House Republicans press Pelosi for answers on security failures leading up to Capitol riot

The impeachment of former President Donald Trump may be over, but a blame game over the Capitol riot at its center is just beginning.

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) moves to establish a 9/11-style commission, House Republicans sent her a sharp letter suggesting that she is the one to blame for security failures, the Washington Examiner reported.

Lawmakers in both parties have called for a systematic review of the riot. Among those moves, the call for a 9/11-style commission has caused some alarm, given recent comparisons on the left between Trump supporters and al-Qaida.

In their letter, Reps. Rodney Davis (R-IL), Jim Jordan (R-OH) James Comer (R-KY), and Devin Nunes (R-CA) made clear that they do not disagree in principle with a sweeping review, but suggested that Pelosi is largely to blame for what went wrong.

Why were security requests denied?

The lawmakers pressed Pelosi to explain why a request to send in the National Guard before Jan. 6 from ex-Capitol police chief Steven Sund was denied, insinuating that her former House Sergeant-At-Arms, who she later sacked alongside Sund, rejected the request with her approval.

“Five weeks have passed since the January 6th attack on the Capitol building, and many important questions about your responsibility for the security of the Capitol remain unanswered,” they said.

However, Pelosi made clear that she was having none of it, dismissing the letter as an attempt to “deflect” blame from Trump and Republicans.

Whatever reason for the delay, now that National Guards troops are in Washington, they aren’t leaving. Biden is planning on keeping them there indefinitely, perhaps for the rest of the year, Fox News reported.

Many have questioned the necessity of the ongoing militarization, with no indication of a serious threat remaining weeks later.

A warning from Gaetz

While Republicans question what Pelosi knew, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) cautioned against focusing on her alleged failures rather than the “forever occupation” in the riot’s aftermath, Fox News reported.

And while both parties relitigate security failures, it’s still not clear what happened to Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick, Gaetz pointed out.

“Let me caution against leaning too hard into the ‘What did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it?’ narrative,” Gaetz warned. “I don’t want to give the Democrats any more of a basis to be able to have this forever occupation of Washington, D.C.”

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43 Responses

  1. Nobody can pressure Pelosi , don’t you all know that ? She is the goddess, above all laws that pertain to us mere mortals Us dumb mortals votes for her for some reason and she considers it her right to rule over us !

    1. I believe she set the whole thing up. She probably paid BLM AND ANTIFA TO DRESS LIKE MAGA SUPPORTERS. But again you can’t allow Nancy to investigate Nancy! We have seen this before! Grow some balls Republicans!!! Stop allowing that woman and her American hating side kicks to not be punished for their crimes! And how come she gets by with dictating everything in Washington. She’s Crazy and a traitor!

    2. What do you mean by us dumb mortals voting for her , did you vote for her multiple times, I have never voted for her

    3. I didn’t vote for her nor Biden. Then Biden threw in Harris. She wasn’t voted in She came in with Senile Biden and Nancy is just plain Nutty. They run for Office and makes it their home for fifty, Sixty or more. They need to retire ASAP.

    4. Pelosi is the daughter of SATAN, who does believe she is superior…but she is wrong.
      At 81 years old, her time on this earth is running out and Almighty God, WHO IS our SUPERIOR, will make sure she will spend her death for all eternity in the burning fires of Hell, where she belongs.

  2. I believe Nancy Pelosi wanted the attack to happen so she could use it against President Trump. That is why she did nothing to protect the capitol.

    1. I agree, Mary. She had a nefarious reason for denying the security needed for that day. She may have had the articles of impeachment ready KNOWING that people had already plotted this scheme and she knew about it. That’s why she delivered those articles so quickly and without any information from an investigation. It is exactly what she wanted to happen and probably knew it would.

      1. She ripped Trump’s speech papers and that was the sign that she wanted to plan something this evil and demands Biden to take office and sign all those executive orders!

    2. I didn’t really want to say this out loud but I have suspected this from her all along.
      It’s a shame what our country is going through, all of us suffering at the hands of communism and it’s only going to get worse.

    3. They knew before anyone else did. They tried to over rule the voters Preference. I think Trump was right as I expected it before it even came on the News.

    4. I agree, I think she is the one who set it up. The republicans in the house and the senate need to be as relentless like she has to president Trump. She has got away with things for years and needs to be held accountable for things that she has done. She thinks she is untouchable.

    5. I agree Mary. She needed something Big to use against Trump and that riot fitted her plans so she did what she had to do to make it happen. Who has her laptop? I bet all the plans are on that laptop and could be proven and she could be charged for treason. Now wouldn’t that be something? We could finally be rid of Queen Pelosi who is acting more like President then our supposed President is, IMO.

      1. The person who has her laptop is someone she planted and paid to grab it. I’m sure she has it back already but won’t make that information public.

