Report claims Trump’s bout with COVID-19 was more severe than initially reported

The COVID-19 pandemic took an especially alarming turn in October when President Donald Trump announced his diagnosis and was ultimately transported to the hospital for intensive treatment.

Thankfully, he made a rapid and robust recovery — but new details indicate that public perception at the time did not fully capture how serious the situation had become behind the scenes.

Trump’s hospitalization sparks concerns

This revelation came in a new report from The New York Times, which focused on the circumstances surrounding Trump’s hospitalization at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center just weeks before the November election.

The development came as a shock to the nation, and many allies gathered outside of the hospital to show their support for the president, who responded by greeting them in a surprise motorcade appearance.

Millions of Americans who prayed for him at the time were reportedly justified in worrying about him. Trump’s bout with the pandemic virus was even more frightening than it appeared, according to four individuals who spoke to the Times on the condition of anonymity.

His blood oxygen level reportedly reached a dangerous low, and at one point officials feared he would need to be placed on a ventilator.

Trump also had lung infiltrates, a symptom often seen in pneumonia patients, according to the report. One close ally, however, denied that the then-president was seriously ill.

“Our country stands strong”

After spending just a weekend receiving treatment, a convalescing Trump returned to the White House with a bold message, urging his fellow Americans against living in fear of the virus.

His speedy comeback was dramatic and, like much of his term in office, became fodder for intense politicization. Some of his detractors accused him of downplaying his condition and a few particularly heartless foes even publicly wished ill upon him.

A defiant Trump nonetheless pressed on, hitting the campaign trail within days of his discharge from the hospital. He told supporters at the time that he felt “powerful” and even danced on stage as he looked forward to Election Day.

World leaders, and even a few ardent detractors, joined in wishing him a complete recovery. In a tweet, then-White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany affirmed: “America stands united. Our country stands strong. Your President will continue to put the People first!”

Months later, Trump is a private citizen and his bout with COVID-19 appears to be firmly in the past. His foes are still attempting to force him to exit the political scene altogether by pursuing a second impeachment effort against him. An ongoing Senate trial is all but certain to fail, however, and Trump has made it clear that he has no plans to become a shrinking violet in his post-presidency.

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27 Responses

  1. He is absolutely the very best president we have had in a long long time. Come back soon Mr. Donald Trump President #1

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    1. Best president? Of what country? Sure wasn’t the United States of America? As his incessant lying and spreading misinformation have proven? It’s the behavior and actions of a anti- American! His lies of the election incited his followers, you people to a violent insurrection!

  3. President Trump, that was a close call, after I read the article, I’m not sure if it was the after effects but I noticed you looked tired, run down, but still cheerful and upbeat, take care of yourself, we, my wife and I and millions of your supporters hope to see you in the near future, hopefully putting the BAD DREAMS of DUMBOCRATS behind, and back in office and finish the job

    1. The only time he’s ever been cheerful was when he was trash talking, lying about, spreading lies and hate of Democrat’s. You really are deluded?

  4. How can you possibly believe ANYTHING published by the NYT? Walter Reed would never let a patient – much less a president – out if there was any danger. Don’t forget they can’t claim “all the news that’s fit to print” because it is lies. The “Grey Lady” is exactly and only that – old and Grey.

  5. Isn’t sharing private health information against HIPPA laws? Biden just keeps breaking laws. I guess Trump should sue the new administration.

  6. How can you possibly believe ANYTHING published by the NYT? Walter Reed would never let a patient – much less a president – out if there was any danger. Don’t forget they can’t claim “all the news that’s fit to print” because it is lies. The “Grey Lady” is exactly and only that – old and Grey.

  7. How can you possibly believe ANYTHING published by the NYT? Walter Reed would never let a patient – much less a president – out if there was any danger.

  8. TRUMP IS THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER “”””Obama was the worst president ever and still is.Biden is not president ,he takes his order from the leftist,obama,Clinton ,He’s still in the basement

  9. I am happy that President Trump hastily survived Covid-19. He is a strong and determined person who loves America and her people. Thank you for fighting for the people and putting them first.

  10. Christians will continue to stand for Trump. The people in the White House now are perverts and liars. In the end of time they will have to give account for what they are doing to our country, military and the people who are out of work with families. We already have homeless people. Now they are bringing in illegal immigrants who may have diseases and terroists. We need to pray for a miracle.

  11. President has done more for this country , President Trump is a dedicated person. I hope he gets well and serves as president after these bosoos leave office . This administation set us back eight years. I do not take sides, althow when I came out of the service, (navy aveation ) myself with a couple of friends started the young democrates in my home town. We thought we were doing the right thing. NO NO NO big mistake we did not care for what the party stood for. We switch to the republican party.

  12. I prayed for yrs. that someone would run for President that wasn’t sold out to the Globalist and then along came Trump and ran for office of the President and I new my prayers were being answered cause I was so tired of voting for the lesser evil. I knew he was GOD’S man for this age of the Elitist who believed they were smart enough to bring the world together under one ruler! Surpise!!!! D.J. Trump was smarter than all of these sinister demonnic rats and they hate this FACT with a raging hated that is UN-natural. So all the trolls on here can blow all you want for the evidence is for all to see, but refuse to admit it! To bad cause it still makes you look silly! Good night all and sweet dreams cause in the end we win! LOL

    1. We must continue to support Trumps policies. Christianity is on the line along with Everything our country stands for. Keep the faith so we can come out of the demonic Biden’s presidency stronger in our Christian Conservative Country

  13. The Demos are so afraid of Piglosi and Shumer and the squad that they hide inside there own as-hole…They have so much sh-t on all of them that there scared to death…All the big Demos are trying to act like they are real Religious…I wanted to VOMIT when they said Biden was Very Religious…He use to take showers with his Daughter…Commited Adultery…He’s for Abortion .Sold us to China…How many times has he molested or touched Women..Ex Ex Ex…

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