Both Republicans and Democrats call for drawdown of National Guard troops from the Capitol

Thousands of National Guard troops remain stationed in Washington, D.C., more than two months following the riot that took place at the Capitol on Jan. 6 with little explanation for their presence being provided by the government.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has said the troops should stay in the city as long as they are needed, a growing number of lawmakers and retired military personnel are calling for the troops to return home, the Washington Examiner reported. Both Democratic and Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee have called for a “measured drawdown” of troop levels, according to the Examiner.

Bipartisan statement

“We are deeply troubled by the current level of security around the United States Capitol,” Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) and Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) said in a joint statement Thursday.

Smith serves as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, while Rogers is its ranking Republican member.

“It’s time for us to review what level of security is required, so they can return home to their families and communities,” the congressmen added. “The present security posture is not warranted at this time.”

In addition to expressing concern for the troops, Smith and Rogers noted the high cost to taxpayers, pointing out that $483 million have already been spent.

They noted that extending the deployment until May 23 is expected to add at least another $17 million to the overall price tag.

“Collusion of stupidity”

Smith and Rogers aren’t alone in expressing concern and disapproval over the Pentagon’s decision to keep 2,300 troops on Capitol Hill despite no obvious threat being present.

Heritage Foundation security analyst James Carafano told the Examiner that the National Guard’s continued presence constituted “a collusion of stupidity.”

“It doesn’t pass the commonsense test,” Carafano said. “You’re gonna have a mob show up in Washington with no notice whatsoever?”

Retired Brig. Gen. Roy Robinson, president of the National Guard Association, also questioned the reasoning behind continued deployment, saying, “I don’t know that that would be the wisest use of money or the members of the National Guard.”

“It’s concerning to me to see the fencing and all of the security measures that have been implemented in and around the Capitol,” Robinson added. “I hope that we find other means to take care of whatever security threat exists out there.”

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45 Responses

  1. Send them home. How much more money are they going to spend? They want to take guns from the people, but they want fences and armed military to protect them. The border situation should be handled by putting the immigrants on buses as soon as they cross the border and taken to Washington D C, and left at White House and let the dem handle them.

    1. YEAAAAAA……I agree however there won’t be room for ALL so let’s take it a step further and drop them “ALL OFF” IN DELEWARE IN THE CITY BIDEN LIVES IN….THAT SHOULD DO IT….DONCHA THINK???????????💕༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    1. That’s exactly what’s happening and we’re letting it happen. IMPEACH Biden, Harris and Pelosi. We don’t need any of those IDIOTS!!!!!!!

        1. Nancy needs to be removed by ANY means possible!! I’d station NG Troops every 100yrds with a machine gun and let them use live ammo. Let the bodies wash down to the gulf, Crabs gotta eat too!!

      1. so how does the common citizen go about doing that ? You know our elected officials aren’t going to go along with our request.

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  3. Yes, this needless spending when families cannot afford to pay their rent or buy groceries is stupid. It is just a show for the elites to show off their power and importance. The men should go home to their families!!!!!

    1. Send them home before they poison them, they sure didn’t spend any money to feed them, or put them somewhere they could rest, or sleep. I’m sure their families are worried about them, if it was my family I would be ready for them to come home.

  4. Walls and razor wire are because Nancy knows she is and alcoholic a crook and slug slime she is afraid of the country she is supposed to be serving NOT lock her up and drag her over her razor wire it’s there to protect her

  5. This is why these people should no longer run things. They aren’t fit to drive a wheelchair even with a help manual. There are many people that can run the country better. Ninety nine percent are not politicians.

  6. It should scare every American that this witch Piglosi welds so much power that both sides of the isle can’t stop her.

  7. You politicians r just as safe as we are with crazy people all around and now that you people have opened the border…we do not want to pay for your frivolous protection plan so send the N. Guard…home and quit trying to take over and make such bad decisions that we do not want to pay for…Pelosi cannot retire soon enough

  8. More Pglosi Propaganda Grand Standing. She is Very Aware that she is the Most Hated Women in America – All space in her geriatric head is not rented by but Owned outright by President Trump – It was Free as she gave it to him.

  9. Task down your barbed wire – Finish the WALL – and Open the Pipeline – You can go home and clean up your Deplorable Sanctuary Cities. Bring your Witch Broom.

