Reaction to migrant flight exposes left-wing hypocrisy

Martha’s Vineyard is an upscale Massachusetts community whose inhabitants vote overwhelmingly Democratic. However, recent developments have exposed a major gap between their ideology and their actions. 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made headlines last week when he flew 50 illegal migrants to Martha Vineyard, pointing to its status as a “sanctuary” jurisdiction.

The move caused outrage, including among many within Martha’s Vineyard itself, a contradiction which didn’t go unnoticed.

Troops dispatched to remove migrants

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) pointed out that while National Guard troops were deployed to help relocate the migrants to Joint Base Cape Cod, Democrats remain opposed to enforcing immigration laws along America’s southern border.

Meanwhile, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert pointed to the inconsistency of those who boast of practicing tolerance while at the same time excluding those they purport to care about.

Comedian: “They are against building a wall but they live in gated communities”

Comedian Dave Smith spoke up as well, arguing in a series of tweets that the reaction to migrants in Martha’s Vineyard is only the latest example of hypocrisy among progressive elites.

“They are against building a wall but they live in gated communities. They are for gun control but they have armed security,” Smith said.

They destroy public education but send their kids to elite private schools. They support mask mandates but only their servants wear them at their parties,” he continued.

“There are too many examples like this to list them off. And it’s not just that they advocate for these policies but that they demonize, in the most vicious ways, anyone who dare oppose them. This is why the elites are so rightfully hated in our society,” the comedian concluded.