‘Important milestone’: Republican Wyoming governor signs voter ID bill into law

Another Republican-led state has passed a new law aimed at enhancing the integrity of its elections as a nationwide battle on the issue continues to rage.

GOP Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon signed the measure into law on Tuesday, the Washington Examiner reported, meaning the state’s voters will be required to show a valid form of identification at the polls effective in July.

“Secure, fair, and valid”

The debate in Wyoming followed a familiar narrative as Democrats argued that voter ID laws serve to disenfranchise voters and Republicans asserting that such mandates only help prevent fraud. For his part, state Rep. Chuck Gray, also a Republican, was vocal in his support of the latest effort.

“It is a necessary function of our republic to provide our citizens with confidence that our elections are secure, fair, and valid,” he said, according to the Examiner. “I am proud that we were able to meet this important milestone for Wyoming.”

Democrats across the state and beyond have railed against this and other voter reform bills pushed by Republicans, with some even comparing voter ID requirements to racist Jim Crow-era laws.

State Rep. Karlee Provenza, a Democrat, stuck to partisan themes by calling the new law a “solution for a problem that doesn’t exist,” according to Oil City News.

Despite the stark rhetoric of her party, however, polling data suggests that a majority of Americans believe voters should be required to show their identification before casting a ballot. One recent survey found that 73% of voters overall — and more than two-thirds of Black voters — support the idea.

“All of the woke companies”

GOP state Rep. Dan Zwonitzer countered the “voter suppression” theme by noting that the new law allows for different forms of documentation, including student ID, Medicare cards, and tribal ID, thus eliminating the cost of obtaining a state-issued ID for the purpose of voting.

Prior to the latest measure, Wyoming voters were required to show ID to register but not to vote. The new law does not impact absentee voting.

This law is the product of roughly two decades of debate, with the ongoing national conversation on the issue apparently serving as the impetus for its ultimate passage.

Wyoming lawmakers advanced the measure on the heels of voter reform initiatives passed in Georgia and Texas, which led to widespread criticism by progressive politicians, pundits, and even some private-sector executives.

Former President Donald Trump recently issued a clear denunciation of corporations that have waded into the political fray, encouraging his supporters in a statement on Tuesday to boycott “all of the woke companies that don’t want Voter I.D., and Free and Fair Elections,” as Axios reported.

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36 Responses

      1. Bob i totally agree. This 2020 election i feel would have been a lot different if those 7 states couldn’t have changed election laws.


      1. You bet the anti-American, Criminal Corrupt, LIAR DemoRATS, will do everything and anything as they did in the 2020 Election.



    2. And yet Jen Psaki states that the Georgia Law is based on a false premise that there was election fraud. But we’ll all remember the midnight ballot counting, after observers and most ballot workers had been sent home, from suitcases hidden under a table. But that seems normal to me.

  1. Yes it should be done in all states. The Democratic States are the ones most in need as I see it. Those States were the ones with the most accusations of fraud or at least a host of questions about it. However getting them to do it will be like pulling teeth.

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  3. State Rep. Karlee Provenza, a Democrat, stuck to partisan themes by calling the new law a “solution for a problem that doesn’t exist,” according to Oil City News
    Karlee Provenza is not in touch with the people. Get your head out of your a**.

  4. I agree with you Carolyn then we know there won’t be any fraud and the rest of the other 49 states need to comply with this and no you dam democraps it is not racist you are no body would be saying that this or that is racist if you wouldn’t have put that in their heads. I am sick and tired of you lying cheating demo [email protected]#$%^&

  5. We need to clean out the white house and our President needs to be brought back to the white house because right now there isn’t anybody there we don’t have a President

  6. Does this mean we can no longer have the Liberal Message: Vote Early and Often. How is the Left Wing going survive with honest elections?

  7. Will here we go again. Like I have stated many times before this site won’t let you post or make any commits that the damn democrats don’t like or agree with.

    1. I posted just now, noting how Candice Owens said she was insulted by how those in opposition to Voter ID considered her too stupid, as a person of color, to know how to find a DMV.
      I had no trouble.

  8. I live in PA. Got a call to send me a ballot to vote by mail. Said NO! Got an argument, but still said NO!. Waited in line for a couple of hours to vote. Finally reached the ramp to enter the building and vote. There, about 25 feet from the entrance there was a vendor selling (or maybe giving away) Biden memorabilia. I thought that was illegal . . . or is that only if your were selling Trump stuff?

  9. Will I tried and this damn site won’t let me post any kind of commits. This site is not worth a damn.

    1. The site is allowing you to post, as far as I can see. What is the subject matter that you are posting that doesn’t show up? Are you following the rules?

  10. With all these illegals coming in now, I think it’s more important than ever for voter ID. I think that is the reason Biden people want them in here and maybe this will help just a little to make it just a little more honest.

  11. Great! Now what can they take away from Wyoming to make them pay, as Georgia did, for being so racist? Again I look back a week or so to Candice Owens, who said she was insulted that as a Black woman, she was too dumb to find a DMV.

  12. What took so long to require voter ID? It is like wearing a seat belt. There will always be someone that will disagree. Common sense is hard to find in the government. Most politicians are overpaid and do nothing to improve anything. That is no common sense. Vote these people out. They do not deserve any job.

    1. That is right, Wes!!!!!!!!! What took so long???? These people must have a loose screw up there. Why, when you need an ID in America for everything——would not voting be more important. This must be a joke????? These Democrats cannot be this dumb?????????????

    2. Years ago, when a state or two in the mid-west toyed with the idea of photo ID (mainly from drivers licenses), the cry went up that poor people (you know who they meant) couldn’t get to the DMV. They were too far away. Today, that excuse won’t fly.

  13. The Democrats are already trying to find a new way to cheat. That’s the only way they can win and election and if not then they just steal the election right before the voters eyes. How much longer are we the American people going to have to put up with the Corrupt evil Democrats takeover. This all started with Obama and Hillary while Joe Biden and his son were busy shacking down other countries until now . Enough is enough it time to put a stop to these Traitors

  14. In the end all the states in America will hate the Democrats. Biden and Kamala , Pelosi , Schumer are going to make that happen.

  15. We hear all of the ignorant comments from the Democrats, how that it is racist to require that people show a photo ID in order to vote! I wonder of those Democrats have ever had to show a photo ID for any other reason in their life? I bet that they have, and was it racist then? The Dems keep talking about “voter suppression,” Jim Crow laws, etc., and they are so full of crap! Democrats are evil and pathetic people!

  16. So happy this is happening in Wyoming! It SHOULD be required in EVERY state! The fact that only Democrats disagree with Voter ID should tell us everything we need to know about them!

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