  10. Agree to all posts! What is Nancy so afraid of? She knows she is guilty for the “ riot” at the capitol, she organized and paid for it to damage President Trump! Is she afraid blm and antifa thugs will come to collect? Impeach the old hag!!!

  11. Are they planning another false flag attack? So they want the military gone to do their dirty deed…and vote to completely outlaw the 2nd amendment? I think so…

  12. Send these troops home, these guys have had their fill of Democratic stupidy,if she wants them that bad then send her the bill, this ole witch can pay for it herself.

  13. The troops should have not been there after the 15th of Jan. They should have been sent back home. Pelosi is the one responsible for keeping them all there. Pelosi needs to be bought up on charges and kicked completely out of our government.

  14. The whitehouse needs to be opened up again. The razor wire fence around the capital and the fence that Biden has cancelled so the immigrants can come in and share our pay checks that the rest of the people will have to pay for is the stupidest thing ever. Someone needs to stop all the stupid things Biden has done. We need help.

  15. The troops overseas in combat zones are treated better than these national guards personnel
    It’s a disgrace
    Pelosi should be impeachment for her actions

  16. The troops in the field overseas are treated better than the Guard in DC
    This is treasonous action by Pelosi from my point of view to do this to our protectors just because Pelosi hates Trump and his accomplishments that much
    She should be impeached for the hardship she and her clan is imposing on the American people

  17. Lord we need your help. The left and some of the right have caused America to turn away from You. They call everything evil, good, and they call everything good, evil. Deliver us Lord from this wicked, evil, anti-Christ government. Help us Lord in our greatest time of chaos. Your true people need You. Amen.

  18. Take that fence and razor wire and put it along the southern border. That’s where we need it. Not around the nations capitol. Open up the capitol like they did the border. Invite everybody in. Transport all the illegals from the border to the capital. Put some cages out on the capitol lawn. Give them a court date but tell them they can’t leave Washington , D.C. until after the court date. Shut down Pelosi’s private jet. Cut off Congresses pay until the virus is gone. Give it to the National Guard. Problem solved.


  20. It is sickening. that these commie dems are being allowed to prevent the citizens of our great country to go to the capitol of OUR COUNTRY and yet they are opening the borders and treating those who are illegally entering, with everything the citizens have spent a life time saving and working for and are continually paying for, so that they the commie dems have illegals for votes!! How does that happen? Only under communism!

  21. The democrat’s are a disgrace. There performance in the first days of Biden are enough to clean house. Hell yes drain the swamp. There doing things the country really doesn’t want or need. For sure they don’t have the country’s best interest in mind. They have THERE interest in mind with some of the worst bills in history .It’s a power grab plain and simple .It needs to stop. . If they can’t do that they need to get out of politics They need to get out of the control mode and do the job’s they were elected to do instead of trying to be the Gestopo from Washington ruling every move we make. There not the dictator police ,although that’s there agenda it seems.

  22. Call the ground keepers . Remove the fence. Move it to the Southern borders. W.W.W. Pelosi need to help pay for any extension out of Her pocket not the Tax Payers.

  23. if we want to spend that money spend it at the border . i do not feel the capitol is under some kind of plan to destroy it . this is being done to scare people into believing we have a country at unrest . the only thing we have to fear now is the illegals comming in with the virus . what the hell is BIDEN doing , OH YEAH come together and help him so MAYBE we can have a BBQ on the 4th. get that maybe and if thing do not change he said we would still have the lockdown . Lets explain that Joe , oh by the way when at the hardware store and was aked a question , you looked like you could not get out of there fast enough but was LST . as usual

  24. They were not treated with respect that I saw. Very poor accommodations or should I say no accommodations at all? Sleep on the floor, eat some rancid food we found for you. Nobody believed there were any impending threat by Trump supporters or white supremacists or whatever b.s. was supposed to be the threat. Pelosi is the threat, she setup that breakin. Got one Trump supporter killed, she caused that. ….political game, nobody bought it, maybe it was to get the heat off of her bad move on the security, her job. No Tea Party violence ever happened, no Trump Rally violence ever happened. John Sullivan & his cohorts are not Trump supporters.

  25. They should stay as long as needed as Nancy says. Since they’re not needed, tell her we’re sending them home for her. What’s the problem.

    1. you got it. The head guy of the National Guard should just over ride the demonrats and send the boys and girls home to their famalies and jobs. Pelosi isn’t paying for their families to get by, so these folks are needed at home.

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