Report shows Republicans gain in 10 district carried by Joe Biden

Midterm elections are less than a week away and new polling data suggests that Democrats have growing cause for concern. 

According to information released last week by the non-partisan Cook Political Report, Republicans have made gains in 10 congressional districts where President Joe Biden won comfortably just two years ago.

Republicans make gains in 10 congressional districts carried by Joe Biden

Of the dozen House districts which were looked at, only Illinois’ 14th District showed a clear gain for the Democratic candidate.

The rest saw movement in Republicans’ favor. Some of the most dramatic shifts were seen in Minnesota’s 1st District and Pennsylvania’s 1st District, both of which went from being rated as “likely Republican” in May to “solid Republican” as of last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, even some seats that seemed to be safe bets for Democrats in the spring have since become more precarious. That includes Connecticut’s 2nd District, which went from “sold Democrat” to “likely Democrat.”

Pollsters aren’t alone in predicting that Republicans are set to make major gains when voters go to the polls next week.

Joe Rogan compares Democrats’ chances to a horror movie

The Daily Wired noted how Podcast host Joe Rogan recently predicted during an interview with comedian Bridget Phetasy that the United States will face “a red wave” of epic proportions.

Phetasy at one point remarked that “people tend to voice their opinion on these things at the ballot when they don’t have to voice their opinion.”

Rogan replied, “And there are a lot of people that are afraid of talking about it. But they’re not afraid of voting about it. And those people, that’s going to be responsible for the red wave.”

“I think the red wave that’s coming is going to be like the elevator doors opening up in ‘The Shining,'” he continued. “That’s what I think. I think people are just like, ‘What the f–k are you saying?’ They’re making Republicans.”