Republicans look to conservative judiciary to fight Biden administration’s radical agenda

President Joe Biden’s radical agenda has disheartened many Americans who did not vote for him, and not a few who did not, but America is not the left-wing socialist dictatorship that Biden’s allies are dreaming of … yet.

For a glimmer of hope, Republicans are looking to a gift left behind by Donald Trump — a conservative judiciary — as they fight Biden’s executive orders

Republicans look to Trump judiciary

At first glance, there are few obvious reasons for conservatives to find solace in the current political climate, with Democrats in control of the White House and both houses of Congress.

Heedless of his own calls for “unity,” Biden just signed a partisan, $2 trillion COVID relief bill, and he has massive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants in the pipeline. On another front, conservatives have complained that a bewildering spree of executive orders has the mark of a tyrant.

However, Biden’s relentless partisanship is already inspiring pushback. In a number of states, Republican attorneys general are going to the courts to slow down Biden’s agenda — and a number of Republican states have started pushing legislation to nullify federal policy that abridges the Constitution, according to The Washington Times.

Twelve states have already sued Biden for an executive order on climate change, while Arizona and Texas are challenging Biden’s deportation moratorium.

“Blindly releasing thousands of people, including convicted criminals and those who may be spreading COVID-19 into our state, is both unconscionable and a violation of federal law,” said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Republican pushback to Biden agenda

Biden suffered a setback in January when a Trump-appointed judge blocked the moratorium nationwide, in a move very familiar to Trump.

Republicans are cautiously expecting, and hoping, to see Biden face more of that obstruction thanks to Trump’s remodeling of the judiciary, something that alarmed the left, perhaps with good reason. Trump appointed scores of conservatives to the bench, including three Supreme Court justices.

“We are going to be prepared, with various states being able to initiate challenges,” said Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, policy chairman for the Republican Attorneys General Association. “It is going to be a growing trend, and one that is going to be necessary.”

Republicans also plan challenges on everything from COVID lockdowns to Biden’s transgender agenda and “election reform” ambitions, according to the Times.

In another offensive, 19 states, led by Ohio, are seeking to force court intervention on federal funding for abortions, as Biden leaves the Hyde Amendment in limbo.

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18 Responses

  1. Good luck. I made some cardboard signs and posted all around. Maybe if everyone that supports change can do that. Put stickers on your car or truck.

  2. I wonder if the straight jackets still work and are they being used? Could be that we need to medicate the Pelosi, Biden, Schumer bunch and get them suited up and installed in a very tight asylum unit!
    Any one with me?

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  4. We need to investigate and find out who is running the country Biden only knows what is on the 3×5 cards he’s given he is a shell Jill Biden should be jailed for what she’s doing to this old man she may be having second thoughts about leaving her first husband for the old hair sniffing fart not a president dictator

  5. Good for the various state’s attorney generals! All of the need to step up and follow suit against this tyranny! Our states should have the say in what happens in our states and what affects the people. Clearly joebama doesn’t care as long as he can push the demonrat agenda. Time for Piglosi, joe and the ho to go and screwmer as well!

  6. Thanks to a very radical group of Democrats, America is quickly becoming a 3rd world country. Unbelievable stupidity has taken over America.

  7. Think it’s about time to step up an take a stand against this try-ant an take back America an take back American values

  8. The GOP needs to understand we taxpayers are furious with how the Dems are spending our hard earned money and we aren’t sure the GOP did any real good to fight them. In fact they let the whole nation down by not supporting Trump. They need to figure out what is important to their constituents and pull together as a unit. Many like Romney and Cheney should leave the party. We need unity and to figure out this voter fraud. We need to stop the Dems in their tracks. I’m hoping that those who have supported these lunatics are waking up. We need to take care of home first and quit giving Billions to other countries. As our jobs go away and we are now living off the taxpayers there are fewer and fewer who will Contribute to the tax base. Where does stupid people like Ocasio Cortez think the money she keeps handing out comes from?

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