Amid skyrocketing fuel costs, Republicans compare Biden to Jimmy Carter

In the lead-up to his 2020 election win and even afterward, President Joe Biden promised his supporters that he would get America back on track after a COVID-19 pandemic-battered economy left millions of Americans struggling to survive.

However, Biden’s promises aren’t exactly coming to fruition and in many cases, the complete opposite is happening. According to the Washington Examiner, Republicans are now slamming Biden for the rising costs of gasoline after the president slapped down the fossil fuel industry as well as the cyberattack against a major pipeline that happened under Biden’s watch.

Biden’s taking the heat

The president’s aggressive and, according to many, disastrous actions he took against the fossil fuel industry within the first few days of taking over the White House was bound to catch up.

Untold thousands of workers in the fossil fuel industry have already been laid off or lost their jobs, crippling the backbone of American industry all in the name of “green energy” which is nowhere close to meeting the demands of what it will take to keep the American economy healthy and prosperous.

Combining the downfall of the fossil fuel industry with the recent news concerning a devastating ransomware attack against the company that operates the largest oil and gas pipeline in the United States, the perfect storm is developing, which could further cripple a number of industries as gas prices rise and people decide to stay home for the summer as a result.

On Tuesday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) pulled zero punches in his criticism against the current administration, likening Biden to former President Jimmy Carter, who was in charge during an energy crisis in 1979 that resulted in gas shortages and long lines at the pump.

Panic sets in

While it’s unfair to place the blame of a cyberattack on the Biden administration directly, how the administration reacts to the situation can mean the difference between stabilizing a short-term crisis and full-blown chaos.

According to the New York Post, as a result of Colonial Pipeline Co. shutting down their 5,500 mile-long East Coast pipeline, widespread reports on Tuesday indicated that gas stations in several states were either out of gasoline altogether or the ones that still had some supply left were experiencing long lines not seen for decades.

The cyberattack situation, which has only unfolded within the past few days, has already sparked panic buying in a number of southeastern states, with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) declaring states of emergency in response to the situation.

All throughout social media on Tuesday were videos and images of people claiming that they either couldn’t find gas at all or were forced to wait hours in long lines, with some comparing the panic buying to the great toilet paper rush of 2020.

“Either gas prices are going up, or there’s no gas at all. Thanks, President Biden,” tweeted former Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina

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20 Responses

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  2. The problem with comparing Biden to Carter is that Carter was a very smart person and had his marbles together, only his theories didn’t work.

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  4. Idf Biden was not such a sack of S—, he would do something good for the country. He is just a hack politician, complying with the money that elected this A—hole.

  5. So Sorry for the language used above…. but I have to agree with W.Clifford,
    in MY OWN WORDS:

    I have not seen or heard about one positive thing he has done for our country in the short time he’s been a (fraudulent) President… However , when it comes to destroying our country, he has done a fantastic amount of damage in such a short time. HIS MAIN GOAL “UNDO EVERYTHING THAT PRES. TRUMP HAD ACCOMPLISHED TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. ”
    All done with the stroke of a pen!!!

    It didn’t matter to him that our country was doing better with the changes
    President Trump made and our economy was booming and there are more people employed than ever..None of that and even more, did not matter to him… to heck with the people !!!! ” I’m going to break a record.”. HE DID… HE”S BROKEN EVERYTHING !!!! IS HE HAPPY YET ????

    Do Biden a favor and do the people of this country a favor and remove this
    poor delicate elderly man from the highest office that he DID NOT WIN !!!!

    1. Biden and the Democrats do NOT want America to be GREAT…obviously because they keep throwing in the garbage every positive action that is FOR the country as if they were afraid of the US being successful at regaining greatness. Much like killing a baby BEFORE they have a chance to make an awesome imprint on society…

  6. Biden should reopen our pipelines. We can not get gas to go to work, doctors, etc. We need to keep going as a country and this is shutting the East Coast down. Most of the stations here in Georgia (north) are out of gas or will be out of gas probably by tonight if not sooner. Open them up Mr. President, we need you to make one right decision right now, give us our pipeline so we are not dependent on an outsider. You have taken this country down so much since you’ve been in office, do the one right thing now, open our pipelines!!!

  7. It is happening just like I said in a comment a few weeks ago. I ask what they would do if the gas and oil companies cut off supplies to the northeast. We see what happens and the response they have, NONE. So much for the new green whatever.

  8. I agree – Carter was just TOTALLY moronic…this POTUS is just TOTALLY STUPID~! He knows it but is doing nothing, we know it and are doing nothing; his “handlers” know it and are doing nothing; the Iranians and Chinese know it and are taking advantage of it…

  9. They know who is behind the Cyber attack , but he has been talking about paying ransom money and that’s not the right answer. Prosecution to whoever is behind this. American people need to talk to the new people who are coming into our country and let them know that the American dream that they’re looking for will be gone. So get the word out to everyone. God’s plan is coming closer than most of the American people know. Biden is a puppet for Obama’s 3rd term. Unless we the people can prove fraud we’re stuck , but 2022 is coming, so let’s start taking back the country that most of us love so much. It’s time for the American people to stand up together as one nation! Take back the country for all. They are trying to teach kids to hate each other and the country, so if they want to give you another stimulus check send it back or give it to someone else who needs it. Israel is under attack and he’s doing nothing to help. Remember you reap what you sow and all this will happen in time.

    1. How does one prove fraud, when the only information allowed to be considered originates with the liars we are trying to remove from office? ~S

  10. Biden isn’t smart enough to be jimmy carter. Biden is screwing up everything because he has always been on the wrong side of history. He is a racist that learned from KKK Byrd. He is also trying to wipe out all of the good that our wonderful President Trump did. Maybe the AZ audit will make people realize that President Trump really won the election.


  12. Carter at least knew how to grow peanuts and his brother knew how to make beer. Both of them were business persons , albeit rather poor ones.
    Biden has never done anything useful in his entire life. He is certainly not a business person and has no concept of the subjects known as Economics or any other Scientific Endeavor.

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