Republicans vow to hold ‘public health’ bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci accountable

Republicans are poised to take back control of the House in the November elections, and that spells bad news for Dr. Anthony Fauci — the chief White House medical adviser, long-serving director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, and the public face of the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A group of conservative GOP lawmakers has now revealed that investigating and holding accountable “radical” public health bureaucrats like Fauci will be a top “priority” in terms of oversight for a Republican Congress, the Conservative Brief reported.

Accountability for Fauci

The revelation that Dr. Fauci and others like him will be a prime target for oversight by a GOP-controlled House came from a memo issued last week by the conservative Republican Study Committee focused on the “politicization of public health” in the federal bureaucracy and academia.

“If Congress fails to hold the Fauci clique accountable, and fails to reform public health agencies, we will be giving far-left bureaucrats a blank check to shut the country down whenever they want to,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), chair of the RSC, told Breitbart.

The conservative Indiana congressman added, “We need to send a message that the restrictions, the mandates, and the school closures can never happen again.”

CDC and NIH have gone astray

The four-page RSC memo released on May 23 outlined the worsening problem of declining trust in the public health bureaucracy run by officials like Dr. Fauci, which stemmed in large part from the bureaucracy’s increasing embrace of ideologically leftist policies on various non-health-related political issues under the false guise of “public health.”

That includes such issues as climate change, firearms deaths, racism, and even the minimum wage — all of which have been twisted and contorted to be somehow intrinsically related to the health and wellbeing of the general public.

This development has been clearly seen within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but also the National Institutes of Health, though the problem is more difficult to spot in the 27 different institutions that make up the broader NIH.

The memo put forward several recommendations for a GOP-controlled Congress to address the issue of public health politicization, which largely included increased oversight and transparency requirements to rein in both the CDC and NIH in terms of policy-making and grant distribution and to impose a renewed focus on the “core mission” of both of those agencies.

“Institutional rot”

“The CDC and NIH have strayed far from their original missions,” the memo concluded. “The CDC was founded to combat infectious diseases. The NIH’s established mission is to seek fundamental knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability.”

“Instead, both agencies have been influenced by an ideological public health academia and advance the Left’s war on American culture. Conservatives would be wise to root out this institutional rot at these institutions and return them to their core missions,” the RSC memo stated.

As noted, this is not good news for Dr. Fauci, who can expect to spend substantial time in 2023 testifying before Republican-controlled House committees and may even face a concerted effort to have him fired or otherwise held accountable for his politicized handling of the coronavirus pandemic and other alleged “public health” issues.

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