Red tsunami in Florida wipes out ‘Obama coalition’, Dem strategist admits

A former Obama strategist conceded that a red tsunami in Florida on Election Night had wiped out the so-called “Obama coalition” of Hispanic voters in the state, with Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and Senator Marco Rubio (R) both scoring huge victories.

David Plouffe called the results “catastrophic” for the Democratic party’s prospects in the Sunshine State, Fox News reported.

Obama coalition wiped out

Obama won Florida narrowly in 2008 and 2012, but its reputation as a swingy bellwether seems to be all but finished after Tuesday night, as Plouffe noted.

“Let’s remember, Barack Obama won in 2012, basically tied the Cuban vote, got over 77% of Hispanic votes,” Plouffe said. “The Obama coalition in Florida is gone. We have to rebuild it now.”

DeSantis and Rubio both won re-election by large margins, flipping Miami-Dade County red for the first time in years and solidifying a red shift that began when former president Trump won Florida in 2016.

Plouffe noted that Florida’s coveted 29 electoral votes would likely go to Republican presidential candidates for the foreseeable future.

“A look at the Electoral College chessboard, if you’re looking ahead to 24, if you see those 29 electoral votes from the very beginning, it gives the Republicans a huge advantage,” he said.

Red tsunami

The red tsunami in Florida had lifted the hopes of Republicans early on Tuesday night, but the momentum failed to translate into a nationwide rebuke of Joe Biden and the Democrats, with Republicans losing control of a pivotal Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

The checkered results had many pundits and Republican figures quick to blame Trump, with many saying he should step aside and let DeSantis, a likely 2024 rival, take charge.

In a victory speech, DeSantis boasted that Republicans in Florida had “rewritten the political map,” declaring, “Florda is where woke goes to die.”

The returns in Florida mirrored Texas, another heavily Hispanic state, where Republican governor Greg Abbott easily defeated Beto O’Rourke. But Republicans faltered in South Texas, which borders Mexico, with Democrats winning two of three seats in the region.

Results in key races in Nevada and Arizona, both states with large Hispanic populations, were still too close to call as of Wednesday.