Report alleges Hunter Biden passed through Joint Base Andrews nearly 2 dozen times while father Joe was VP

President Joe Biden has long insisted that he’s kept his family life separate from his work in government — but a new smoking-gun report suggests that this boundary was even fuzzier than previously suggested by his son’s unseemly business deals.

Breitbart’s editor-in-chief, Alexander Marlow, reports that Hunter Biden took at least 23 trips through Joint Base Andrews, the closely guarded military base that houses Air Force One and Air Force Two, during the time that his father was vice president.

While it was previously exposed by Judicial Watch that Hunter Biden had traveled to 29 different countries with Secret Service, this new information suggests the younger Biden had a higher level of privileged access than known before.

More questions than answers

Marlow provides the information as a teaser for his new book, Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

Last year, Judicial Watch had reported that Hunter Biden was guarded by a Secret Service detail for at least four and a half years, from June 2009 to May 2014, while traveling on 411 different domestic and international flights.

It has long been known that the younger Biden engaged in shadowy business deals all over the world, especially in countries where his father had influence, such as Ukraine and China, raising conflict of interest questions that have never been settled. Most infamously, Hunter Biden worked at a corrupt Ukrainian energy company where he made a lucrative salary despite no relevant experience.

With his father Joe now serving as president, many questions remain on how exactly he pulled strings to benefit his family during his time as vice president — and of course, whether that practice has continued in his own presidency.

An “absolute wall”?

President Biden has insisted that his Justice Department will investigate his son without interference, but few outside of Biden’s liberal base have found these vows convincing, as reports reveal a family making cavalier use of government privileges.

In March, a report from Politico about the Secret Service’s mysterious involvement in retrieving a missing and illegal handgun belonging to Hunter Biden in 2018 also raised eyebrows, especially after texts from Hunter’s phone contradicted the agency’s denial of having intervened.

As Marlow notes, those in the establishment media have vigorously worked to uphold Hunter Biden’s dubious claim that he has maintains an “absolute wall” separating his family’s private interests from his public service.

When smoking-gun emails from the first son’s laptop emerged last year, they repressed them with the mantra of “Russian disinformation,” Marlow said.

For his part, Hunter Biden has shown little remorse and seems to have little to fear, having recently released a tell-all memoir and even getting invited to teach a college class on “fake news.” (Yes, really.)

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