Pundit says Republicans seem ‘more excited’ about Kamala Harris than Dems

Kamala Harris could sink Joe Biden’s chances of winning the November election, according to one conservative commentator — and President Donald Trump is already celebrating.

Harris, a California senator, is too far to the left to appeal to voters in the middle of the political spectrum that Biden needs to win, The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway told The Ingraham Angle this week, according to Fox News.

Biden blunders with Harris pick

Trump has long sought to portray Biden as a puppet of the radical left, and the news that Biden picked Harris to be his running mate seemed to hearten the president and some of his allies.

If it seems that Republicans are happier with Biden’s choice than Democrats, it’s no accident, Hemingway said, arguing that Harris’ views will turn off the swing voters that Biden needs to win back from Trump.

Biden should have balanced his ticket by choosing a moderate, rather than a “far-left, California Democrat,” Hemingway said, according to Fox.

“I think there’s a reason why Republicans seem a little more excited by this pick than Democrats do tonight. There is a very good argument to make that Joe Biden messed up with this pick,” she added in her conversation with host Laura Ingraham, as Fox reported.

Hemingway went on: “He should have picked someone who would help get back those voters that were lost in 2016 when Hillary Clinton ran, and picking someone who was a centrist or a moderate would’ve made sense.”

“Pragmatic moderate”?

Apparently sensitive to the perception that Harris is a radical, the media seemed quite eager to frame her as anything but, with The New York Times quickly labeling Harris a “pragmatic moderate” — a talking point that Hemingway pushed back against.

“She’s got really difficult positions that will come up,” Hemingway said, pointing to Harris’s views on abortion, her role in Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation hearings, and her role in the Jussie Smollett hoax. “I’m sure the Trump campaign is happy to talk about each and every one of them,” Hemingway added, according to Fox.

President Trump has indeed made no secret of the fact that he is happy with Biden’s choice. The president has called Harris his “draft pick” and a “dream” opponent to have, pointing to the failure of her own presidential run.

Did Biden make a mistake here?

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