‘Meant to make the Border Crisis worse’: Republican group exposes Democrats’ destructive plans for immigration

Despite claims to the contrary from Democrats and the media, President Joe Biden is clearly working toward opening up the country’s border to all who want to enter and granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants already living in the United States.

Such was the warning cry issued by the Republican Study Committee (RSC) in a memo outlining the dangerous consequences of several immigration proposals put forward by Biden and his Democratic cohorts in Congress, according to an exclusive report from Breitbart.

This new memo serves as a supplement to a far more in-depth memo published by the RSC in early March that detailed the consequences and ramifications of President Biden’s many executive actions related to immigration and border security policies.

The hope of the RSC is that these memos will help inform members of Congress and the American people about exactly what is at stake in terms of the concerted efforts by Biden and Democrats to throw open the borders and roll out the red carpet for any and all who seek entry into America.

“Meant to make the Border Crisis worse”

Issued from the group of conservative lawmakers led by Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), the one-page memo lays bare how the proposed legislative reforms amount to little more than amnesty and eventual citizenship for potentially tens of millions of illegal immigrants.

The memo begins by noting how Democrats are attempting to create an alternate reality when it comes to immigration, so much so that even the Department of Homeland Security is no longer allowing the use of the accurate descriptive words of “illegal” or “alien” for migrants who enter the country without permission, with such individuals now being referred to as “undocumented noncitizens.”

It goes on to note how the current border crisis, which can be directly linked to Biden’s executive actions undoing former President Donald Trump’s policies, will be made substantially worse if certain legislative proposals from the Democrats are eventually passed and signed into law. “Democrats haven’t just refused to reverse the policies that caused the border crisis — they are introducing new policies that are meant to make the Border Crisis worse,” the memo states.

Legislative amnesty

The memo first focuses on H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise Act, which according to the RSC would ultimately grant amnesty to an estimated two million illegal immigrants who are enrolled in programs like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) as well as Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or Deferred Enforced Departure (DED).

In addition to making it easier for certain migrants to enter the country and more difficult to even deport criminals and gang members, the bill would also add tens of billions of dollars to the federal deficit in terms of federal assistance made available to the suddenly legal migrants.

Also of note is H.R. 1603, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which would effectively grant amnesty and legal status to an estimated one million migrant agricultural workers employed in America’s various agricultural industries.

The most significant of all of the immigration reform proposals is the one put forward by Biden himself, the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, which would extend amnesty and a pathway to citizenship — with full access to all of the rights and benefits of a citizen — for an estimated 22 million illegal immigrants.

That act would make it far easier for new arrivals to gain entry and much more difficult for any to be deported. It would also allow many previously deported illegal immigrants to return to the U.S. and would inevitably serve as a magnet to encourage even more migrants to make the journey to America’s borders.

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21 Responses

    1. You would think! He could be on the cover of a magazine or in the how to section of a library. “HOW TO DESTROY AMERICA IN LESS THAN Three Months”

    2. Exactly, David B. Bad government is nothing to be proud of. Catastrophic outcomes should be despised.

    3. It’s amazing, didn’t take Biden long to completely screw everything up, he isn’t through either. What will happen next, wait until Kamala gets in the mess, should get worse.

  1. two months in office, gas prices up 60 cents/gal, FUBAR with respect to US diplomacy, immigration, etc. internet FUBAR with blantant censoring, etc.

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  3. Agree with all posts! Congress will do nothing to stop this travesty! Piglosi is on board with all of it, and SHE controls congress!

  4. Time to clean house in Washington DC. IMPEACH them all for TREASON ! They are distroying America in such a short time. We were born here and the United States is not what it used to be anymore. We have crazy people in the White House and Congress running this country into the ground. God HELP us all !

  5. They ALL NEED to be REMOVED FROM OFFICE!! What about the Oath they took when they took OFFICE?? They are breaking THAT OATH!!! Isn’t that against the laws of our Constitution?? Our Country will not survive 4 years of the Biden Administration!!!

  6. I can hardly wait to see what happens to Beigii Biden when Obama/Harris/Soros tell Harris it’s time to step over Biden and you run the country with OUR RULES. We will pull the strings and you take the credit. I’m guessing it will before the first year is up. It’s a sad day in our country when you find out that so many of the citizens and illegals are so set against some other people that don’t agree with wanting be a Socalist Country that they can’t step back and see what that exactly is going to do to almost everybody in OUR COUNTRY including a lot of Democrats besides the rest of us.

  7. Wonder who democrats will name for tsar of their solient green project. It can’t be far behind with the way they are turning on each other.

  8. Hey all you “city dwellers” that voted DEMOCOMMUNIST. Prepare yourselves, as YOUR neighborhoods are going to be infested with hordes of illegal alien “children” (many are TEENAGERS) given plane tickets, and bus rides on OUR DIME and DUMPED in your cities by your “beloved”, FRAUDULENTLY “elected” dementia-inflicted, POTUS, and his constitutionally ineligible “anchor baby” “HO”, “VP”. ..MANY of these “children” only know the way to survive is by fighting, murdering, robbing, and stealing. ENJOY your “new” neighbors.

  9. It is gratifying to see that strong commentary is being put out there regarding the perfidiousness of Democrats and their fellow travelers demonstrating that awareness of the dire future consuming this country at an ever accelerating rate is slowly being realized. Calls for resignations, removal from office, voting them out are all well and good, but the problem remains: this last farce of an “election” signifies that it was the last election that will ever take place. So, short of a Deus ex machine, there is only one course of action that remains.

  10. The way things are going,the usurper Biden and his minions will have this country on it’s knees by the end of the year.May God help us all!!

  11. Communists don’t worry about the people they worry about the next election fraud and how to get the votes legal or not election fraud election was stolen wake up people courts are not following the constitution DOJ is no longer for the people FBI is part of the swamp all hope is that the oath that the military takes to uphold the constitution is still in affect and they can see the fraud from China Iran Italy Russia and elsewhere

  12. The Liberals do not know their ask from a hole in the ground.
    If it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it as there are more serious priorities to be done first. Then, enhance what TRUMP started.

  13. I would love to ask all these democrats how they sleep at night . All this to still try to discredit President Trump . Give up because you are not our leaders . Everyone of you should be impeached . This isn’t about democrats and republicans but about our great nation and the all the American people . How dare you take our hard earned money and throw it at illegals and pay 5hem for coming . What A disgrace ! Did you ever ask us if we wanted to have our money thrown at people entering our borders and getting our money . So all of you who agreed with evil Pelosi and her corrupt squad be prepared that by going along you are giving your children ,your grandchildren etc a live with no freedoms . Someday when they ask you why they can’t express themselves freely you can stand up as r
    That proud democrat and say I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough to do the right thing . I was just a sheep Sleep on that !

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