Rep. Lesko slams Mayorkas, echoes calls for his immediate resignation

The situation at the southern U.S. border continues to worsen on President Joe Biden’s watch, and there seems to be growing pressure for Congress to take action.

According to Fox News, some of that action will come in the form of an ultimatum issued to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas by Arizona Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko.

Given his position, Mayorkas is taking increasing backlash for how bad the illegal immigration crisis has become.

Lesko, joining calls by other Republicans, warned that Mayorkas had better resign, or face a brutal investigation next year.

The ultimatum

During a Fox News interview last week, Lesko said she agrees with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) calls for Mayorkas to step down or be subjected to intense congressional investigational scrutiny.

“I’m glad that he has given Mayorkas an ultimatum: Either resign or we’re going to start investigations and see if it leads to impeachment,” Lesko said of McCarthy’s call-to-action.

Lesko doubled down, insisting that she’s all in on forcing Mayorkas out of office, or else.

“I personally have signed on to legislation to impeach Mayorkas. Prior to that, I signed on to legislation that he resign, and I signed on to letters asking him to resign,” Lesko added.

“He keeps lying”

Lesko pointed out Mayorkas’ most recent massive lie about the border when he falsely claimed during a recent hearing that it’s “secure.”

“We had written him a letter saying he should resign. And he keeps on lying: He keeps on telling us that the border is secure,” Lesko said. “He said that again the other day in a House hearing. And it’s not secure. Anybody knows that. Even the illegal immigrants know that.”

The Arizona lawmaker added: “If there was only one thing that Biden could do – if he reinstated the Remain in Mexico policy, that would solve a lot of the problem that’s going on right now.”