Republicans demand answers amid allegations that Kerry leaked info to Iran

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is facing new calls to step down from his position as the Biden administration’s climate czar.

Amid allegations that he leaked sensitive information about Israel to Iranian leaders during the Obama administration, many Republicans are saying that Kerry needs to go if the claims are proven to be accurate.

“Purportedly leaked material”

According to Breitbart, the London-based organization Iran International obtained audio recordings of Kerry disclosing details about covert Israeli operations in Syria to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Those recordings were subsequently passed on to The New York Times.

At the time of the reported recordings, Kerry was serving as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state and working closely with Zarif to develop the controversial Iran nuclear deal.

For its part, the U.S. Department of State has not yet been able to confirm or deny the “authenticity” or “accuracy” of the material in question, according to spokesman Ned Price.

“This is purportedly leaked material,” he said in response to questions from reporters. “Can’t speak to the authenticity, can’t speak to the accuracy of it, can’t speak to any motives that may be behind its dissemination.”

That has not stopped high-profile elected officials like U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) from demanding an investigation and answers.

“Useless propagandists”

“If this tape is verified, it would signal catastrophic and disqualifying recklessness by Envoy Kerry to Foreign Minister Zarif that endangered the safety of Americans and our allies,” Cruz said in a statement to the Daily Wire. He went on to assert that the story appears “consistent” with Kerry’s “long pattern of empowering Iran’s regime.”

The Texas Republican, who is just one of several in his party to speak out in the wake of the recent reports, claimed that the former secretary of state “poured hundreds of billions of dollars into the Ayatollah’s terrorist bank accounts, was a close confidant with Zarif during the Obama administration, and was caught repeatedly meeting with him during the Trump administration (notwithstanding the Logan Act) — and has never publicly accounted for what they discussed.”

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on Twitter by drawing a contrast between how the mainstream media has reacted to these claims and the way a member of his father’s administration might be treated.

“Imagine for a second a Trump official sitting on the NSC, like Kerry does, told Iran details about Israeli strikes?” he tweeted on Monday. “I believe the media would be screaming TREASON ad they wouldn’t be too far off, but of course they’ll say and do nothing because they’re useless propagandists.”

Kerry addressed the situation in a tweet of his own this week, denying any wrongdoing and disputing the allegations, declaring: “I can tell you that this story and these allegations are unequivocally false. This never happened — either when I was Secretary of State or since.”

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21 Responses

  1. Why was this complete imbecile ever allowed in government. Fire all of these politicians. Power moved Stateside.

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  3. Why do we have enemies of our country in charge of our country. Has our military forgotten their oath to protect and defend our country against all enemies. It’s time for our military to take charge and rid our country of our enemies.

  4. Kerry was a traitor during the Vietnam Peace negotiations. He has a propensity For being a traitor.

  5. There are more spies in government They do it for the money, but the other side could care less Remember the guy who was sleeping with the enemy and she did things for him that he probably spilled our military secrets to keep her doing it Has he been impeached? that is Nancy’s favorite word. In fact, she has not removed him from the dept with those secrets? No, maybe he schmoozed her. Then we have the cackler going bond for antifa and blm, These are enemies of the people. Why can’t justice prevail? I doubt Kerry will give up giving secrets away and neither will the congressman with the chinese human bed warmer.

  6. Kerry hasn’t changed since his Viet Nam trick with Jane Fonda…..

  7. Wow! The Congress is so messed up. The good Republicans please get the bad out of Congress, let’s get Trumph back in and make our country again! If we don’t we r gonna be in war with a whole lot of countries. Biden is making all the countries mad at us.

  8. This is not news where John Forbes Kerry is concerned. While still serving on active duty during the Vietnam War, he showed up at the Paris Peace talks, chatting amicably with Le Due Tho, the head of the North Vietnamese delegation to those negotiations, also in violation of the Logan Act. Apparently, Treason is a fifty year old habit for the ex-Senator and former Secretary of State!

  9. Surely with all these lies and spitting on the Constitution is there a way to kick their butts out of office. You would think with all these terrible decisions and putting America in harms way, these politicians were not vetted and considered part of a terrorist network. They should all be put in jail. Uphold the Constitution is not what they are doing. And even these news stations should be held responsible. I did call 1 866 272- 6622 and left a message about the bad decisions. I hope others do as well. I left it for Pelosi. Maybe Ocasio Cortez, Walters, Harris, Schumer, Newsome, Fauci and other knuckleheads should hear your voices. Let them know this is not freedom. This is chaos. Good job. If they want to live like communists move to China or North Korea. Take BLM and Antifa too.

  10. John Kerry should be charged with treason –and there are many counts out there to do this. This crook has been a crook during his term in the US Navy. Should have been sent to prison before BCD

  11. I knew he was talking to Iran months ago when they first said he was over there in the first place. They knew then they had to get rid of Trump so they could Destroy America and Bow to the Committee of Three Hundred. Just get online and pull up the name. You will see Cheney’s name, Kerry’s name, Clinton’s name and a whole lot you would not even expect. Read John Coleman Books he will open your eyes to their Plans to Destroy America. It is the truth and if they take this down you will know it does exist.

  12. There is only one punishment for his crimes. Let us do it fast, I volunteer to be the hangman.

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