Report: Jill Biden biography registers stunningly low first-week sales

For upwards of a year and a half, Americans have been told that candidate Joe Biden received the most votes in the nation’s history back in 2020, a proposition that makes it all the more perplexing that a book chronicling the life of his wife, first lady Jill Biden, reportedly sold a paltry 250 copies in the first week since its release.

The surprising tidbit of information was buried in a recent Politico piece describing the malaise and boredom felt in the White House press corps thus far during the Biden presidency, as the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Biden’s biography falls flat

Politico cited data from NPD BookScan, an organization that tracks U.S. book sales, in its description of the startlingly low interest that has been shown thus far in Jill: A Biography of the First Lady, penned by Associated Press journalists Julie Pace and Darlene Superville.

A summation of the volume on says that “Dr. Jill Biden has been described as President Joe Biden’s greatest political asset” and that “[l]ike many women of her generation, she holds her commitments as wife, mother and grandmother at the center of her life.”

The blurb goes on to gushingly tout the first lady as “a professor” who “broke barriers…as the first to hold a paying job outside the White House” during her husband’s tenure and the person who has “held the Biden family together through tragedy and good fortune alike.”

It would have seemed to many that such an in-depth profile of the woman behind the current leader of the free world – who supposedly enjoys historic levels of popularity – would have been quick to top the bestseller list, but given the numbers cited by Politico, something is amiss.

Skeptics skewer sales flop

When it comes to generating an honest assessment of where the Bidens stand in the eyes of the American people, book sales figures appear to be far more reliable than gushing accounts fed to the electorate by the sycophantic media.

Indeed, the significance of the apparent unwillingness of a significant number of citizens to shell out $26 to learn more about the inner workings of Jill Biden has not been lost on the Twitterverse, with many social media users pointing out the stark contradiction that seems to be at play, as The Blaze noted.

Florida Republican congressional candidate Dr. Willie J. Montague sarcastically tweeted in response to the low book sales, “81,000,000 votes, though.”

Talk show host Chris Stigall appeared equally baffled by the supposed dichotomy, posting to Twitter, “Her husband got the most votes in the history of presidential elections, you know?”

Deeper contempt at play?

Though it is certainly possible that the American book-buying public is simply uninterested in discovering what makes Jill Biden tick, some commentators have suggested that the first lady deserves very real scorn for having pushed her husband forward for national office knowing full well that he was and is in the throes of serious cognitive decline.

As conservative commentator Candace Owens wrote earlier this year of the president’s compromised mental capacity, “Jill Biden and the entire Democratic Party should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for having been willing to exercise elder abuse for power. The knew before he ran.” Perhaps widespread agreement with that sentiment, more than anything else, is steering Americans in large numbers away from this latest adventure in liberal hagiography.

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