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  4. She needs to be retired from her throne, whether it be forcibly or voluntarily. She apparently thrives on causing trouble. We have had enough. Her hatred of Trump has been visible from day one. She will not stop but we can stop her.

    1. So give us some particulars as to how “we” can stop her. She is a left wing lune from a failed state of collective lunes that are responsible for her existence. Couple that with a democrat party that bows to her and a Republican party that lacks the orbs to a actually go on the offense a d shut her down……… Stop her ? How?

    2. Judy, this Queen needs to be forcibly removed from her position or Throne in her mind, or nothing will be done. I believe her alcoholism has caused bizarre behavioral problems for Trump, Republicans, or any race who gets in her way. I believe Nancy Pelosi is not capable of doing her job. This lady needs help and removed from office years ago. There needs to be a set term limit like four (4) years in which to hold this position, so this NEVER HAPPENS in America again. Pelosi is DANGEROUS

  5. Vindictive Nancy Pelosi arranged the January 6th problem on January 5th, it came out as planned. security is her responsibility. in 2002 Nancy and Husband put 1 million dollars in dominion election company.

    The only thing Democrats can FIX is elections,
    she belongs in orange as a trader.

  6. I believe Pelosi was involved in the planning of the attack with Antifa and BLM. Another lie on which to blame President Trump and his supporters on which to create hate hate and control against all MAGA supporters. We have to continue to fight back!

  7. The truth is the truth and a cover up is ALL guilty people do. More lies and stories pulled out of thin air to save your butt. Why did Nancy turn down the offer for the National Guard on the 4th⁉ Would it have hindered someones plot⁉ SOMEBODY has to answer to what happened BEFORE the 6th❗AND the timing of it all. Something was off, from what I WATCHED LIVE ON TV. WHY WAS NANCY GETTING UP AND DOWN SO MUCH. WAY BEFORE ANYBODY STARTRD BREAKING IN. WHY❓

    1. And the RINOs need to be called out to for trying to focus on the military being kept in DC. Once the truth of Jan 6 comes out, then address the military presence with concertina wire to make sure all U.S. citizens know that the Dems are in control and we will be eliminated if we cause problems. Pelosi and some other Dems should be prosecuted for this violence and then lets have a 911 commission on the violence, looting, burning and murdering in Dem run cities causing over $2 billion in damages and many lives.

  8. keep at this ole witch, don’t give her a minutes rest push push and more push, make her talk, what ever it takes make this ole hen squawk, she want to push push back and take her wages and put them for all to see,we don’t want to fund her stupid ventures.

  9. That general Pelosi wants to put over the 9/11 investigation is a crazy old man who needs to be completely out of our government never to command anything again . If I was still in the service and he tried to give me and order I would tell him to go straight to hell because he’s really crazy.

  10. All the republicans should start whispering to each other and looking at her while she drones on and on while speaking. She is so vain that will drive her crazy. Let her hear a few words just make her wonder what is going on. Most normal people would be bothered by that, see if she is. Same goes for Chuck Schumer. They think they are the leaders of the U.S.. Screw old Joe and dumb as s liar kamala

  11. PLEASE! Everyone! We need to have a Convention of States, NOW! In order to do that we need 38 States to join the Convention. Once we get 38 States the fed government will no longer have control of us, our States or our Country. The States will be in charge, the way it should be. We have 15 States that have already joined. So let’s get this done, TOGETHER! Go to and sign the petition. Then share will all your friends and family. Call and/write your State Legislatures and let them know you want your State to be a part of this. The federal government should NOT have as much control or authority of our lives or our Country. It has to stop, NOW! And this is the way to do it! Please, please, make this happen!!!

  12. Maybe ole Nancy has Trump sendrome and when Biden & Harris is history and President Trump comes back to claim his rightfull seat, ole Nancy can serve him his coffee and tea, HO Ho HE HE

  13. Why was the capitol police chief and seargeant at arms fired one day after the “ planned riot”? They both need to be subpoenaed to testify about WHY Piglosi refused extra police and national guard! Don’t let her get away with this! Keep the pressure on her till she breaks!

  14. well if you look at Nancy Pelosi’s District or should we say homeless camp and other like Maxine Walters District… you know they’ve been using voter fraud just to stay in office.. their failures as representative of the people if you ask people that live in those districts… they will tell you that nobody voted for Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Walters it’s so bad they’ve given up hope
    but Nancy Pelosi ain’t satisfied with just ruining her District she wants to ruin the whole country if you think about it she’s no better than a terrorist…… remember she said she’s going to get what she wants before there’s any Aid relief. and she don’t care how many American citizens have to suffer and we’re talkin both Democrat and Republican people… she’s not a politician anymore her actions are that of a terrorist

  15. She thinks she is the communist dictator of America and she is above the law so she doesn’t have to answer to anyone! She needs to be shot!

  16. Wouldn’t scare them, they’ll rig the election again and get away with it from now on, no more GOP, only rhinos

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