Report from liberal NPR admits that “inflation is busting budgets, and killing joy too”

Conservatives have long complained that members of the mainstream media are covering for President Joe Biden’s failures.

Yet as Breitbart contributor John Nolte noted this week, even some of the president’s erstwhile allies have stopped sugar coating Biden’s record.

A sharp spike in the cost of essential goods

Nolte pointed to a recent report from left-leaning Nation Public Radio (NPR) titled, “You can run, but you can’t hide: Inflation is busting budgets, and killing joy too.” Published on Tuesday, it reviews the pain that inflation is causing American families.

“Inflation is starting to seem like the horror movie monster that won’t die,” the report acknowledged. “The newest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows prices in September hit another 40 year high.”

“What was striking about the data was that a lot of the worst inflation is hitting us at home: rent was up 7.2%, electricity prices are up 15.5%, groceries are up 13%,” it continued.

“Inflation, too, is coming from inside the house: lurking inside a carton of eggs (30.5% more expensive than last year), crouching in your closet (prices for women’s suits are up 10%, men’s suits are up 9.5%), or even hiding inside the walls (utility gas up 33.1%),” the report noted.

Forecaster: “I feel better about the outlook than I have in quite a while”

Still, Nolte stressed that “the welfare queens” at NPR still felt compelled to offer an upbeat prognosis regarding the future.

“But lately [Omair] Sharif [of Inflation Insights] has been delivering some good news. He thinks inflation will start dropping as soon as next month,” Nolte quoted the report as saying.

NPR cited Sharif’s claim that “the costs of rent, health insurance and clothing are showing signs of declining,” leading him to suggest “this moment might be the darkness before the dawn.”

“I feel better about the outlook than I have in quite a while. I’m hopeful that we should see a lot of relief coming,” he concluded.

That led Notle to ask, “How long has this White House and its allies in fake news outlets such as NPR been telling us prosperity is right around the corner?”