Report: Murders spike in Minneapolis, elsewhere following efforts to ‘defund the police’

Between the lingering menace of riots and a spike in street crime, cities like Minneapolis have come to learn what a world without police might look like.

Since the “defund the police” movement kicked off last summer, Minneapolis has seen an uptick of murders by more than 60%, and other cities have seen similar trends, according to a new analysis by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) cited by the Washington Examiner.

The data tells all

The new report compares crime data from June 2020 to February 2021. The LELDF discovered that cities that defunded or otherwise hamstrung police tended to see a rise in murders.

“Since June 2020, local leaders and activists’ increasing attacks demoralized, debilitated and, in some cases, defunded law enforcement. As police stepped back, violence surged,” the group’s report states.

Minneapolis, the epicenter of the summer’s unrest, marked a 42% drop in police activity accompanied by a 64% rise in murders. Across 10 major cities that embraced the anti-police movement, murders rose 56% as police activity went down, the Examiner reported.

In Chicago, murders spiked 65%; New York, 58%; and in Los Angeles, 51%, the LELDF said.

The deadliest city in America was St. Louis, where 87 out of every 100,000 residents were killed, according to a report from Fox News. Portland, meanwhile, saw a shocking spike of 255% in murders, according to the LELDF’s data.

A deadly year

LELDF President Jason Johnson suggested in a statement that police took a more “passive approach” in response to anti-police sentiment that led to higher crime.

“Progressive prosecutors made it clear that making arrests for drug and weapons crimes that will go unprosecuted only exposes officers to the risk of disciplinary action, lawsuits, and criminal prosecution. So, to mitigate that risk, police took a more passive approach,” he said, according to the Examiner.

The “defund the police” movement took off in response to the death of 46-year-old George Floyd in Minneapolis last May, which led to a nationwide wave of violent riots and looting.

Critics warned at the time that the anti-police sentiment embraced by many political leaders would embolden criminals and demoralize cops. Reporting has borne that out: the Washington Examiner recently found that the murder rate nationwide was at its highest in 20 years in 2020.

The LELDF, for its part, found that 2020 had 20,000 murders nationwide — the highest rate since 1995, according to Fox — and that cops have retired in large numbers amid the hostile climate.

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9 Responses

  1. All those swamp states need to get their crap together and UNDEFUND THEIR POLICE ! Other states have turned a blind to those that wanted it that way. GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER!!!!

    1. This is working just the way they want it to . What will happen when the good people rally against this B/S ?

  2. Why do I believe that all this increase in crime is minority related…they just can’t live in a socially accepted way.

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  4. Time to start putting the rioters and looters in the ground we need to start letting police opened fire on them they are putting people’s lives at risk and which case deadly force deserves deadly force

  5. I don’t blame the police from stepping back. However, there is another problem, not that the deaths aren’t important, the police can be potentially sued for not doing anything. Anyway you look at it they’re facing trouble. They shouldn’t be reprimanded for doing their job. In all the cases, that are being projected by the media and persons at the scene, they are jaded. The police body cams tell a different story. That should be sufficient. Granted the latest one of the officer pulling the wrong weapon…she felt her life was in danger. Was she supposed to wait and take the chance in getting shot herself? I say no! Though she said that she intended on grabbing her tazor (sp). In either case, she was in need of self defense. When in a situation of high intensity I can see grabbing the wrong weapon as feasible. I can see more than one cop doing the same thing. The media needs to do their job instead of swaying their journalistic view to appease the crowds. This country is in trouble for the next 3+ years. I’m scared.

  6. Sounds like defunding the police is a BAD idea. 👮

    I’m all for defunding gun control. 🇺🇸

  7. This is the third time I’ve tried to leave a reply – and nothing appears – good luck in your endeavors,

  8. Maxine Waters should be arrested for her part in inciting riots & insurrection, she is out there telling Antifa & BLM to do horrible things & cheering them on!!

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