Republican backlash against McConnell grows with Trump repudiation

A growing number of Republicans are pushing back against Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) after he made comments that former President Donald Trump “provoked” protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6. 

McConnell, the party leader in a tied Senate, has also left open the possibility of voting to convict Trump in a Senate impeachment trial set to take place even though Trump is no longer in office.

The vast majority of Republican voters still support Trump, and many Republican lawmakers also back him.

Trump support not going away

“What we need right now is for Sen. McConnell to unequivocally say that the second impeachment of Donald Trump after he leaves office is not only unconstitutional, it is bad for the country, and stand up and fight back,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said in a Fox News interview.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) didn’t mention fellow Kentucky Senator McConnell by name, but also said on Fox News that if“Republicans, particularly Republican leadership, goes along with this impeachment, they’ll destroy the party.”

Among those also blasting McConnell are conservative media voices that have stood firm with Trump like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

“Establishment Republicans have no backbone, no principle, no courage, no vision,” Hannity said during his show. “We need new leadership in the U.S. Senate.”

Tucker Carlson called McConnell and other establishment Republicans “foolish old frauds” during an interview with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK), suggesting that Trump voters could reject the Republican Party altogether if they continue to blast Trump and his supporters.

McConnell blasts Biden moves

McConnell did blast several moves made by President Joe Biden on his first day in office to undo the Trump agenda, including rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and canceling permits for the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

“On the Biden administration’s very first day, it took several big steps in the wrong direction,” McConnell said. He also reminded Biden that he didn’t “owe his election to the far-left.”

He warned that Republicans in the Senate would work to block moves they didn’t agree with, such as Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill proposal and a new immigration plan.

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93 Responses

  1. If Mconnell continues to go against President Trump I for one will leave the Republican Party. I am tired of the spineless party never sticking together and not backing trump. We all know this election was stolen from President Trump.

    1. I am the one will abandon the Republican Party for all after I am in 40 yrs to support this party, but now It’s the time to abandone this once for all. The party leader likeMc Connell and many others are not deserved the ‘leaders’ anymore .They don’t have the brain to think what’s right or what’s wrong.they’re 80 yrs old but stupid is still stupid.

      1. You don’t leave the party, you stand up and change it for the better. Forming a 3rd or 4th party will make thinks worst. The party just needs new blood to renew the beliefs.

          1. We’ve been trying to “vote out” the RINOs, but we think we won one and we have 2 in Georgia that are beaten by lunatics. How do you win when the “voters” are idiots?

          2. Impeach RINO’s and every corrupt Democrat we can fid! Pelosi will try to stop this, but she is as guilty as anyone!

        1. if there is 75000000 Trump supporters and we all switch to the Patriot Party I can only see problems for whats left of both the other Parties. Won’t leave many voters!

          1. my sentiments also, if the patriot party emerges with President Trumps agenda I am all in.

          2. The problem being, how can anything be done? We have seen the hate for President Trump, and how both parties worked against him, nothing would get done.

          3. Unless we take out the “power” in Washington, we’ll still have elections that can’t be won because of the corruption. That one thing that I wished Trump could have accomplished was taking out the corruption. Not one traitor was arrested, tried, and penalized for all the sedition, spying, lies, leaks, abuse of power or corruption. Everyone of them is still there flapping their jaws. Our government really let us down and if our vote doesn’t count, only a revolution will stop it.

          4. We can band together. If we switch to the Patriot Party led by Trump, we can handle a lot. For example we can demand voter ID at the ballot box, and NO voting machines. No messing with ballot deadlines. If you cannot meet the deadline then you are not responsible enough to be voting. States need to get their voter roles cleaned up and members of the Patriot Party could get on the Registrars of Voters to do that or they get fired. STOP the EXCUSES!

        2. I totally agree, If it is broke, Fix it, and make it better than new, the younger generation has been raised thinking that when it breaks throw it away and get a new one.

        1. It’s more then that. We will know the true numbers once we start a new party and everyone crosses over. They won’t be able to deny our size either.

        1. It’s time to dismantle the establishment period. Elect people who are not politicians. What experience in normal life do they have?

    2. I agree. I will never support another Republican unless it is one of the 6 or 7 that actually stood with Trump. Republicans and Democrats are the same party. They have been colluding against the American people for at least 30 years.

      1. I’m with you 100%! Well past time for a change! Patriot Party it’s time to Unite and take back our country from these old washed up, haven’t done anything for the American people cronies!

    3. The GOP IS DEAD!! They are not being revived now. We need to form our new party NOW or else we are faced with the Deep State running our country into the ground

    4. Agree, I want all rhinos that turned against President Trump impeached. Dumped. They are democrats period. Their are no good and need to be gone.

    5. I have already planned on leaving the spineless Republicans and join the third party President Trump will be starting and will start with the biggest donation I can afford.

    6. I abandoned the Democratic party years ago and looks like I’ll be abandoning the Republican party. They have no stomach or backbone. They are all on the take.

    7. Biden owes his election to a lot of dead people who were never removed from the voter rolls and to overheating ballot printing machines working after midnight on election day.

