Riots break out after new round of police-involved shootings in Minnesota, Chicago

The tension in the streets was thick on Friday night as protests erupted into violence in response to the news of two recent officer-involved shootings — one that killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright in Minnesota and an earlier incident that left 13-year-old Adam Toledo dead in Chicago, Illinois, according to Fox News

Officials were initially set to lift a week-long curfew in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, where Wright was shot and killed last earlier this month by an officer who apparently grabbed her gun instead of her taser during a traffic stop gone wrong, but police ended up arresting more than 100 people outside of police headquarters as the rioting intensified, according to reports.

Rioters threw objects at police officers and breached a barrier outside the police department, which resulted in pepper spray and flash bangs deployed against them by police. An unlawful assembly was eventually declared and the curfew was reinstated, which lasted from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. on Saturday.

Brooklyn Center is only a short distance from Minneapolis, where former police officer Derek Chauvin is currently on trial for the death of George Floyd, which happened during a 2020 arrest. Closing arguments for that case will begin on Monday.

Logan Square protest draws thousands

As Brooklyn Center erupted in protest, thousands of people also gathered in Logan Square in Chicago to protest the shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, which happened in late March but drew renewed attention when video footage of the encounter between Toledo and the police was released last week.

Only two people were arrested during the protest: one for shoving police officers along with a crowd of others and one for spitting into a police vehicle and striking an officer.

The brief clash with police ended without further incident. Some children in the crowd were seen handing out water bottles to police officers during the protest.

Toledo was reportedly armed before he was shot by police, but some are taking issue with the fact that only one second passed between when the gun can be seen and when the pursuing officer opened fire on the young teenager.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) urged protesters to remain peaceful while protesting, and for the time being, her message of calm seems to have been effective.

Portland protests, Apple store on fire

Protests also erupted again in Portland, Oregon after police shot and killed a suspect in a city park earlier on Friday, according to The Guardian.

The protesting crowd smashed the windows of several businesses and the Portland Historical Society, and then set a building near an Apple Store on fire.

Police officers who responded to the flare-up were struck by objects thrown by attending protesters, but it wasn’t clear whether any arrests were made as a result.

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22 Responses

  1. I’m so over these worthless THUGS getting away with all this, They need to be dropped where they riot and left to rot and let the hood rats take care of them.

    1. How come all those morons don’t riot,burn,destroy rape, kill when THEY are slaughtering hundreds of their own people? Just since the beginning of this year over 1000 blacks have been murdered by black thugs,hundreds wounded–men women & children. Where’s the out rage there? This year over 100 black & white police officers have been killed by black thugs. No riots not destruction no burning property no media shouting outrage! Seems it’s a black thing to destroy , riot,destroy, just because they can and they know not a thing will happen because because of the disease that they are spreading them selves RACISM! They and the media and democrat politicians are the root of the RACISM. They don’t want to be arrested or shot by police , then don’t break the law, and don’t resist. SIMPLE.

      1. I just don’t get it. Why don’t white people stand up for white criminals? Because we recognize that there are good white people and bad !
        There are good and bad in every race. You know I wouldn’t want to be a cop today for any amount of money. Oh maybe that’s what they want. I do remember Obama pushing for his own little army..

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  3. If you notice, all of the riots are occurring in Dem controlled cities. The Dem Mayor’s don’t care, they just call it peaceful protest. Let these idiots come to one of our cities and see what happens, Guarantee you they won’t ever forget that experience. I live in a city where we firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment.

    1. now they want to shoot at the n.g time to start firing back and not rubber bullets put some rounds in those rifles and make every sot count they know the n.g don’t have loaded rifles time to fool them like at Kent State College

  4. Can we ever hear of a riot for good? All we hear is riots over some criminal that does respect law and order and fight back and then we hear of unjustified riots. Where is our security in our country? When is the ones that are doing their duty and hired to protect our neighborhoods, put in danger situations daily going to be recognized for the jobs well done in situations they are put in instead of them being destroyed because a criminal’s action allowed to be right when he did the wrong thing!! Too much comes from our leadership and the hate projected in their actions and words against good people.

    1. What we have here is a deliberate effort by the press and democrats to divide this country along racial lines and to portray blacks and other non-white people as victims. It’s why you NEVER hear about the thousands of blacks (et al) killed by other blacks. They don’t get the effect they’re looking for, which is to stir up racial distrust and hatred among blacks for police in this country. It’s also why you NEVER get the true story regarding the circumstances of the event. As long as the press continues to do this, you’ll get an earful of outrage and we’ll continue to see destructive riots who target innocent people and businesses.

  5. Police should just start killing them . they are useless bums The world will better off with them dead. Right now they know they can away with destroying and burning and looting. Policemen are so much important(we value policemen life s) then these low life s good for nothing jerks

  6. Agree with all posts! The plan is to start a race war! Put whites against blacks, then blame the whites. It is obama’s Plan to destroy our country from the inside! He is always playing the race card, always has, he needs to be arrested!

  7. If the police or National Guard started shooting the thugs it would bring all this rioting to a screeching halt! Unless something is done no white person will be safe in any big city. Making hero’s out of criminals who won’t comply to police orders and have an arrest record a mile long makes me sick. Nothing is said about all the police officers that have been killed by black people.

    1. Sandy, your thoughts are shared by millions of Americans and explains exactly why the media is losing audience. Their viewership is plummeting every day. The only thing keeping the NYT and Washington Post afloat is the fact that their owners have deep pockets. It is definitely not the few subscribers that are left along their paper routes. I gave my subscription up many years ago, because of the intense bias in their articles. I can accept it in editorials, but not in “news articles”. That’s all I was getting and I canned it, never to return as a subscriber.

  8. Why can’t the Rioters see what they’re doing to the Country and stop pointing fingers at problems that we are ALL disliking.
    It’s not “all about them”, it’s all about us and “us” can work this out without riots. Cooler heads must prevail and threats must be our enemy, not Brothers and Sisters.

    1. It’s because many of them are being paid to riot. When people fund BLM and ANTIFA, that money goes into the pockets of rioters, whose only purpose in life is to create mayhem. Don’t get me wrong. I agree with your comments. Unfortunately, the rioters don’t seem to care what they are doing to the country and neither do the people who fund them.

  9. It all on the democrats they control the house and with kamuckla the senate you asked for it you got it.

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