Report: Kamala didn’t actually go to the border

If you’ve been listening to the state media, Kamala Harris’s long-delayed “border trip” was a smashing success. But what if I told you Kamala never went to the border? It’s true.  

The New York Post reports:

For one thing, Harris didn’t even go to the actual border. She visited a Border Patrol station about nine miles from the Rio Grande, talked to some immigration activists and legal service providers, posed for press photos back at the airport, and departed for Los Angeles before 1 p.m. Even the choice of El Paso was pure theatrics. Instead of going to the epicenter of the crisis, on the other end of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, Harris reportedly chose El Paso because that’s where the Trump administration first implemented its short-lived family separation policy. Politics, not the harsh realities on the border, was her motivation.

We all knew that Harris desperately wanted to avoid this border trip, just like the Biden administration desperately wants to avoid dealing with the border crisis at all. The only reason that she even showed up was because President Trump forced her to by announcing his own plans to go.

And of course, when she showed up in the vicinity of the border, she avoided seeing anything that would challenge her delusional stance on border security.

The Post notes:

But it doesn’t really matter where the vice president goes, or when. Her trip to El Paso, like her trip to Mexico and Guatemala, is pure theater. As soon as Harris’s plane landed, the show began. Asked on the tarmac why she decided now was the right time to make her first trip to the border as vice president, Harris repeated the awkwardly obvious lie that she has “been to the border many times,” before regurgitating the absurd talking points that she had to go to Central America first to understand the “root causes” of migration.

We truly have a vacuum of leadership in the presidency and the vice president’s position. And Americans are suffering because of it.

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4 Responses

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  2. What else is to be expected from someone who doesn’t care about the AMERICAN PEOPLE ??? What a shame to have someone in office that says that they care for America and pull this stunt to degrade the American population !!! What good is she – for that matter WHAT GOOD IS THIS ADMINISTRATION ???

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  4. What a disappointment she is, again the worst VP ever!!! Only she would lie & try & make us think she actually did what she was suppose to, all you are for her remember this when things get bad she sure ain’t going to give a dam about helping WE THE PEOPLE!!!

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