‘Ineffective’ rocket strike on American troops in Afghanistan prompts return fire: Reports

An American military base in Afghanistan came under rocket fire over the weekend, The Washington Times reported, as the U.S. continues to move toward withdrawing troops completely from the Middle Eastern nation.

The Times reports that the Pentagon didn’t explicitly name the group responsible for the attack, but it was suspected to have been carried out by the Taliban.

A spokesperson for U.S. Forces Afghanistan explained in a tweet that the Taliban’s strike was “ineffective” and resulted in “no injury to personnel or damage to equipment.”

“U.S. Forces conducted a precision strike this evening, destroying additional rockets aimed at the airfield,” Col. Sonny Leggett added.

Leaving Afghanistan

The attack comes just weeks after President Biden announced his intention to have all U.S. forces out of Afghanistan by September. A withdrawal at that time would come a full 20 years after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

According to the Times, former President Donald Trump had previously declared a withdrawal date of May 1 under an agreement with Taliban leaders — a fact the militant terror group highlighted in a statement following the rocket attack.

“As withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan by agreed-upon May 1 deadline has passed, this violation in principle has opened the way for [the Taliban] to take every counteraction is deems appropriate against the occupying forces,” Afghanistan’s The Khaama Press quoted a Taliban representative as declaring.

“Bad possible outcomes”

The decision to leave Afghanistan after two decades of an American military presence there comes despite warnings from one top-ranking military official that the departure could signal a return to power by the Taliban.

“The Afghan army, do they stay together and remain a cohesive fighting force or do they fall apart?” Gen. Mark A. Milley told the Associated Press. “I think there’s a range of scenarios here, a range of outcomes, a range of possibilities.”

Milley, who was appointed by Trump as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2019, went on: “On the one hand you get some really dramatic, bad possible outcomes. On the other hand, you get a military that stays together and a government that stays together.”

“Make no mistake”

According to The Washington Times, NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan has promised that any attempted takeover in the country by the Taliban would face heavy pushback.

“A return to violence would be one senseless and tragic,” Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller reportedly said. “But make no mistake, we have the military means to respond forcefully to any type of attacks against the coalition and the military means to support the Afghan security forces,” he added.

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10 Responses

  1. when is the USA politians going to learn that you can’t fight any kind of conflict in the middle east or the oriant according to western rules. you have to fight them on there rules.give the military the equipement and let them do the job they were trained for. this has been going on sense the Korian police action. get the running of the military OUT of Washington and in the hands running the military. the idea of making decision in Washington has gotten so may GI”S killed that could come home to their familys

    1. I so agree !! These people have been fighting since Biblical times and the politicians in Washington do not have a clue. Joe’s appointment and their new “plans” prove that. These idiots will just get more of our military killed ..Send their children and grand children to the front lines and see how fast they shut up with their hot air !!!!

    2. Richard, you should have just ended your question by asking when are the USA politicians going to learn, and the answer to that question is probably never! This country has never, in all its history, had such a group of ignorant, incompetent people in the congress as we do today. How did this country end up with such pathetic people in the congress, and why do we keep electing them?! Our incompetent politicians, along with a media that is far from honest with the American people, is causing a lot of problems for this country!

  2. This is one of many things the Demolocraps is BAD ABOUTING DOING IS TO send our Great Military into battle without the best things to fight with. They will pay for these stupid things that cause our Great Solders to loose their lives. GOD will not let them get away with the Polititans getting our solders killed due to their stupidity. I feel like he will have a special place in HELL FOR MOST ALL Polititans.

    1. AMEN !! They sit in their safe offices with their children and grand children safe and make decisions like our military is made up of disposables !!!! Too many have already been sacrificed !!!!

      1. Yes, I agree. These people who sit here in Washington can do anything but just don’t ask them to send any of their children over there. Hypocracy through and through!!!!

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  4. Biden you are not transforming America. You are destroying America. You are a stupid discusting unlikable person

  5. We all know that Biden is like the scarecrow, no brain, but he is not the one making the decisions, and running the country! He is nothing but a puppet for the evil Democrats, who stole the election for him, and now tell him what to do and say!

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