    8. Well said, Marcella. I left the Republican party years ago to become an Independent. The only party worse than the Republicans is the democrats.

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  3. It’s a shame that Trump loyalists help to re-elect McConnell to another six year term, which probably be his last. He has nothing to lose if he destroys the GOP, except history will remember him harshly.

  4. Today’s political truths give us even more “reason”, not excuses, to ensure the protection of our Second Amendment rights! Enough said, we all know or should know the history behind those rights.

  5. Lifelong Republican here, the swamp can’t be drained until the RED swamp rats are sent packing, and until I see that not 1 penny of my money or my time will be spent backing anybody ftom the Republican Party, 1 thing you guys can learn from the DemonRats is they pretty much all stand together, as sad as that is.

    1. The problem is you can’t scorn the Republican candidate and vote for the Democratic candidate because in that case you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face. The Republican Party must ensure the voters that the people they are recommending are for America and its citizens and would also be willing to set up term limits on themselves. These career politicians are at the point after so many years they feel that they are royalty and the American people are their subjects for them to rule as they see fit. When in reality they are our employees and we are their employers. One thing the citizens of this country better start doing is acting like the boss and stop letting these POS career politicians the unlimited freedom that we have inadvertently allowed them to take on their own. If they don’t conform vote them out after every first term no matter which party they belong to.

  6. McConnell and other republicans who turned their backs on the President are spineless individuals who probably got paid to do so. I trust a juvenile delinquent to be more truthful over most politicians and that’s plain sad.

  7. If you believe Mitch McConnell he’s for America your living in la la land. This man is only out for himself. Makes his money like Joe Biden from China. Time is now for impeachment of Joe, Nancy, Chuck and other Congress person trying to take down the constitution and the people’s rights. Enough. I hope the military realizes that Joe Biden hates the military. Joe’s loyalty is to China.

    1. I don’t think “Joe’s loyalty is to China”. Loyalty means sticking it out with your people. Though rich or poor, sickness and health, happy or unhappy, you stick by their side no matter what. Loyalty is about living out this philosophy day in and day out. Joe’s loyalty is to money and power. He doesn’t care who or where it comes from.

  8. McConnell is a weak sister, he should be replaced now. McConnell is also getting money from China.

    1. I would hate to know how many of our “leaders” are having their pockets lined by China. McConnell and wife are making a bundle via the Chinees shipping companies. Her family owns a Chinees shipping company which made it easy for them.

  9. 6-years left of this scumbag mcconnell
    Only Republicans have RINO’S
    Dims know how to stick together …
    We will not have a President of the UNITED
    states for 4-years.
    TRUMP 2024 🙂

    1. Maybe we are lucky. We have three presidents, one on the front, and two behind the curtain. Maybe not so lucky.

    1. I agree with you, Doug. I am now registered Independent awaiting a party that has a backbone. NO Republican gets my money. I could not care less if any of those pieces of garbage ever get re-elected. I was surprised by Graham’s comments, though. And, I totally agree with Paul. I am watching my Senators in Oklahoma because I am not sure exactly what they are.

      1. I’m from Oklahoma too. I’ve written Lankford and Inhofe. Langford is spineless and Inhofe is a rhino. I’m told he’s not running again. Many of our past leaders are rhinos. Representatives are a mixed bag. I wanted Bice to beat Horn so bad. Now I think I may regret it. Hopefully people in our state will stand up to this oppression and not wait till all of our jobs are lost and our economy is destroyed.

  10. What are the old Republican members thinking of. It sure isn’t the American people that voted for them to protect our rights in the well original Constitution of the United States. He is helping the enemy (democrats) re-write their own constitution which is not in the best interest of the United States and its citizens. Mitch do not sell us out for God’s Sake. Amen

  11. The “FIRST DAY” of old Joe. Well , he replaced Winston Churchill bust with Che’ . Guess who else had a “bust” of Che’ on “his/her” desk? Barack . So , if you think the democrats haven’t gone to the communists, then you better wake up fast. “Censoring” by Facebook, Twitter, and other websites is plenty of evidence for me. America will become another Venezuela or Greece , and if one thinks I am wrong, look to California ,Portland ,Or., Seattle ,Wa, NYC and many others. I just hope that those who voted dimwit , gets a BIG tax raise , are you listening NFL/NBA ??? Hollywood!

  12. McConnell should be made to step down I’m going onto my Staate Senator website email him and demand he remove McConnell from his leadership position. and if he chooses to ignore my request I will not support his re-election in 2 years.
    I believe unless these cowards and traitors are held accountale ie Liz Channey we are doomed Forming a third party is cutting off you nose to spite your face. There is power in unity look at the Democrats they got a criminal dementia patient into the whitehouse without once mentioning the constitution.
    And we have POS Pence , I’m inconsolable at what he and contemptible Republicans did and it gets worse each day.

