Republicans push back on talk of ousting Miller-Meeks from Congress: Report

Republicans are starting to circle the wagons against a brazenly hypocritical effort by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to unseat one of their freshman colleagues.

Pelosi said recently that there is “of course” a possibility that Democrats will try to unseat Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa, who has served in the House since January after her win — by just six votes — was certified, according to Fox News. Democrat Rita Hart has challenged Miller-Meeks’ victory, saying that 22 votes were wrongly tossed out.

Now, the Washington Examiner reports that House Republicans and party leaders like Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are rushing to protect the freshman congresswoman from being booted from the House.

Miller-Meeks is settled in Washington

Republicans have reportedly been seeking to highlight that Miller-Meeks, who serves on a number of committees, is settled in Washington and already working for her constituents. She recently made waves with a bill to require undocumented migrants to receive COVID-19 tests, the Examiner noted.

Of course, Republicans are also eager to point out the rank partisanship of attempting to unseat her, especially after Democrats complained about Trump’s 2020 election challenges, which they essentially compared to treason.

Miller-Meeks’ opponent did not go to court, leaving a House committee controlled by Democrats, the House Administration Committee, to handle the controversy, according to reports.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell recently weighed in on the burgeoning fight with a scorching statement accusing Democrats of hypocrisy for trying to “overturn” the race.

Miller-Meeks also received high praises from Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL), the ranking Republican on the House Administration Committee, who told the Examiner that she “has become one of the most judicious and also the most active members of her freshman class.”

Rank partisanship infects Dems

To be sure, a handful of Democrats have said they are against removing Miller-Meeks, including Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN).

But snatching the seat would be a welcome advantage for Pelosi after her majority shrunk significantly this November.

Still, Republicans are warning Democrats against any rash moves that would further damage an already divided Congress. Davis, for his part, told the Washington Examiner that a partisan “charge to expel an already active sworn-in member of Congress, who many of them are working with right now,” would erode “any last bastion of bipartisanship.”

There have also been partisan calls from Democrats to expel conservative firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) from Congress, but Pelosi is not supporting that push, despite backing her removal from committees, as Fox News reports.

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16 Responses

  1. The democrats are desperate- they are trying to steal any seat possible, since they lost so many in the last election. Disgusting!

  2. Pelosi thinks she can do anything because she CAN. Republicans could have but didn’t have the kahunas to stop this fraudulent Presidential administration. I hope Pence regrets not standing strong for us when he had the chance. The Democrats would have definitely had the table been turned. That’s the difference between the parties. Hopefully the Republicans get stronger people in to FIGHT for we the people.

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  4. Pelosi thinks she can do anything because she CAN. Republicans could have but didn’t have the kahunas to stop this fraudulent Presidential administration. I hope Pence regrets not standing strong for us when he had the chance. The Democrats would have definitely had the table been turned. That’s the difference between the parties. Hopefully the Republicans get stronger people in to FIGHT for we the people.

  5. Nancy is afraid of losing any amount of power she has. This is despicable, trying to over turn the votes. She will stop at nothing, she needs to retire NOW!!!

  6. The democrats have got to remember one thing here. Some day soon, the republicans are going to take back that house (hopefully both). Whatever they do here could come back and bite them. Republicans could very easily return the favor and just start throwing democrats out of the house, starting with Pelosi herself, then Schiff, and on down the line.

  7. This is becoming out right horrible when this insane woman can threaten every single election by demanding the newly elected person has to be a DEMOCRAT, or she will find a way to have them dismissed!!
    What has become in our society an evil person able to bully everyone she thinks is under her!

  8. Pelosi sure is making the Democratic Party look bad. No one in their right mind would vote Democrat after the stuff Pelosi pulled.

  9. Pelousy is a leech who has enriched herself and enjoyed a free ride at our expense for over 30 years. It is more than time that her constituents wise up and vote her out in the primary next year. She has neglected her district to focus on her own selfish agenda which includes those two farces of impeaching a legally-elected President and trying to unseat a legally-elected Republican representative. Her district is a disgrace because of her neglect because there are homeless people living in the streets and she had done nothing to help them. She will have a lot to answer for when she faces her Maker!

  10. If N is not triedancy Pelois is furious so what Go ahead and aske me do I give 2 craps she has been nothing but on ona witch unt ever since Trump was The President and since his not now tried to impeach him again she misses twice so score these for our side I hope we can get up on the scoreboard some more and we can vote this illkd battle axe out of office IM sick of her crap anymore

  11. Did Pelosi ever pay her $1500.00 fine for going around her gun detection system at the Whitehouse. rules are for thee not Me. her nephew destroyed California (Newsome) and now the Democrats have their eye’s set on our Country. The only thin the Democrat’s can FIX is elections every thing else they Destroy.

  12. If Piglosi overturns the Iowa election of Miller-Meeks, Iowa should sue her for election tampering, and demand that congress vacate the speaker’s chair, kick her out of congress and put mcCarthy in as speaker! It can be done, if enough democrats who disagree with her will get on board with the republicans. She needs to be removed for abuse of her office, unconstitutional legislation and a whole lot more. Andy Biggs of Arizona has a motion going to vacate the chair. Call your representatives and ask them to join this motion.

  13. If you really think about it Nancy Pelosi there’s no better than a Taliban terrorist she’s been holding the American citizens hostage just like terrorists would do holding a back from Every American citizen till they get their pork him only 10% of the last stimulus bill was directly linked to the pandemic the rest was pork why hasn’t she been charged with abuse of power or even treason that’s the questions the Republicans need to answer

  14. Republicans never follow through with their threats they always talk a big talk but when it comes to action they put their head between your legs and go I’m tired of both parties I’m for Trump and Trump only the rest of them are a pile of s***

  15. Pelosi in charge of baboons…. as someone has elevated her writing one comment.
    Regardless of her good or wrong doing, this woman is extraordinary.
    Turbulent and frsudulant presidential election, divisive Government, it is not what we expect… Let us pray for a good leadership, breaking divisions, returning to the principles of wisdom, such that we may break the curse that is upon this wicked and perverse generation, and obtain God’s mercy, unless American dream sink in a dung of divisions, and immoral decay.
    Let us consider millions of people around the world, that has been effected by pandemic, and instead of barking one at another, let us repent from evils, knowing that harvest of death gone to end all divisions. We need accept reality, pray for our Government, that they act fearfully, as the wise Stewards. For being in charge of the big nation as United States is heavy burden.
    Happy Easter!

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