Rep. Hinson demands Pelosi stop distribution of ‘dangerous propaganda’ to Congress

A freshman Republican is calling on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to stop the circulation of a newspaper to lawmakers that is controlled by the Chinese communist party.

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) made a splash with a letter to the House Speaker expressing her dismay at receiving the China Daily, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

China Daily distributed to Congress

China Daily has been registered as a foreign agent since 1983 under the Foreign Agents Registration Act and is considered communist propaganda by the U.S. State Department. The newspaper’s employees are banned from congressional press galleries.

However, the paper has been in circulation at Capitol for years despite the controversy, the Free Beacon notes.

Hinson was appalled at receiving a copy and sent a sharp letter to Pelosi, demanding that she stop circulating the “offensive garbage” unsolicited and at taxpayer expense.

“Frankly, I was appalled when I walked into work Friday morning and saw my office had received an unsolicited copy of China Daily,” Hinson told the Free Beacon.

“How can we expect the American people to trust that Congress will take on the Chinese Communist Party when its dangerous propaganda is being delivered right to our doorstep? I wrote to the speaker immediately and asked her to address this issue,” Hinson said.

Paper broke federal law to buy propaganda ads

China Daily has come under scrutiny from lawmakers and the Justice Department over alleged FARA violations that were first reported by the Free Beacon, which found that the paper failed to disclose its spending on propaganda in mainstream American newspapers like the New York Times. 

“China Daily’s important role in China’s foreign disinformation campaign warrants a full-fledged investigation into the extent of China Daily’s FARA violations,” said Senators Josh Hawley (R-MO), Tom Cotton (R-AK), and Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) in a letter to the Justice Department last year.

The newspaper has spent $19 million dollars on American ad buys since 2016, according to the DOJ.

President Donald Trump, who is leaving office in just a week, has made countering China’s rising economic power and global influence a priority.

Concerns about Chinese spying were revived when it was discovered last year that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) had ties to a Chinese spy. Pelosi came under fire for having promoted Swalwell to the sensitive House Intelligence Committee, but nothing tangible has come out of the controversy.

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  1. Appears to me MADAME SPEAKER should be considered for treason and impeachment, if applicable to her position, with all of her illicit and illegal actions against the USA and its current PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP

    1. Agree she should be taken out of office for stuff she has done not to consider she is a senior citizen and should be considered retired at her age and get rid of her

    2. Madame Speaker needs a tiny dirt cell with a filthy bed shackles and cold baths. She needs to be shackled in the Streets of her district so the people there can help her. The same way she helped them into the poorhouse and the Streets. Schumer and Pelosi are the infection of this country and I Hope every Congressman and woman and every house rep with a spine reads this. She infected the House with Covid Person to call the vote for herself. She and Schumer side with George Soros to have Antifa and BLM wreck cities. Then offer bailouts to Dem cities. I live in NY. This city is devastated. And they are still doing it. If you get rid of Pelosi and Schumer and grow a set of balls all you Reps that sit in your chairs sleeping GeT THE INFECTION Out. Lance the boil of Schumer and Pelosi. Treason and diraliction of duty. Starting an insurrection at the Capitol wasn’t Trump it was Pelosi. It was her threats against OUR REAL President. Pelosi doesn’t work for the people she has her own agenda IMPEACHING A GREAT president. Nancys only agenda is of hate. And we the people are tired of it. That was why the rioters showed up at the Capitol Nancy hired them. And Schumer. Trump supporters are peaceful we were there to help the president know we care about him and believe in him. Antifa showed up. You people don’t listen you want lies you want hate. BIG TECH your day is coming we the people are planning something for you and its totally legal because 950000 will black you out. We are cancelling subscriptions and we are deleting Twitter and Fakebook. Amazon and Snapchat everything. We all know how to send letters through the postal service. And we all know how to write a check and spend currency. Your done big tech

      1. PELOSI and her Democratic co-horts are Criminals and NEED to be tried for TREASON!!! This is Totally Unacceptable!!! SO SAD!!!! America – Take NOTE!!! 🙁

      2. AMEN to all of the above comments!!! Pelosi and Schumer are a Huge ‘CANCER’ to the American people!!! Take Note!!! 🙁

    3. I have been calling for Pelosi’s impeachment and many others for years. No one listens. We need to totally clean house. Both parties are totally corrupt and selling this country to foreign governments. They have no interest in the American public. Biden and pelosi are selling this country to China!

    4. I agree. Should also look closer at swalowswell which peelosi block. And don’t forget finestine 20 chinese spy driver.

  2. Pelosi’s mind is poisoned beyond repair and she hasn’t any knowledge of what happened. This is Satan’s reward to all those who sell their soul.

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  4. I agree. Since when is the “double standard” allowed in this country? And spreading communist propaganda?? What makes her or anyone else above the law?

    1. It’s crazy Nancy that’s why she will lie her way out just like always and Schumer will look the other way. Time to rip the infection out of this government and impeach Schumer and Pelosi for life with treason

  5. personally Joe Biden Obama , Nancy Pelosi are guilty of treason, they should have gone to jail long time ago, Nancy Pelosi should be completely stripped of her title & powers, Joe Biden should have been busted long time ago, Obama the x-black panther, who lead the riots with the black lives mater Nancy Pelosi took no action she is a racist against white people . & she does not speak for me past present or future at any point in time nor does any one else . she has filed the USA & the American people for decades & used her position to make millions on the backs of the American people the governor of Michigan should have been removed from her position long time ago she is a crooked as Nancy Pelosi & Hillary Clinton we shall she how many people will Nancy Pelosi Joe Biden will stop voting because of them . let him go ahead & try to give amnesty, etc, watch how many Americans will quit voting!!!! Donald J. trump was the best president the USA has ever had.

