Report: New GOP congresswoman sparks ‘screaming match’ over refusal to wear mask on House floor

Conservative firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene is beginning her tenure in Congress on a defiant note.

The incoming Republican lawmaker was said to have sparked a “screaming match” among staffers on Sunday over her refusal to abide by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) mask-wearing rules, the Washington Examiner reported.

“I actually do have a mask”

Politico’s Jake Sherman first alleged on Twitter that Taylor Greene and another Republican had refused to wear masks when asked during Sunday’s swearing-in of the 117th Congress. Sherman said in a subsequent tweet that the Republican and Democratic floor staff got into a “screaming match on the floor.”

In response, Taylor Greene shared a photo of herself wearing a mask that said, “Trump won.”

“Pelosi is changing the rules”

A spokesperson for Taylor Greene later told the Washington Examiner that “there was no ‘screaming match’ when Rep. Greene was on the floor.” But Greene’s office did not deny the mask heresy, saying the congresswoman did not wear a mask “because rules haven’t been adopted yet for the 117th Congress and Rep. Pelosi is changing the rules” to get re-elected.

The House passed new rules on Monday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Rep. Greene is healthy, but Rep. Pelosi is bringing in COVID positive members of her party for her desperate attempt to cling to the gavel,” a spokesperson for the freshman Republican told the Examiner.

“Let me get this straight”

A sharp critic of lockdowns and mask mandates, Taylor Greene issued a defiant message of her own accusing Pelosi of hypocrisy. In a tweet, the Republican slammed the House speaker for having lawmakers gather to vote for her successful re-election, despite a Democratic lawmaker having come down with COVID-19 as recently as Dec. 28.

Taylor Greene has also said that she plans to object to the Electoral College vote for Joe Biden when Congress meets to certify it on Wednesday, Jan. 6.

“I will not certify a stolen election. On January 6th, I will OBJECT to fraudulent electoral votes. 100+ Republicans will #FightForTrump and the 75+ million Americans who voted for him,” she tweeted Sunday.

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