Brooklyn Center anti-cop riot results in more than 100 arrests: Report

Following an officer-involved shooting of a young Black male in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota last Sunday, nightly protests have brought looting and even violent clashes with the police outside of the Minneapolis suburb’s police station.

Friday night’s activities, which followed a failed attempt at a “different approach” and no curfew, resulted in at least 100 protesters and rioters being arrested after a concerted assault was launched against the Brooklyn Center police station, PJ Media reported.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliot decided to “take a different approach” in response to the unrest on Friday after a relatively peaceful and uneventful Thursday night when the police had not been compelled to issue dispersal orders and the crowd of protesters had voluntarily left the area on their own around the time of the 11 p.m. nightly curfew that had been in effect since the shooting incident.

The “different approach” didn’t work

Unfortunately for the mayor and his “different approach,” KMSP reported that Elliot was forced to reverse course and reimpose the curfew as an emergency measure Friday after rioters breached a security fence around the police department and violently engaged with officers, throwing various objects at them and receiving, in response, police-launched flashbangs, pepper balls, and tear gas.

According to Minnesota Department of Public Safety (MDPS) Commissioner John Harrington, it was initially estimated that around 100 participants in the riot Friday night were arrested on a variety of unspecified charges.

Law enforcement officials said at a late-night press conference that they initially tried to take the same “laid-back approach” as Thursday, as the mayor had requested, but were compelled to act when a group of antagonists infiltrated the crowd with makeshift weapons and other items used to attack officers, such as cans of food, paint cans, umbrellas, frozen water bottles, and wooden shields, among other items.

“If we want change in policing, we want reform in policing — let’s do that. Let’s get together and start reform,” Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson said in a message to protesters and activists, according to reports. “This profession needs help. We can admit that. We’re not perfect. We can be better. But these people are not people you should be supporting.”

136 arrested in total

MPR News reported that, according to MDPS spokesman Scott Wasserman, 136 individuals in total were arrested as part of Friday night’s unrest. It was also noted that perhaps realizing the error of his prior “different approach,” the mayor went ahead and restored the 11 p.m. curfew ahead of Saturday night in anticipation of further unrest.

In what was described by reporters as a shift in tactics, a line of riot cops suddenly rushed the crowd of protesters and rioters just moments after declaring an unlawful assembly, dispersing much of the crowd in all directions while surrounding and “kettling” some protesters while making “mass arrests” of those they caught in the area.

Those and other tactics used by the police have caused quite a bit of consternation among activists and journalists. It was reported that the Brooklyn Center City Council had prohibited the city’s police force from using a number of effective (if intensely disliked) crowd control tactics — but those restrictions don’t apply to other agencies and departments providing assistance, such as sheriff’s departments, the state police, and the Minnesota National Guard.

In all likelihood, the violence and unrest will persist throughout the weekend, more people will be arrested, and the media will continue to perpetuate the problem by only telling parts of the story that fit their narrative. What a shame.

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24 Responses

  1. And I would bet that they were all out of jail with zero cash bond the next morning. Have to get ready for the next “peaceful protest” also known as a riot.

    1. Good thoughts Marie Bob, but I would also say the released must get ready for the next Riot, AKA “peaceful protest”. Same difference.

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  3. They get out of jail right away to return the next night, Why not mark them with permanent ink and if arrested again keep them jail and charge with domestic terrorist charges!!! That might put a damper on most of this crap!!!

    1. Paintball them with a semi permanent dye/ink that will make them stand out. Even better, skunk spray them. Won’t kill them, but it is more irritating than pepper spray and lasts a whole lot longer.


  5. I wonder how long it will be before Kamila bails them all out! This whole situation is just getting old! All the A– Kissing in the world isn’t going to stop any of this. Enough! This isn’t protesting,this is all out rioting!

  6. I’m happy to hear that the police took to arresting rioters. Once they see the police, etc are not taking crap from them they’ll back off. MAYBE. Idk. But it’s good to see it happening.

  7. Give all the business owners of the burnt out buildings authority to police the riot!! Arm them and let them control this hoard of law breakers. They ALL deserve street justice as they are acting like judge and jury where these peoples living is concerned. REVENGE for ruining their lives and business. BURN the A$$ES of the peaceful protestors. Then it will all stop!!

  8. Riots will continue unless we cleanup swamp of fraudulant rullers in The Capitol Hill that turned laws and orders upside down, intentionally ruining our Country, crossing all Trump’s decrees. When that happens, there shall be no more tolerance for breaking public safety. As the reminder to all violators, the Police have authority to serve and protect us from violenc, and this is guaranteed by the law! There is no excuse to nobody that break the laws. You chose act evil, you deserve punishment!

  9. I blame our government for allowing all this rioting and leaving cities in a mess.They need to stop dancing around the truth and stop these riots and media need to quit hiding the truth.We know who and why they won’t stop this but let them tear up everything in their cities and see what happens.

  10. The only thing that is going to stop this nonsense is severe “penalty” for their actions. No more “catch and release”! Try “catch and penalize” and there will be no more riots and free merchandise for these criminals.

  11. Termination is the only way to stop these TERRORISTS. Until police treat them as TERRORISTS and stop taking it easy on these TERRORISTS they will continue to destroy American cities and States.

  12. BLM & Antifa are TERRORISTS like Jesse said, the problem is the Democrats are still insisting peaceful protests, bull sh###, they stopped being peaceful months ago & need to be stopped NOW!! This letting them burn down police stations with police in the building is beyond sick it is down right horrible & evil! People we have a big problem on our hands I don’t care if you voted Democrat or Republican this is a crisis & WE THE PEOPLE should start working together to stop these disgusting criminals!

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