Report says Pelosi wishes to become ambassador to Italy after midterms

While some observers have argued that this year’s midterm race has tightened, many polls still suggest House Republicans are on track to win a majority in November.

If that happens then it will mean the end of Nancy Pelosi’s speakership. However, a new report says that she may have another job lined up. 

Sources say that Biden has held ambassadorship open for Pelosi

Fox News Business anchor Maria Bartiromo told viewers on Tuesday that Pelosi would like to serve as the United States’ ambassador to Italy.

Bartiromo pointed out that President Joe Biden still has yet to nominate anyone for the position despite being over a year and seven months into his term.

The host went on to cite unnamed sources as saying that Biden’s reluctance to do so stems from plans to appoint Pelosi should Democrats lose this fall.

“Presidents typically reserve ambassador posts in the most desirable locations for the people who have helped propel them to the White House, such as political operatives and donors,” Bartiromo pointed out.

Pelosi has been a stalwart ally of the president on Capitol Hill, recently helping him to secure passage of the Inflation Reduction Act as well as new gun restrictions.

What’s more, she took note of the amenities that Pelosi would enjoy while living in Rome. These include a residence equipped with a pool along with private gardens and a three-story wine cellar.

Pelosi’s office denies that the speaker in interested in becoming an ambassador

However, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday that Pelosi’s office has officially denied that she has any plans on becoming an ambassador.

“The Speaker has no interest in this position and has not discussed it with anyone in the White House,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill was quoted as telling the newspaper.

“This is the second time Maria Bartiromo has proceeded with reporting anonymous rumors about the Speaker’s future that have no merit,” Hammill continued, adding, “And the second time she has failed to ask us for comment before airing or publishing this utter nonsense.”

As it stands, the House of Representatives contains 219 Democratic members versus 211 Republicans. Meanwhile, five seats are currently vacant.