    1. If we form a new party we will have unity and will be the largest party starting out. Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans and Independents all support Trump. Many don’t even realize how many Trump supporters are prior Democrats. In fact I am a legacy Dem. my GG Grandfather and GGG Uncle helped get JFK and Truman elected. Their law office represented JFK. Many of us out there who love Trump and always will. This year was actually the first time my husband ever voted and it was for Trump. The new Trump Party will be the death of the Democratic and Republican parties.

  13. I am not happy with the Republican Party Politicians. They need to man up and also decide which party they are going to be loyal to. I can’t confirm if President Trump is the one responsible for the riot but I don’t believe so. Organizing a protest to dispute the election is totally different and we deserve to know what happened but you Republican Politicians wouldn’t stand up and demand the truth. We have no representation even though you are suppose to work for us. Shameful and sad but you will never get my money or vote again!

    1. I feel the same way Trudi. How many times do you read an email ****This is it. Our last chance to blah, blah, blah and then at the end how much money you should send***** even republicans from other states. Murkowski from Alaska sending me, in Florida, emails to support her, i.e., send money. I think they all do it. What really irritates me, is, I understand campaign funds not spent can remain in their bank accounts, legally. No wonder, even losing candidates that know they’re going to lose are still sending me “please send money”. For what? They don’t even come into the office much less do any work (for their constituents).

    1. I became an Independent years ago because I was frustrated by Republicans. It lets me feel minimally better and I don’t have to vote in the stupid primaries but that’s about the extent of the benefits of being Independent.

  14. Remove Pelosi Shummer,Schiff, Mitch Much McConnell Maxzine Waters, Biden,Kamala Harris, Ihan Omar Talib, Cuomo. In Georgia we voted for Kelly a Purdue. Remove stacy Abram. There are many more.
    We ned to stand for America people who votes.
    It is a shame Trump put in Office and they betrayed and lied to American people. Enough of the left we are fed up of there wicked evil law and laws.

  15. What bothers me the most if he never once asked to file any changes or file impeachment charges on any of these Democrats that were actually doing the crimes they were accusing Republicans off..

    1. Bothers me too. You know what else? With the dems controlling both houses no matter the proof of guilt, no one is going to get impeached for the next eight years.

  16. I will not contribute to any Republican congressional or senate requests, such as “we need to win the senate” or “help us win the house”. I am retired. What was the purpose of all my money sent to help “Republicans” when they then turned on our President, without whom they would not have been elected. That includes our Senators from Florida. Rubio has let his macho pride turn him into a whining turncoat. Imagine him sending me requests while he is voting against the President! Scott, you wouldn’t be there without Donald Trump. I say primary both of them.

  17. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!! The RINOS gotta go! The Establishment ELITES are for themselves!!! Dems put Politicians FIRST and we the people LAST!!!! Time for new LEADERSHIP!!

  18. The Republicans are going to impeach the wrong one it should be McConnell. He’s a deep state and always take the wrong rd. Thanks for nothing. Move to China and drive a truck for wife’s company.

  19. You know the same republicans who was all rah rah about getting some of these Democrats thrown in jail are now siding with these same people about impeaching our President Trump He helped a lot of you get re-elected and you all turned on him you are just like the Schiff and pelosi shummer and the big racist rat Lemon who hates white people and republicans rot in hell

  20. Tried again. Didn’t post because fields were not complete. I call BS on this. My free speech is being blocked. Really upsetting!

    1. I’ve had same problem. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Controlling and censoring content. It’s only going to get worse (by about 40 million soon).

  21. Don’t worry, when the House turns over to the GOP the Senate Leader will reverse his thoughts.
    Now is the time to vote him out of the Senate just to anger Schumer, who considers O’Connell an easy mark not unlike his fellow RINOs.

  22. I didn’t read one comment about being for America. Without America we have nothing, so when the next elections happen, ask your Republican candidate , “Are you going to be an American while representing our party/state, or are you going to be a RINO”?
    This will give you a quick reason to kick your candidate out – does anyone realize our shameful Utah Senator?

  23. Mitch McConnell is a commie. His Chinese wife’s sister sits on a communist China bank board. Their parents own a large corporation in communist China. Blood is thicker than water! He is a big part of the commie swamp in America!

  24. I have voted independent for many years now, voting for the person & not the party. As we see there are deceitful cooks on both sides, I do not think we need more parties we need people who are willing to do their homework find out what the person you are voting for is really all about & listen to what they are saying before just give your vote away. Mitch is definitely not one of the good guys, the only reason he got re-elected was because of Trump, anyone who stabs someone in the back who has helped you like that should send off all sorts or beware signs in your head as he is not a loyal person. Just like Biden, all he has ever done is lie, plagiarize & add taxes to social security, that is it!
    Also my question why did you vote for Biden & other Dems., & tell me a real reason you hate Trump, not some stupid personality things because Biden has more than his share of personality problems. A real reason! My reason for not voting Biden partly is mentioned above & his involvement with Ukraine, Russia & China & he & his family taking all sorts of money from these countries, reading Hunter’s e-mails it all sounds like treason & Obamagate, where Obama, Hillary & Biden paying to have Russians spy on Trump & make up stories so Hillary would win the election & make Trump look bad.

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