    1. So that’s why Swalwell is still on the intelligence committee! This will continue as long as the American people continue to vote Democratic! One more thinf I do agree with Fortunate!

  6. Americans see the dirt in the /democratic party, They caused all the riots, hatred, past present , & Obama the biggest disgraceful liar in the universe there has ever been is just as bad as Nancy Pelosi & Joe Biden , they believe their own lies, the media will lose viewers. more & more every day. They stink as bad as Pelosi , Biden Obama etc.

  7. Charge Pelosi with Treason. She is a devil. The people voted for Trump. Why vote unless you tell us who to vote for. You railroad our pick and our someone with a whole crooked family in the white house.Every member of the Senate should be ashamed. It’s already been proven Trump we’d responsible for rioting but I guess he was a good call guy. Trump tries to help Americans. Pelosi holds us hostage for 8 months. What do you do to her.Nothing

  8. All these people in office need to be investigated , and put forth their defense of their actions. WE need people in office that work for the USA, all of the USA

  9. I am very scared for my children and grandchildren what will happened to them red China is right at our gates and congress is doing nothing but lie

  10. Pelosi is disgusting. Everything she accused President Trump of doing her and her monkeys did. Pelosi is the biggest lair in Congress.

  11. That should be grounds for impeachment and removal of Piglosi from congress post haste! Distributing Chinese communist propaganda in our congressional offices is treasonous! Keeping a known communist China operative in the intelligence office, Eric swallwell ,is treasonous! How much more evidence is needed to show she is subverting our government? She MUST be impeached now, charged with subversion, dereliction of duty, and treason! She is unfit to be speaker of the house or in congress, she is a clear and present danger to our country, and must go now!

  12. Prosecute and. Impeach biden pelosi treason and schummer amd hartis all the crooked cronies radicsl violent evil politicians in congress vlean house!

  13. Pelosi has a lot of bad coming her way ! She is a liar, pathetic Chinese and Obama lover that has dumped America and she still gets paid by the American people, well Pelosi the BUCK STOP HERE ! MAYBE CAN GET CHAINS and drag YOU all the way to your cell in a Federal Prison. You know exactly what you are and we the American people do too. Get Pelosi out right now ! This is Trump’s America NOT yours and NOT CHINA’S. THIS IS OUR AMERICA, GET THE HELL OUT PELOSI, GET THE HELL OUT PELOSI. You have done enough wrong to our President Trump and to YOUR OWN SELF, GET THE HELL OUT PELOSI THIS IS AMERICA NOT CHINA. YOU PELOSI ARE A CRIMINAL, A CORRUPT, CROOKED WOMAN. WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL YOU ARE GONE FROM OUR COUNTRY. MANY IN CONGRESS ARE CHINA LOVERS ALSO.

  14. Most Americans want Pelosi gone. Why she’s still allowed – I will never know. She is very damaging to this country.
    For God’s sake – get rid of her !!!!

  15. She should be outed so everybody knows about her close connection to Communist China, Eric Swalwell too. The Democrats need to be accountable to what they’re doing instead of just trying to take down our side and President Trump.
    America needs to wake up. Instead of helping people with food money and everything else, she’s working on a freaking impeachment? I think she needs to be indicted.

  16. It is time to fight for our freedom you can’t tell me Trump had only 75 and basement Joe had 85 he might be lucky to get 20 so we the people are supposed to be quite think about it it is time to fight for our rights in the USA so we don’t become communist or absolutely no freedom left

  17. I trust Joe Biden when he said, ” We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics!”

  18. China has long seized Congress and is ruling America through corrupt congressmen and senators such as Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Feinstein, and others. What can I say if President Biden and Vice President Harris have been working for China for many years, chosen by corrupt media and social media and sold our country for thirty pieces of silver.

  19. The legal citizens of the USA need to clean house. Rise up! Vote these fools out of office! Prayer before action!

  20. I hope no republicans attend the inauguration. Let antifa and blm take over dc like they did the other democratic run cities, what would Nancy and chucky do with it in their own playground?


  22. She should be executed on public TV for ALL of her treasonist acts and hatred for anything that makes sense. I also blame the dumbo rats that chose her as speaker. She is the absolute worst and most communist ever. We should pay someone to give her a one way ticket to hell where she belongs

  23. When is someone going to have the guts to confront her & bring her up on charges, every time she opens her mouth she spews lies, hate, she is evil & crazy. I know she breaks every rule she tells others to do, has tried to insight harm on others that she doesn’t like. Please please someone get her out of office NOW before she blows us all up in a drunken rage!

  24. Trump had only worn a mask he would still be the president. However, since he chose not to we have to move on. Pelosi needs to be removed as she now thinks she is the queen and can do at her bidding. Now we have a president that can’t even find his way out of the cellar. He also has a son and a brother that we hear are trouble that is without going into detail. However, we have what we have and with us all praying to almighty God for his Love for us and help to find the right solutions to this mess.

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