Report: Hate crime victims in Philadelphia are disproportionately white

A new report from Washington Examiner contributor Christopher Tremoglie shows that white people are disproportionately targeted for hate crimes in the city of Philadelphia. 

The Philadelphia Police Department’s Office of Public Affairs provided Tremoglie with a list of all hate crimes that had been reported in the city between 2017 and March 31 of 2021.

Numbers show whites and Asians make up the majority of hate crime victims

The statistics showed that over the period in question, a total of 134 hate crimes were reported to law enforcement.

Out of that number, 62 hate crimes had a non-Hispanic white victim, 52 had a black victim, 12 had an Asian victim, 7 had a Latino victim, and in one case a Native American was targeted.

In other words, white people were the victim in 46.2% of Philadelphia’s reported hate crimes even though census data shows that white people make up only 34.1% of the city’s total population.

Asian victims were disproportionately targeted for hate crimes as well as they made up 8.9% of reported victims despite comprising just 7.4% of Philadelphia’s residents.

Meanwhile, African Americans and Latinos were underrepresented in hate crimes, as the two groups respectively make up 41.4% and 15.1% of those who live in the city yet account for 38.8% and 5.2% of hate crime victims.

Twelve-year-old received racist death threats after being bullied

Tremoglie explained that he was motivated to investigate the racial breakdown of hate crime victims after Fox 29 reported that the Philadelphia home of then 12-year-old Joseph Messina was defaced with a racist death threat in 2018 after being bullied at school.

“Any crime committed against anyone because of their race is unquestionably disgusting and horrific and should not be tolerated. However, the entire truth needs to be told about them,” Tremoglie wrote.

“Hate crimes happen against white people, and such incidents are not publicized with the same vigor as when the victim is not white, even though the crime is just as horrific,” he continued.

“Liberals, Democrats, and other left-wingers need to stop pretending that they are not,” the writer insisted, adding, “Racial equality should not be this difficult.”

Tremoglie concluded by saying, “All hate crimes are wrong and deserve the same amount of scrutiny, regardless of the victim’s race.”