Republican candidate widens lead in last remaining undecided House race

New votes discovered in New York’s 22nd District have widened the Republican candidate’s lead in the nation’s last remaining undecided House race.

According to the Washington Examiner, GOP House hopeful Claudia Tenney gained over 200 votes after an error was found in the count. The development comes nearly three months after November’s election.

With the additional ballots tallied, Tenney is now up 122 votes over her Democrat opponent, incumbent Anthony Brindisi, the Examiner reported. She previously led by 29 votes.

Hundreds of votes

According to the Examiner, New York State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte had been alerted to a mistake in Oneida County that disenfranchised as many as 2,400 registered voters.

As a result, DelConte ordered “a review of 1,100 affidavit ballots that were potentially from voters who applied on time but did not have their applications processed,” the Examiner reported, “and it was determined that 393 of those votes belonged to voters who registered on time.”

Of those, Tenney claimed 232. Brindisi took 139.

According to the Examiner, two ballots were also cast for third-party candidate Keith Price. Another 20 votes were excluded from the tally after being challenged by both parties “for a variety of reasons,” the outlet said.

Brindisi’s campaign has reportedly since challenged the Supreme Court’s ruling and is already pushing ahead with an appeal.

A small, divided majority

How the race ultimately turns out could have a significant impact on national affairs, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) already presiding over a slim and divided Democratic majority in the lower chamber.

Despite taking over the White House and Senate, Pelosi’s House caucus was met with unexpected losses across the nation in last year’s election, a development that moderates like Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger blamed on Democratic radicals.

“We have to commit to not saying the words ‘defund the police’ ever again,” the Democratic congresswoman said during a leaked post-election conference call, according to Breitbart. “We need to not ever use the words socialist or socialism ever again. It does matter, and we have lost good members because of that.

“Nobody should be talking about socialism,” Spanberger added, noting that if Dems do, “We will get f****** torn apart.”

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27 Responses

  1. Pray that Tenney gets the seat, she is ahead, unless skulduggery is afoot. Brindisi is piglosi’s choice, so watch out. If she can get the election skewed, she will! But, hopefully the challenge by Brindisi loses.

      1. I think the owner needs to appear front of the Supreme court with all the schematics , patent , documents abilities, & capabilities of dominion voting System & it’s software. & this rigged election will cost elected officials votes in up coming elections, all of their credibility are at stake !!! past, present & future. destroying public trust is a destructive thing to do forever. there are a few elected officials who will never get another vote. for all the dirt they did to th American people, the violation of American rights. the stealing of American money, etc. the lies they have told ,

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  3. I so so wish the votes in Georgia could be audited !!! There is no doubt in my mind that fraud was involved from all levels !!!!!!

  4. Why should the left challenge anything since they are always right? Every one is a racist that does not agree. But in reality, Biden and his coconspirators want to give real terrorists the vaccine first. So, I and others served the military Honorably. The people that destroyed and killed Americans and other people are allowed to have vaccines before us. Can anyone tell me where they got their diploma? This is not where I thought our education system was going. Do not blame teachers. But, these people must have paid off the school Presidents. Criminals have priority over good, law abiding citizens. Votes are not important. Wouldn’t be prudent.I will slip a couple bucks under the table. Oops! Do not look. Stop trying to change the Constitution.

    1. It was very bad when the SCOTUS refused to perform in accordance with the Oath they all had taken with the Voter Fraud in every State and City accross America. The evidence was provided, and the SCOTUS refused to perform their functions of their Oath. That to me calls for the responsible SCOTUS to be removed from their positions immediately and replaced with Honest SCOTUS that will adhere to the U.S. Constitution!

    2. Thank you for service. Did you see that Biden took down all the military flags?
      Then he calls in the National Guard and houses them in a parking garage.

      yep he really cares

      1. Sharon everyone knows he is a horses rump…….Never puts our military, or legal citizens first, but just wants illegals here in the U.S. for his love of terrorism, chaos, burning, looting, killing, and raping….Dems/Rinos are not worth 2 cents………

  5. If votes were honestly audit in Georgia, with out Stacy and her Crooked sister involved we would probably find that the2 Democrats senators really did not win that seat

  6. Can’t stand the emails that you send out. You can’t read a single article without a million ads popping up over and over. I go out of my way not to purchase the products being advertised.

  7. DO NOT ” VOTE BY MAIL”. This is an opportunity for scam.
    ID’S with U.S. Citizens only needed to vote in ballots place. The safest way. Any person who are un-capable to walk or in handicapped on health reason, must have ballots representative with credital official to support collection.

  8. Pencil whipped ballots and fat finger coding always ends in a democrat slimed election win. When has it ever been different? They can’t win an election on just their failed policies.

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