Republican Roger Wicker rips impeachment effort as Senate tees up trial

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial in the Senate begins Tuesday, but few expect Democrats to succeed in convicting the former president.

Echoing many in the Republican Party, Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi rejected the effort Sunday as a “meaningless messaging partisan exercise” brought about by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her fellow Dems, The Hill reported.

“I’m not conceding”

It would come as quite a shock if enough Republicans voted to convict Trump for “insurrection,” clearing a path to bar Trump from seeking office again.

At least 17 Republicans would have to join with Democrats, a scenario seen as unlikely, with Republicans holding to the argument that it is unconstitutional to impeach a private citizen.

The sheer unlikelihood of conviction has led critics to dismiss the trial as a “meaningless” partisan spectacle, as Wicker put it in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.

The Republican refused to be boxed in, even after Stephanopoulos brought up his support of Bill Clinton’s impeachment in the 1990s. “I’m not conceding that the president, Trump, incited an insurrection,” Wicker said, as The Hill reported.

“Let me say this. Republicans learned a lot from the impeachment of President Clinton. President Clinton had been adjudged to have committed perjury by a judge in the state of Arkansas. Perjury is a felony under the law of every state. And that was the controlling principle that brought me to a yes vote,” Wicker added.

Rapid trial format established

At the same time, Wicker suggested that it might be appropriate to prosecute Trump or for the president to suffer some kind of consequence in the court of public opinion.

Still, it is very likely that Trump will be acquitted of the impeachment in just days, roughly a year after he was cleared of an impeachment relating to Ukraine last February. The layout of the trial was established on Monday by an agreement between Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

The format calls for a faster trial than last time: opening arguments start Wednesday, with both sides receiving 16 hours to make their cases (down from 24), followed by periods of questioning by the Senate and concluding arguments, The Hill reports.

“All parties have agreed to a structure that will ensure a fair and honest Senate impeachment trial of the former president,” Schumer said, according to The Hill.

Reports indicate the trial could be over as soon as next week.

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42 Responses

  1. This is crazy–It is unconstitutional–There is no place in the Constitution to
    impeach a person that is not in government office.
    The liberats are a bunch of as—-les+Starting with the wicked witch of the west
    and continuing with the newyorker

  2. I have no use for these worthless pieces of crap democrats they all must be paid off by by china. totally un- American with no common sense dumbness must breed stupidity

    1. Agree with you all the people in the White House are the puppet of China 🇨🇳 the world is laughing to this corrupt government of America 🇺🇸 it’s a shame .

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  4. why do the democrats think they are above the law and can impeach former president trump afret he left office maybe us little people should file impeachment on them were are nobodies too so lets impeach them in court by hard working people

      1. A huge part of the whole Demoncratic part too but just the tip morons but we need to go all the way did rhe kind by facts sith evidence they do but know s have and/or recorded,. IDIOTS

    1. and many more. Left. Right. doesnt matter. If you support this sham, you need to go.
      Can We submit articles of impeachment as citizens? Or is that outside the realm of reality

  5. Since the dumocraps are so determined to impeach a president, they should impeach that idiot fake president Biden. Biden, harris, peglosi.schumer, waters, shiff, and the rest of the dumocraps are destroying our country – they should all be impeached and immediately removed from DC.

    Resident Trump did nothing wrong – he did not incite the mess at the Capitol. That was caused by the dumocraps and their lackeys, antifa and black lives matter. President Trump is the best president we have ever had.

    1. Absolutely agree , remove all the the Demonrats asap , and let us get on with defending our beautiful nation , cut all ties with China and remove them from America . And give us our President back , not a weak , plaster of human rot , in the White House now .

  6. If blundering and bewildered biden didn’t have President Trump’s executive orders to cancel he more than likely would be hanging our=t in the rose garden sleeping or thinking of flirting with young freshman.

    When will our gov’t be taken back and all these dumocrats arrested?

  7. Did Schumer say Fair and honest. That man wouldn’t know either word it it punched him in the face. Schumer is the slimy pos just like Pelosi. If I were Trump I would counter and have them arrested for treason

  8. That pit dugged for President Donald Trump will be the very pit his accusers fall into.

    No weapon formed against President Donald Trump shall prosper, in Jesus name.

  9. We need to start impeachment of many Democrats, starting with Biden and working on down. But of course the Republicans will do what they always do, climb under their desk and hide until the next election.

    1. You are so right!!!! The republicans don’t know how to STAND UP to the democrats!!!!!! But, they better learn from President Trump!!!!! He can give them lessons!

  10. These FOOLS should be held responsible for wasting taxpayers money! These same fools should be running the country with the help of the rest of the branches of Government! I propose a fine for each individual working the Impeachment instead of doing their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. They already know you can’t impeach a past President. What they are doing is a fools errand!

