Chief Justice Roberts will not preside over Trump impeachment trial

Chief Justice John Roberts will not be presiding over an unprecedented impeachment of Donald Trump as a private citizen.

Because Trump is no longer in office, Senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat, (VT) will preside over the trial instead, the Washington Examiner reported.

Leahy, not Roberts, to preside

The Senate will begin its trial for “incitement of insurrection” in February, after House Democrats moved to impeach Trump just days before his term in office ended.

This is the second impeachment of Trump, who was cleared of a first one in February 2020 relating to an infamous phone call with Ukraine. Roberts presided over that trial, but won’t be there this time around.

The Constitution gives the Chief Justice the job of presiding for sitting presidents, but Trump is no longer in office. Senator Leahy, who is president pro tempore of the Senate and the senior-most senator, is set to preside instead.

Leahy has been a vocal Trump critic, but claimed that he would take his oath to be impartial “extraordinarily seriously.”

“When presiding over an impeachment trial, the president pro tempore takes an additional special oath to do impartial justice according to the Constitution and the laws.  It is an oath that I take extraordinarily seriously,” he said.

Votes may not be there

This all comes amidst speculation over whether the Republicans in the Senate would join Democrats in convicting Trump. It would take 17 defections. On Tuesday, all but five Republicans voted in favor of dismissing the trial, signaling that 17 defections is a long shot.

A number of Senate Republicans have denounced the trial, with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) calling it a “sham” to put a private citizen on trial.

“Democrats claim to want to unify the country, but impeaching a former president, a private citizen, is the antithesis of unity,” he said.

Although Trump is a private citizen now, some have pushed to continue the effort to stop him from running for federal office again. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has vowed that “a trial is going to happen… And if the former president is convicted, there will be a vote to disqualify him from future office.”

The whole ordeal has left Democrats looking to some obscure historical precedents, like the 1876 impeachment of former Secretary of War William Belknap, and some have discussed using the 14th Amendment to stop Trump from seeking office, something that hasn’t been done since Reconstruction.

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26 Responses

    1. You are 1000% correct. This just goes to show just how corrupt the government is now. So far Bitme and his handlers, the people who tells him “SIGN HERE” have already destroyed thousands of jobs and that number will eventually be in the millions. If you think that Odumbo was bad I feel we have not seen nothing as bad as Bitme will be.

    2. I believe that the riot at the White House was planned and executed by the liberals so that they would have an excuse to try president Trump again and charge him so that he will not be able to run for office again because they are scared to death of him and what he is going to find out about their illegal dealings.

      1. Is there a Third Party being formed that will really represent regular folks.
        Well I’m in with our out going President

  1. It is just terrible how our Representatives of the people could allow our True President Trump, to be put on trial for anything! I didn’t see you going after Obama after putting people in cages like animals!! And you say racism doesn’t exist ? For real? Then I say get Obama on trail for treating people like animals!! And get our representatives on trail from stealing from the people they truly do not represent!! If you don’t stand up and fight for the rights of ALL Americans and earn your pay, it’s called stealing!! Let Trump run again and leave him a lone! He’s the one that never got paid for services rendered to ALL Americans! And we need fresh blood as representatives for the USA, fire all who are willing to give into anyone that is not MAGA!!! Biden has taken jobs from Americans today and not one of you are standing up to Biden!!

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  3. Pro-Commie Joe, a disgrace to every patriotic american past and present, the only thing he has ever been sincere about is taking illegal monies from Communist China, when are red blooded americans gonna say they had enough? He has betrayed the american Indians, african /americans, asian/americans , and every american, while the whole time raking in cash from the CCP, this man should be impeached immediately !!!!!!!!! Paul the Jarhead 79-82

    1. Forgot about many others , like the irish ,french , spanish and japanese plus many others who came here thru the front door and were here before like The indians and spanish speaking nations from the south .

  4. this is preceidence trial we can impeach vp joe beidon on quid pro quo issues under obama and every democrat prior to biden

  5. Wow an I wanna impeach at all cost die hard dem o rat get President Trump, by any means legal or illegal and just made up rules to rule over an illegal impeachment
    Just how is this legal or fair. It is putting the fox in charge of the hen house

  6. China joe should throw away his pens and get out of the whitehouse, the people’s house, an illegitimate president dies not belong there.

  7. Biden is getting paid from some one to knock the Keystone oil fields., I really think that the Indians that have the land should sue Biden for every thing he has. Biden should be in a nut house, he has loss his brain many years ago, now some people in the White House and else were are telling what to say. Boy is he really putting the USA down the DRAIN.

  8. It is true! The lunatic is in charge of the asylum! Piglosi bieng the lead lunatic, dopey joe her second in command, the califonia ho is waiting for Biden to be out, screwmer is salivating at bieng sweetie nan’s Helper, and obama and Susan Rice pulling the strings, laughing at the stupid people who voted(?) for dopey joe who can’t even win a turtle race! My God! What a band of bandits, robbing the country of every vestige of their rights, and the lame republicans twiddle their thumbs as our country burns! What in hell is going on? Is there even ONE Republican who will stand up and fight back!

  9. I am so tired of Pesident Trump impeachment, how about really impeaching fake president Biden who has real evidence of criminal acts shown by his sons laptop. Not hear says or pretend whistleblowers, or just because evil democrats like schiff, peelosi, shumer wants to impeach the best president Trump for just pure hatred and politics wasting taxpayers money.

  10. Why wouldn’t anyone look into the voter fraud, if they had we wouldn’t have crazy joe and kameltoe Harris. We would still have our wonderful president who cares about the American people. All these crooked people want is to get rich. It makes me sick. Not happy with my country right now

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