Reports: CBP releasing migrants with no notice to appear in court

President Donald Trump long complained about the number of migrants who would illegally cross into the country and then fail to show up for their immigration hearings in court. But if a new, exclusive report from Breitbart is to be believed, then the Biden administration seems to have fixed this problem.

According to a reportedly senior-level source within the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP), migrant families are being swiftly released into the country without receiving any “notice to appear” in court amid a surge at the southern border that many Republicans have dubbed an all-out crisis.

“This is insane, it is another pull factor that will overwhelm us,” the CBP official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told Breitbart.

“Divergence” from policy

NBC News later released a report largely confirming Breitbart’s findings. “Releasing a migrant before determining a court date for an immigration hearing, which decides whether the migrant will be deported or allowed to stay in the U.S., is a divergence from Customs and Border Protection policy,” NBC said.

Still, the outlet reported: “Some immigrants said they were being released without knowing how they would be contacted.”

According to NBC, which cited internal CBP documents in its reporting, the policy is “intended to mitigate operational challenges, including risks to national security, during significant surges of illegal migration as currently exist in the Rio Grande Valley” in Texas, where the CBP official who spoke with Breitbart currently works.

“We’ll never find most of” them

“We are creating another entirely different class of aliens we will have to deal with years from now,” the official predicted. “We will never find most of these aliens once they are released.”

The source went on: “If they are not doing this in the Laredo or Del Rio Sectors, guess what, their traffic will come here to benefit from the immediate release, this plan will likely backfire.”

The official also reportedly told Breitbart that while the policy “may be reducing the time it takes to release a family unit” into the U.S., “if we encourage more to come once they find out it is quicker here, we’ll be in the same boat again.”

Biden’s big plans

Meanwhile, Fox News reported over the weekend that the Biden administration is considering a plan to fly migrants to northern border states due to facilities near Mexico being overwhelmed. The idea led to an angry response from Republican Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale, who wrote a letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and CBP Acting Commissioner Troy Miller voicing his objections.

“DHS, CBP, and the Biden administration have failed to contain this crisis, and it is now greatly affecting states thousands of miles from the southern border,” Rosendale said, according to Fox News.

“As Montana’s representative in Congress, I strongly urge DHS and CBP to reconsider proposals to house illegal aliens from the southern border in the state of Montana,” he added. “I respectfully request a response to this inquiry as soon as possible, and urge DHS, CBP, and the Biden administration to increase communication with congressional representatives of the impacted districts.”

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16 Responses

  1. I don’t understand why these Govenors would put up with this nonsense in flying illegals into their home states. Put their illegal butts on a bus and ship them back to Mexico. The USA will have problems with these illegals in years to come.

      1. Where in the hell are the parents for these kids. Did they just turn them loose on their own, that is not good. Let Biden and Harris, and pelosi get them back with family.

  2. I’m watching the REGENT UNIVERSITY ELECTION INTEGRITY CONFERENCE. Pure truth. Why so many lies from so many politicians. Everyone seems to think money or free is king. NO ITS NOT. FREEDOM IS KING. These politicians that have lied for years landed America in this mess. They need to go away. And no more RINO’S

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  4. Once they get into the country, they will disappear! They won’t be found, they will be absorbed into the rest of the illegal havens all over the country. And you will not know who your neighbors are, if they are terrorists in hiding, or what. This is an atrocity! We must demand the removal of Piglosi, Schumer, Biden , Harris and all of biden’s Cabinet post haste in order to save our sovereignty and our country! This cannot continue! If it does we will not have a country in another month!

  5. Ya gata be kidding me! If the demo’s want illegal immigration then they can let them camp in their own back yard, not mine. Stupid is as stupid does, again.

  6. Well the people who voted for Biden are getting their pay back. They must be crying the blues for what they did to their selves and their family and friends. God Bless you. You can’t blame Trump for this. You got what you wished for. Right Patty

  7. Biden should pay for flying them back to Mexico in a safe place from his pocket not the taxpayers.We shouldn’t have to pay for others when we have homeless of our own.Better yet send Biden and Harris to Mexico to see what the problem is and fix it there.Trump not to blame for Biden and Harris stupid crisis .

  8. American tax dollars at work (being pissed away)…. Richard, you are 100 per cent correct…. bus illegals back to Mexico. No excuses. Of course, stupid can’t be fixed and that trickles down from the top….and stupid voters can’t be fixed, also.

  9. Time to deport them back to the countries for which they came from. After all the only one for which invited them here was Dictator Joe Biden. The Democrats want them then send them to their states and let them support them.

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