Rittenhouse’s attorneys ask for mistrial after numerous, embarrassing prosecutorial blunders

The trial of Illinois teenager Kyle Rittenhouse has experienced a number of twists and turns, and Wednesday, the prosecution in the case, according to many court watchers, effectively sunk its own ship.

According to the Washington Examiner, Rittenhouse’s attorneys asked Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder for a mistrial with prejudice, after the prosecution, inexplicably, ignored the judge’s orders as far as what evidence they could use and what line of questioning they were allowed to use.

Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger was in the hot seat on Wednesday after Judge Schroeder excoriated him for going out of bounds after Rittenhouse had an emotional breakdown on the stand.

Schroeder didn’t immediately issue a ruling as far as the defendant’s lawyers request for a mistrial but made crystal clear that the prosecution was not acting in good faith, as they’d claimed to be.

What happened?

In a cross-examination after Rittenhouse sobbed while recounting the tragic events that took place on that night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Binger “asked Rittenhouse whether he thought it was appropriate to use deadly force to protect property as well as questions about his decision to remain silent following the incident,” the Examiner noted.

But as soon as the jury was led out of the courtroom, Judge Schroder unleashed the fury against Binger, slamming him for breaking the most basic practices of beginning law, pointing out that his questions about Rittenhouse’s silence after his arrest are a violation of the Constitution.

Binger, in a desperate and humiliating attempt to reestablish himself after he was scolded by the judge, insisted that he believed the judge left the door open for such questions, and was only acting in good faith — an excuse with which Judge Schroeder vehemently disagreed.

“Stepping over the Constitution”

With the exception of a handful of liberal media hacks who so desperately want Rittenhouse charged, most mainstream media analysts, including New York-based criminal defense attorney Julie Rendelman, a former prosecutor, believe that the prosecution made a series of bizarre blunders on Wednesday, Fox News reported.

“I think they are literally stepping all over the Constitution and I don’t get it,” Rendelman said. “They’ve broken like three rules already.”

She essentially noted that it doesn’t take a law degree to understand how bad the prosecution stumbled on Wednesday, and why Judge Schroeder was especially upset about it.

“When you have a prosecutor asking questions that they darn well know they’re not permitted to ask, then of course you’re going to raise the judge’s ire about it.”

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