Republican congressman predicts ‘devastation’ as Biden pulls troops out of Afghanistan

While many Americans are happy that the nation’s longest war is finally ending, critics are piling on President Joe Biden for finishing the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan that began under President Donald Trump.

Republicans in particular are hammering Biden, with Rep. Michael McCaul (TX), the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, claiming that Biden will “own” the “ugly images” of a supposed ensuing power vacuum, The Hill reports.

It was Trump’s idea

President Trump, in a challenge to Republican orthodoxy, campaigned in 2016 in part on ending the “endless wars” that President George W. Bush launched in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before leaving office, Trump negotiated a controversial agreement with the Taliban to leave Afghanistan by May of 2020.

Biden delayed the withdrawal until Sept. 11, the 20th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks by al-Qaida that began the War on Terror, in an obvious attempt to take credit for ending America’s longest war from Trump.

While public opinion has long since turned against the war, the withdrawal is not without its opponents. Neoconservatives have long argued that leaving Afghanistan will embolden the Taliban, and such warnings are now ramping up.

“When we fully withdraw, the devastation and the killings and women, humanitarian crisis, fleeing across the border into Pakistan, President Biden is going to own these ugly images,” McCaul told Fox News, according to The Hill.

Still others have argued that the withdrawal is illusory, as the United States is leaving some 650 troops behind, The Hill notes, and Biden has spoken in broad and vague terms about an ongoing commitment to prevent the Taliban from coming back to power and threatening Afghanis, particularly women and girls.

Americans support withdrawal

But that is precisely what Biden’s critics project will happen. Many point to ominous reports from the intelligence community (which notoriously spied on President Trump for political reasons) that Afghanistan will crumble without support from American forces.

According to The Hill, McCaul said that he is “concerned that we will be going back” and that aides to Afghanistan’s president told him that 2021 would be “the year of jihad.”

“But at some point, our vital interests are ISIS and al-Qaida, and we are going to give them a safe haven as the Taliban takes over that nation and that vacuum is going to be filled by terrorists,” he said.

The Biden administration has also been criticized for abandoning Bagram Airfield, the base of American operations in the country for 20 years, in the middle of the night without notifying Afghan forces, the New York Post notes. Looters grabbed equipment that was left behind.

Is chaos on the horizon? Perhaps, but for many Americans, this is a war that has gone on for too long.

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22 Responses

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  2. So they left without telling anyone?
    Biden must have forgot to do that. Slipped his failing mind.


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  4. Who gives a dam who get. Our guys and ladies need to get out of that hell hole. Obama had Osama killed, that is to his credit. What is more important is our troops and their families.

    1. there was no proof positive that binladen was even alive at the time
      obama said he had him killed and since they brought no body back there is no proof that he was dead after the raid–
      bin laden was a CIA operative and as such had a no kill deal -and the US had his DNA on tap for the very day he wanted to retire but wanted to disappear-
      this hoax gave him that very option-

  5. The people who are writing for Biden were not elected as president so this is extremely against our country. Not elected…cannot make laws. Be arested!!!

  6. I am a Conservative Patriot and my opinion and my observation is, Muslim civil wars never end. Why should we get in the middle between both sides when both sides hate us. Muslims think crazy thoughts and we are crazy for being there.


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  8. Poor planning, IE Our forces left Baghram Air Base & didnt notify host nation of OUR leaving.
    Dont recall this when did Vietnam pull out in 1975

    1. Our government has gone.. gone away….since biden came in and his buddies impeach them all. The world is laughing at us because our government has gotten so stupidly ignorant!!

  9. I guess my first comment didn’t count’ {not posted} get the hell out & help our vets with the money we are no longer putting in that rat infested musleim hell hole, they won’t stop the opium growing that is killing Americans & that civil war will never stop! We have problems in America that aren’t being addressed.
    America first! we are not the police of the world, hell we can’t even police our own country

  10. Nit Wit and the chief of staff or the armed force should have destroyed the ammo and weapons they left in Afghanistan All they did was make the Taliban even more powerful with the weapons and ammo the got

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  11. These religious wars have been going on for centuries. They have no concept of church vs. state. It is all church. They fight. That’s all they do. Look at history. What have they done? What contribution to global societies have they made? What inventions? What medical discoveries? They only fight religious wars. Let them fight

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