat party. Spin masters to the facts

  8. As said by some, Fox & Fox Bus. have a few shows left that are o.k.. Where is Lou Dobbs, I heard they still have him on contract but off the air, I miss him. OAN & NEWSMAX get’s most of our time except those like Levin & a couple of others as mentioned. Juan Williams has long turned into a way far left nut. He just seems to hate Trump & bashes with no basis. What Juan? Did you not notice how well Trump did as President, the economy, the border, the foreign relations despite the made up Russia Hoax? It’s hard to believe Juan is still there. Are we doing better now, Juan with this zombie commie who doesn’t know how to talk or even read, destroying jobs? Attacking our way of life? Fox will be floundering worse if it keeps it up. Newsmax is what now, #4?

  9. Looks like pencil whipped figures for fake news ratings have taken over voter whipping. Fox and OAN are the only ones not censored on my tv.

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