Report: Antifa members clash with pro-Trump demonstrators in San Diego

Amid nationwide tensions following a riot at the U.S. Capitol, scenes of unrest surfaced in California over the weekend as left-wing anarchists clashed with supporters of President Donald Trump.

In San Diego’s Pacific Beach, video shows reported members of Antifa surrounding and attacking a group of Trump supporters with pepper spray and projectiles, Breitbart revealed Saturday.

“Patriot March” interrupted

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, some 100 leftist counter-protesters intercepted a “Patriot March” held by a roughly equal crowd of Trump supporters in San Diego’s Pacific Beach on Saturday, with police officers caught in the middle.

In one incident captured on video, a group of Antifa protesters surrounded and assaulted Trump supporters with pepper spray, Breitbart reported. They went on to chase the Trump supporters, shouting and pelting projectiles at them. (Editor’s note: The video shown below contains graphic content and language.)

Five injured, three arrests

Police reported that eggs, rocks, and bottles were thrown at the cops at times, and they were targeted with pepper spray, according to The San Diego Tribune.

“We will continue to monitor both groups to help facilitate peaceful protests. However, we will not tolerate acts of violence,” the San Diego Police Department said in a tweet. “When rocks, bottles, pepper spray and other objects are thrown or used on our officers, actions will be taken against those who commit violent acts.”

Five police officers suffered minor injuries, and three arrests were made, according to Fox 5 in San Diego. The protests eventually dispersed around 6 p.m., hours after police called an unlawful assembly, the outlet noted.

Antifa: A continued menace

The demonstrations came days after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, prompting condemnation of an “insurrection” and calls for President Trump’s removal from power.

There have been some complaints of a double standard, however, after Democrats dismissed a summer of left-wing riots in which Antifa and Black Lives Matter-aligned demonstrators played a significant role, with Joe Biden famously calling Antifa an “idea.”

The violent group has continued to menace the public in the months since; seven members were recently charged with vandalizing federal buildings in Philadelphia on New Year’s Eve, according to Fox News. Authorities reportedly found Molotov cocktails as well.

In Manhattan, Antifa members made a show of strength on Sunday with a march numbering hundreds through Midtown, chanting “burn it down” as they passed a police station, according to the New York Post. There were no reports of violence.

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14 Responses

  1. This is apparently occurring in NYC as well. All videos posted on Twitter, have been removed, so nobody can see the truth.

  2. sooo, should impeachment hearings start against Mr. Biden and Speaker Pelosi for not speaking out against this left wing violence?? Will Twitter and Facebook de list all Antifa and BLM pages? Or (more likely) blatant hypocrisy will continue.

  3. Oh so they are actually admitting they are ANTIFA and BLM….I guess Dems needed a reminder of who the violent groups are. Not Trump supporters. They should check voter registrations if they exist on who gets arrested about the Capital…Trump supporters are registered as such…maybe that would finally reveal the truth.

  4. Why are they allowed to get away with these threats of violence, using pepper spray, disrupting a peaceful protest by people they dislike? Why?

  5. It is ok the antifa and blm people are democrats so it is not violence. it would only be violence if the conservatives started it.

    when are conservatives going to wake up and be prepared for these democrat thugs. you need better tactics. Have a group of conservative protesters and then several groups of watchers so that as the antifa / blm folks attack the watchers can come in from all sides. Bring pepper spray, tasers, clubs, knives and yes guns. so you can defend yourselves and escalate.

    You don;t have to be victims to express your free speech rights. fight back.

    1. don’t know who you are but I agree! A reckoning is coming and the troops and police officers will get caught in the middle. Hard to believe that san diego police department said “if one of our police officers gets hit…” ok I always have a b;ue line defender but what about (not what aboutism but hey) these antifa (an idea IAW the penguin) guys? will they be arrested of they do that to a CITIZEN or only the san diego police officers? well, its a coming…

  6. You can bet your bottom dollar that anifaaaaaa and blm will be at the Trump rallies causing more trouble and deaths pretending to be Trump supporters like they did in the capital. That black dude who video the dying 14 year vet woman was there to incite riot pretending to be Trump supporter along with bus loads of thugs mixing in will the real Trump Supporters. And that a hole got let out of jail that same night.

  7. Wont be any more denial when the guilty are arrested by the military at bidens big party , on live tv. They will all be there and the left media wont be able to spin anything in front of the world. Military tribunals coming for treason

  8. Portland, Oregon had over 150 straight days of Antifa protests/riots, and no one stopped them. President Trump offered mayor Ted wheeler help, but Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown told trump “no thanks we can handle this ourselves”. Of course they didn’t, and the downtown district is a total financial and statue less (buildings and signs painted everywhere) disaster. The Democrats will have to deal with this group, as the Democratic States don’t arrest and jail them if arrested, but just release these thugs who usually return soon days later for more destruction.

  9. The Devil or the beast as called in the bible has a lot of helpers in the Democrat or as I call them demon BLM party need to be voted out forever and all those whom back them.

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