  11. Good idea to counter suite I am sure Pres. D. Trump’s lawyers have a lot planned. False accusement. Sorry can not spell the word I want even down to the election. TAKE OUT BIDEN AND PUT IN TRUMP. 1) Look how his family turned out= showers with Daughter, Drugs with his Son. 2) Signs anything put in front of him (via Harris/Obama) 2) Likes his cellar for protection and medication 3) In bed with China etc etc.

  12. David Schoen was brilliant today, but in the end, to those who lust for power and control, the Senate (along with RINOs) voted to proceed with this sham impeachment. A very sad day for America.

    1. Schoen’s statements were polite & to the point(unlike any DemCom). He’s right, it can’t be about political speech, just imagine that idea? Dems would all be gone, Trump is the nicest & most honest amongst them all. He bases what he is saying on facts. Also, Schoen points out that it’s simply they don’t want to face him in 2024. So? We impeach somebody just so we can’t compete with him? If they were so sure they won as they pretend, then what’d be the big deal? It believe the map that portrays the real win found on the German servers. But many models based on stats run Trump 79-80million to Biden at what 67-68 million. Hard to believe Biden got 10 million but he sure as heck did not win.

    2. All comments correct, thus far. This is purely a spiteful action. Childish and irresponsible, the legislative branch is broken.

  13. Trump will be acquitted! Then, we, the people should demand articles of impeachment against Piglosi, Schumer, and the rest for dereliction of duty, false accusation, abuse of power and unconstitutional use of the senate! GET THEM OUT! Also have them tried by military tribunal!

  14. It was an illegitimate election which has now led to an illegitimate president and an illegitimate impeachment. As a veteran, retired law enforcement officer and descendant of Revolutionary War soldiers, I am left without a country.

    There are some very nice little countries that love Americans and want us retirees. I’ve begun the process! My ancestor was 60 when he fought in the American Revolution. I’m too old to fight in the next one!

  15. The Dumbo crats need to go back to school and learn the constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THEM AND THE RINOS GOPS. I cannot believe we have such stupid Congressmen and women that are so uneducated it is pathetic. They have no common sense nor RESPECT FOR THE CONSTITUTION OF THE USA. They stump on it with their feet and think they are so great, but they are the opposite. If one of my senators whom I know who he is votes to impeach the best president AMERICA has ever had he is out period, no votes for him nor any amount of one cent when he asks for his campaign in fact I think they all need to be RECALLED. They lied to their constituents ! That is a crime. They should be out immediately ! All the Dems also their attitudes are contagious with their hate and lies. So I say your attitudes are not worth catching get out of congress shame on you all. You have accepted a president that was not elected. He was placed in our oval office in the White House to make China first and the USA MEANS NOTHING TO HIM. A PRESIDENT SHOULD WORK FOR THE COUNTRY HE LIVES IN NOT FOR OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. AMERICA FIRST NOT CHINA FIRST THIS IS MEANS OF REMOVING HIM FOR THE WHITE HOUSE AND SHOULD BE IMPEACHED.

  16. Let’s ask a question. Is there a gutsy attorney out there that would be willing to stand with “We the People”, and file impeachment papers on Biden who is destroying America one signature at a time, Pelosi who is an evil wonder, Schumer,Waters and Schiff? Then how many of those who talk would sign their names and stand with this gutsy attorney? We need to finish Trump’s work and sweep the garbage out of the Capitol. Well?

    1. The Dumbo-Craps have opened the door — now it’s time to go after O’Bummer for aiding and abetting an enemy (with pallet loads of US currency to Iran in the middle of the night)!

  17. little j knew when “he” took that oath of office that he was NOT going to protect the American people—–so now is your proof—– Get rid of this fake and give us back the true president that we voted for. !!!!!!!

  18. The Democrats are beyond disgrace to America. Just go back to most of the ones who recently occupied the White House ! They are willing to say or do anything to keep power, and very few of them seem to suffer the consequences for their illicit actions. We were well aware of what would be the result of Biden becoming president. You need only to look at his accomplishments and his international relationships.

  19. If anyone didn’t see this second try for impeachment of President Trump, shame on you and you don’t deserve an opinion! Pelosi distinctly said, and I quote, “If we don’t get him this time, we will have to do it again in the future!” End of quote! How much plainer can it be that the democrats can’t afford to allow Trump to not be impeached, since everyone knows, are at least those with half a brain, he will find a way to exorcize the incorrigibles to the point of having them brought forth to the public eye!! They don’t care how much money they waste again as long as it isn’t their own! After all, they will just raise taxes and force the tax payers to pay for their hatred!!

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