Fox’s Trish Regan rips Bloomberg News for investigating Trump but not Democrats ahead of 2020

Michael Bloomberg is taking flak for making journalists at his self-named news agency pump out Democratic propaganda — and Fox News’ Trish Regan has some thoughts.

The former Bloomberg News reporter told the Washington Examiner this week that she would resign if she were still working for Bloomberg, criticizing the 2020 hopeful’s decision to allow his journalists to investigate Donald Trump, but not Democrats running for president. Regan added that Bloomberg’s move is “incredibly demoralizing” to the “talented, terrific journalists” at her former job.

Regan blasts Bloomberg

Bloomberg has responded to criticism of the policy with matter-of-fact indifference, telling CBS News that reporters in his employ “just have to learn to live with some things” and “with your paycheck comes some restrictions and responsibilities,” according to the Associated Press.

But Regan, who worked for Bloomberg TV between 2012 and 2015, told the Examiner that she would quit if put in that scenario.

“There’s an entire side that I’m not allowed to cover,” she said. “If you’re being told you can’t investigate the other candidate, Democratic candidate, you can only investigate Trump, you’re being basically told, OK you’re an extension of the Democratic Party, which no journalist is or wants to be.”

In a world where the mainstream media has protected Joe Biden from scrutiny over his Ukraine dealings while pursuing Trump over a thinly predicated impeachment, the idea that journalists are not in some sense working with the Democratic Party is almost too charitable. Maybe Bloomberg is just being more honest than the rest about his paper’s priorities?

But the point stands — even anti-Trump newspapers write critical profiles of Democrats from time to time, something that Bloomberg won’t allow.

Bloomberg’s careless candidacy

For his part, Trump slammed “Mini Mike Bloomberg” and his “third rate news organization” over the 2020 coverage policy, and his campaign will not credential Bloomberg News at events, according to Fox. Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said that the campaign would engage with Bloomberg reporters on a “case-by-case basis.”

But while Regan may be no fan of Bloomberg’s new rules, the Fox star said she disagrees with the Trump campaign’s decision. “I am a big believer in allowing everyone access,” she said.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg himself has been criticized for flexing his power with a causal disregard for keeping up appearances that some have called plutocratic. The candidate has been lambasted for “buying” his way into the race, which now features an almost all-white, all-male roster of candidates, and his indifference to participating in the debates has also raised eyebrows.

Coupled with his orders to have his journalists write Democratic propaganda, it’s starting to look like he isn’t interested in hiding the fact that he can buy influence with his immense wealth — something that rich politicians have traditionally tried to conceal. Bloomberg has also attracted scrutiny for showing a strange sympathy for the communist party of China, which he recently said has a “constituency to answer to,” according to Mediaite.

At this rate, Bloomberg’s campaign might be over before it’s really even begun.

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